Baby Puffs with kale and apple - baby food recipe +6M


hi welcome back to Anna Papa today we're

going to prepare together homemade baby


there are a wonderful snack idea for

your little ones they are loaded with

nutrients and most of all your super

healthy super natural and super simple

to Cooper let's start together with our

green baby puffs first it to do we're

going to put all together our

ingredients in a food processor I told

you it's super easy starting from the

kale the rice cereal the episodes the

baking powder the coconut oil and the

two egg yolks if you do not want to use

egg yolks you can always substitute

using flax seeds and water that's so

simple then simply blend in order to

obtain a nice green smooth consistency

using a chef's past three bag or simple

plastic bag create tiny small dots on

some parchment paper and that's the best

part of this recipe you can size the

dots the puffs following your baby's age

and taste bake in preheated oven at 350

degrees for 10 minutes then reduce the

temperature at 250 and keep baking for

another 30 minutes up until they will be

nice crispy and lightly golden this is a

super healthy and simple recipe you can

store the baby puffs on the countertop

in an airtight container for up to one

week but I'm sure your little one will

finish them way before if you're looking

for similar recipes check the links here

below if you want me to suggest you

another homemade baby puff recipe maybe

a sweet one or one in a different color

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enjoy the