Can I begin to pump breast milk a few weeks before pregnancy?

pumping before delivery is not

recommended as a standard practice and

here's what one of the biggest reasons

why when you pump or stimulate the

nipples that can actually cause oxytocin

to be released from your brain because

this is the hormone that causes let down

when you are breastfeeding and oxytocin

also acts on your uterus and tells you

to contract and so if you're pregnant

especially if you're preterm we don't

want to causing any sort of contractions

and a lot of people may think oh well if

I'm full-term then it would be okay to

do that then but not necessarily it's

always best to wait till after you've

had the baby to see if there is actually

a problem with your milk supply once

your baby's been born the nurse your

baby every two to three hours or pump

which is going to stimulate your body to

make milk and if your baby's latching

well and you're still having issues with

supply then you can try pumping for an

additional ten minutes after a few

feedings during the day also make sure

that you're drinking plenty of water and

that you're getting plenty to eat a lot

of moms after they had their babies they

want to just scramble and hurry and

exercise and go on a crash diet and lose

all the weight that they gained during

the pregnancy but that's not going to be

healthy for them or their baby

in fact you kind of is that you

essentially put in your order for your

whole breastfeeding experience during

the first two months so if you severely

restrict your calories during that time

your body may not have the means that it

needs to make note for your baby and you

might struggle with to play so a lot of

moms think they can eat whatever they

want while they're pregnant and then go

on a crash diet while they're nursing

and that's not the case you only need

about 300 extra calories a day during

pregnancy but you need 4 to 500 extra

calories a day while breastfeeding now

it's not just a good excuse to eat a

couple of donuts or whatever make sure

that it's nutrition that's packed with a

punch for you and your baby whole grains

fruits veggies things that are going to

give you and your baby good nutrition

and continue to take a prenatal vitamin

if you've done these basics and they're

not helping and you continue to struggle

with supply talk to a lactation

specialist or your pediatrician and they

might be able to watch you nurse see

what's going right see what's going

wrong and see if any adjustments need to

be made there or they can recommend

medications that will help increase your

supply if you have any other questions

for me though feel free to ask them

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