Easy cheese choux puff recipe (Gougères) | 3 simple steps to get it right

welcome back to the channel stefan here

on the french cooking academy and it

seems that we're having a

choux pastry crisis now that's right i


uh across the channel and even in my

course i think the choux pastry is still

one of these lessons one of these

techniques that people are a bit like

should i do it or not well let me tell

you one thing it is a key skills in

french cooking

but it is not difficult the more you do


the better you become at it and the more

you're going to want to make it so what

we're going to do today is a simple

recipe called the gujjar you must have

heard about this one

they're simple cheese chew puff or what

we're going to do is a small amount

of choux pastry and we're going to add

cheese into it

and that's it two components choux


and cheese okay and i'm gonna give you

again all the details

to show you that honestly it is easy to


get to your pans let's go

alright so let's make a little bit of

choux pastry so first question

what is choux pastry and it is the

preparation you use to make shoe puffs

and eclairs

if you've eaten a french eclair like a

vanilla eclair or chocolate declare

where this

is what you use it can be sweet or it

can be in this case

salty or savory and so when you

associate the choux pastry with salt

and then cheese there's no sugar you've

got a savory version

now in itself honestly choux pastry

is really not difficult to make i'm

going to try to break down everything

and we're going to make a small portion

so make sure you get all the ingredients

ready everything is listed

in the video description and for the

amazon plus on how to

use the ingredients i'm going to tell

you this as we go now let's start

so before we do anything one of the

biggest mistake from a lot of people

when they make choux pastry they do not

preheat their oven beforehand and what's

going to happen

your pups are not going to puff because

your oven is not hot enough so first


as you can see on the screen you're

going to crank this up

to whatever 200 celsius 400 degrees

fahrenheit and make sure your oven is

warming up

before you start anything that's super

important all right so the oven is now


it's braiding slowly and now we're going

to concentrate on making your shoes now

i'm going to divide this into three

simple steps and to make it very very

easy step number one you start on the


and you use a sausage pan or a

saucepan of your choice and what you're

gonna do is to put all of the water

with the butter and a little bit of salt

i'm going to add a little bit of pepper

you don't have to

because that's a savory version and i'm

going to turn this

on medium low and wait to bring this to

a simmer

basically which means we're gonna just

melt the butter into the water

all right so as soon as it starts to

boil immediately

you turn the heat off and let's recap

step number one what have we done

we pour water we put a piece of butter

in the water and we added salt

and pepper that's it step number two


your mixture is ready you've turned the

heat off we're gonna

then add the flour all at once

see it doesn't matter if there's a

little bit on the side you're gonna try

to sift it

i'm using a little sieve here and

everything in

as soon as all of the flour is in you're

going to take a wooden spoon

and like a bit like a porridge what

we're going to do

is to mix the water

butter with that flour

and we're going to start to have what we

call the pan add

okay it's going to make a bowl of dough

and remember the heat is off under here

the heat is not

on okay so you see very quickly

see what happens as soon as you put

everything in

you get a nice bowl of dough that is

very clean

all right still with me so as part of

the step number two and remember the

heat off we've created our bowl of dough

this is the pan add

and now we need to dry it this is still

part of the step number two so we're

gonna turn

the heat on very low and you're gonna

put your time on for three minutes

you're gonna basically

roll your bowl of dough like this in the


and it's gonna remove the excess of


that resides in here that's the whole

purpose and that is the moment

also that's gonna help your shoe puffs

to puff actually it is that cooking

process that

makes everything happen it's very

important step three minutes

okay three minutes stop turning my heat


i've got my bowl of dough and if you

look in my pan you will see that i've

got that

little layer at the bottom it's a bit

dryish it's ready

so what we're going to do now we're

going to transfer this into a large bowl

to prepare for our last step which is

step number three

so as i said i've transferred my pan out

here my dough into a clean

cold bowl i'm using glass you can use

stainless steel and it needs to cool

down a little bit before we add the eggs

which is part of step three

so during that time you're gonna break

your eggs

into a bowl all the eggs and you're

gonna also grate your cheese

all right so here we are i've got my

cheese i've got three eggs here

and i'm gonna just beat the eggs and

we're gonna start our step three which

is simply to incorporate these

into that and that's gonna create

basically our choux pastry that's

it and then for step number three so the

eggs you don't put them all at once what

you do

you put a little bit first even up to


and so you break things down and then

slowly you're going to start to

mix the whole lot of your spoon and you

will see don't worry the eggs will start

to incorporate

with the rest of the dough and it's

going to make a coriander mix

very very quickly right so when you've

put basically almost three quarter of

