Pull Up Diapers - Why You Shouldn't Use them? | Potty Training Problems

first sought out information on potty

training I turned to the internet just

as you probably are doing right now I

was bombarded with a million things I

should buy to help make potty training

easier from reward chart stickers to

special potties that played music when

you peed i was reluctant to spend money

on something only to later find out it

was just a gimmick i guess you could say

I didn't want my money to be the only

thing flushed down the toilet like you

probably already have I started to

notice pull-up diapers becoming more and

more popular with parents and that's

when I started to see a common trend

between children in my day care the boys

and girls who were potty trained the

fastest were the ones whose parents

never trained them with pull-up diapers

after months of seeing this occur time

and time again I was convinced pull-up

diapers simply don't work if there's one

thing I refused to do when potty

training my daughter Emily

it was putting her and pull-up diapers

but I had to ask myself why so many

parents are getting aboard the pull ups

bandwagon now understand that the diaper

business is a multi-billion dollar

industry they know when your child is a

baby every dirty diaper will have to be

replaced and that's another dollar in

their pockets but once your child gets a

little older these companies risk losing

your business so how do they squeeze

every last cent out of you before you no

longer need their product by creating a

diaper you need to buy after diapers or

commonly known as pull ups this is all

really a ploy for the company to get

your business longer all these companies

really care about is how much money they

make and sneakily advertise it as some

amazing tool for potty training without

turning this into a boring rant these

diapers will more than triple the amount

of time it takes to successfully teach

your child how to use the potty now what