Pregnancy & Childbirth : When to Start Pumping Breast Milk

I'm Josie minks number the labor and

delivery nurse in Austin Texas and I'm

here to talk about when to start pumping

breast milk and really after you deliver

the baby you can start pumping

immediately and when you when you either

breastfeed or pump and it stimulates a

hormone called oxytocin that creates

more colostrum and more breast milk and

so the more that you pump or the more

that you breastfeed the more milk that

you'll produce and your milk will come

in about two to four days after you

deliver the baby assuming that your that

you're pumping or breastfeeding every

and three to four hours and then a lot

of women like to start breast pumping

before they go to work and so it's

recommended it that you start breast

pumping about three weeks before you

decide to go back to work so that you

can store up in your freezer some

reserves of breast milk and and then

that doesn't necessarily mean that you

have to feed the baby a bottle you can

use SNS which is supplemental nursing

system and which is like a little tube

that that has the milk flow in through

it that attaches to your breast and so

it's the breast milk that you've already

pumped but it's just not coming through

your actual breast it's coming through a

tube into the baby's mouth as he or she

is sucking and and that is when you can

start pumping breast milk