the egg i've got only

a little bit left the consistency of the


starts to take shape and it starts to be

a little bit runny

and this is the point where everybody

kind of gets scared look there's always

kind of that perfect consistency

and it needs to make kind of nice soft

peak and flows down like this not too


not too quick and it really happens at

the end if you put too much eggs it

becomes too runny but honestly speaking

if it doesn't become extremely runny it

will still work

i've got my last bit of egg left we

should be fine

incorporate this and we'll be done we

then add the cheese that's it

and step three will be over and done


all right so before i add the cheese in

terms of the consistency like i said

don't stress about it but when you take

a spoon of it

when it flows it should make what's the

term ribbons

you see these kinds of ribbons and it

finishes with this kind of

peaks like that that's all what you need

if it's not exactly like this honestly

it does not matter so when you've got

this all what we're going to do

is to add some cheese in here

nice flavor i'm using a cheddar cheese

but to be honest you can use gorilla

cheese you can use contact cheese

anything you want it's an aperitif and

it's meant to be fun and snow

we're not here to stress finally at last

when it's all done i'm gonna use some

fresh nutmeg that i've got and i'm going

to put a little grating of it

in my mix it's up to you you don't have

to do this

and that's it we are done we've made a

choux pastry

with cheese so that's even one step

above the normal one and you see three

simple steps so

now do we need to panic because the door

is in here oh it's staying here what's

gonna happen

no you can even put this in the fridge

if you think it's a little bit too runny

and the shoe puffs are gonna work even

better so you don't have to stress you

can keep it and use it straight away or

you can

leave it in the fridge for an hour or

something and use it later what i'm

going to do now

i'm going to put everything in my piping

bag it's a piping bag with a star tip

it's going to make things even easier

now is it difficult to use a piping bag

no look what i'm doing i'm using a

simple kind of plastic container and

i've got my bag in there

i just fold the sides like that and all

what i'm gonna do

i'm taking a rubber spatula and i'm

putting my dough straight in like this

boom up if you don't want to do

everything at once you want to train

just don't put everything just put a

little bit of it trying on the cookie

sheet to make a few puffs see how you go

if it fails take it out put the dough

back in

and repeat it doesn't matter you can

kind of play around with superstreets

you know it's pretty solid all right so

the next point you can use a cookie

sheet with a piece of baking paper on it

or you can use a silicone mat

you've got your piping bag i've twist

the end bit and i'm using my hand

here to press and we're going to try to

make some perf now it does not matter if


puffs are perfect and honestly speaking

even when i do it

it's always take some practice so to

start with

we're just going to make some small one


and just a bit of a triad all right so

once you've done you can see i've made

this kind of rosette maybe i should not

have and you got this pointy bit what

you can do

take a little bit of water like this in

a bowl put your finger in the water

and boom you're going to flatten all the

bits here

and give the whole thing a little you

know a normal shape to avoid as a big

point at the end and that's it

all right so for the oven temperature

i'm putting some cheese on top as well

to finish off

you start at 180 to 200 degrees celsius

that depends on your oven you can go to

200 degrees celsius like about 400

fahrenheit and we're going to cook these

on high heat like very hot oven for 20

to 25 minutes

okay and that's gonna allow the shoe to

puff and color

once we've got the desired color after

20 25 minutes

we are going to be reducing the heat to

150 degrees celsius

put the equivalent fahrenheit on the

screen and we're gonna dry this shoe


without ever opening the oven door

okay once you start that's it you put

them in the oven

you wait and see how they look like


the end and here we are my two batches

of cheese shoe puffs or gouger

in french are ready this is the first

batch we've done

and on this one i really didn't pay

attention to the piping techniques and

we just put everything in the bag start

piping a bit of cheese and boom in the


this is something that i've done a

little bit more by the book and just to

show the difference how you go from like

the really really beginner when we have

no experience you can still get these

beautiful puffs and these by putting a

little bit more effort

and using the proper technique with the

piping bag going really vertically like

this instead of

swirling like that as well as putting

some egg wash at the end

gives you a slightly different result

it's rounder

it's a bit browner but at the end of the

day you know what

there's not much difference so don't be

scared to make your own shoe puffs at

home even if like this

you don't have the perfect technique i'm

telling you that these things here they

are 10 times better

than what you get in a shop so let's

let's let's try to open one

okay like this one i'm going to try to

crisp up near the microphone

look at it so even without experience

let me try

well that's beautiful but anyway guys

that's it for me i'll put all the

details and the difference between these

two recipes in the video description if

you have any questions use the comment


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