How To Increase Milk Supply Fast 9 Months PostPartum l Nursing Tips For Newborns

hey guys welcome back to my channel if

you are new here my name is Tiffany I am

in motherhood Lysa health and wellness

vlogger and in today's video I'm gonna

be going over tips on how to increase

your milk supply 9 months postpartum

alright guys I did not think I was gonna

be adding any more videos to my

breastfeeding tips for a newborn

playlist but here we are and I am so

excited to give you these brand new tips

today so this video is going to be an

update to my how to increase your milk

supply overnight video which is my first

breastfeeding tips for newborns a video

in that playlist and it has helped out

so many mamas I've connected with so

many of you and honestly it just warms

my heart that I can put that information

out there and that it's actually working

for you guys alright now while I still

believe that those first 5 tips I gave

you and the original video will help you

out I personally feel they are geared

more towards Mamas who are earlier on

into their breastfeeding journey

especially within the first three months

it's a little bit easier to boost your

supply it increase your supply with

smaller changes in your lifestyle when

you are just starting because your

hormones are still high but as you get

further on into your breastfeeding

journey it can become a lot harder to

boost your milk supply and a lot of us

don't even realize why we're starting to

have a decrease in your supply so

today's tips are really gonna help you

understand those tips and what you can

do to prevent them and how to boost them

if you're ready there okay before I tell

you what these 5 tips are I feel I

really need to say something when it

comes to breastfeeding that I feel is

not said enough and I get so many of

these types of comments on here and so I

feel like I really need to address this

because it's so important you guys it is

completely normal to have a natural dip

in your supply some of us find our dips

once a month some of us will find our

milk slowly starts to decrease the older

our baby gets and that's completely

normal you guys breast milk is all about

supply and demand and if your baby is

starting to eat more solid foods they're

starting to eat less from you your body

is overtime going to slowly start to

decrease the amount of breast milk until

either your baby ends itself or you

start to the weaning process but that is

all completely normal and a part of the

breastfeeding journey ok so now that we

know that all of those things are

completely normal let's go on to these

tips that will help you boost your

supply and ultimately help you have

unless the dips every single time okay

guys so tip number one really is geared

towards those mama's who are introducing

solid foods into your baby's diet when

we do this we'll notice that our

children are either one getting full

faster or two they're staying full

longer so something we don't realize

we're doing is we're skipping out on

nursing sessions or we're going a longer

period of time between nursing sessions

or pumping sessions if you pump

regularly so you want to make sure that

you are not skipping any type of regular

nursing or pumping sessions and you want

to stay on schedule now you can do one

or two things if you are introducing

solids into your baby's diet and you

notice that they're going longer periods

of time without eating you can one nurse

baby first so that way but they're still

in taking the same amount of breast milk

that they normally would and then you

can give them their solid foods as a

secondary option or two if you're

further along into the solid foods and

you notice that you want solids more

than they want breast milk you can go

ahead and pump while they're eating

their solid foods again to replicate

that you still have that nursing session

there this is going to let your body

know that milks still needs to be

created by emptying the breast as long

as we keep the breast full our body

starts to slowly decrease the amount of

milk that's going to be created and then

over time you're going to see less and

less production of milk when you go to

express or a baby may seem frustrated

after a nursing session because you're

not creating as much so it is so

important not to skip any type of

nursing or regular pumping sessions okay

tip number two is adding in a pumping

session either first thing in the

morning or you can do it right before

bed but really just adding in a pumping

session and this is geared towards mamas

that we'll see a dip in their supply

once a month I unfortunately got my

postpartum period back six weeks

postpartum and it was not fun but the

second time around I did not have this

problem with my daughter but I think

it's because I worked full time so I was

regularly pumping so I was able to keep

my milk supply up because I was kind of

creating more milk than my daughter

actually needed just to make sure I had

some on hand when I was out of town but

when it comes to my son

he's exclusively breastfed so when it

comes to my period I noticed a dip in my

supply and it could be anywhere from 1

to even 3 ounces per session that I'm


and I can barely express anything and

it's so frustrating so what I will do is

I track my period and when I realize my

period is coming two to three days

before I start to add in a pumping

session first thing in the morning what

this does is it gives my body a small

boost in milk production because I'm

telling my body I have an extra nursing

session going on or a pumping session

going on and so it empties the breasts

so again it fills it up and then I feed

my baby right afterwards so again my

breasts is like okay we need a kick into

overdrive she needs more milk so I boost

it three days before my period this way

when my period comes and I have that dip

and supply that dip is coming from that

boost in amount it's not coming from my

regular milk supply amount if that makes

sense to you guys and then I will

continue to pump every single day in the

morning while I'm on my period and then

as soon as my periods done I kind of in

the pumping sessions because by that

time going levels are kind of back to

normal and then I noticed my supply

starts to level out again okay so tip

number two is not going to work for you

because you're currently in a dip in

your supply and you're like well that

doesn't help me at all

tip number three is going to be for you

and that is to add in a power pupping

session I actually have a whole video

explaining how you do power pumping and

how it worked for me for me I noticed I

did one power pumping session every

single day for three days and by day

four I woke up engorged and that's when

it really started to kick in and that's

when I notice that my supply went back

to normal if you notice that you had

that boost like on day four but it's not

enough you can continue to do those

Power pumping sessions until your supply

is back to normal tips two and three

work hand in hand you guys but power

pumping sessions are amazing they just

take a couple of days to kick in some

people won't see a boost until two weeks

later it's different for everybody but I

truly believe in power pumping sessions

ok so tip number four is going to be a

little bit scientific and that is to

naturally boost milk production hormones

so your body creates a ton of hormones

that happen in each hormone kind of

controls a different thing so there are

hormones that help create breast milk as

well the main two is going to be

prolactin and oxytocin so prolactin is

specific to that supply and demand

factor so to raise prolactin you just

want to increase the frequency of

breastfeeding sessions or pumping

sessions so that kind of goes

tips one through three so you want to

make sure you're not skipping any type

of nursing sessions or pumping sessions

you know add in extra pumping sessions

if you need to let baby cluster fie that

baby's in a cluster feeding stage adding

those power pumping sessions whatever

you can do to increase the frequency of

expressing your breast milk is going to

raise your prolactin levels and then

boost your milk supply there but it

comes to oxytocin this one is a little

bit more complicated but it's no no's

like the love hormone and that's because

oxytocin is released when you do things

that make you feel good like holding

someone's hand giving someone a hug they

can even do things like sharing a meal

or doing something kind for somebody

else holding open a door these seem

really crazy but it really does work you

guys another thing I always promote is

to do skin-to-skin with baby whenever

you can I know at nine months postpartum

your baby is probably crawling or all

over the place you're not able to do it

as often but for me and my son I still

do it during bath time so I'll just put

him in a diaper and then for like five

minutes I'll just kind of cuddle with

him on the bed before I get him dressed

I mean his clothes you want to make sure

that you are doing it skin-to-skin and

not with any type of clothes it will

work but having that direct contact with

skin is going to boost that oxytocin

level a little bit more another really

big thing is like going to the gym if

that's your thing that will help

increase oxytocin as well and it helps

lower stress which stress can be a cause

of a dip in your milk supply to you to

go into the gyms kind of like a win-win

situation in there okay and tip number

five which is my last tip and I think

I've mentioned this in my what to eat to

increase your milk supply videos but

that is to add in Galacticos so

Galacticos is anything that gives a

temporary boost in your supplied and

usually with Galacticos as soon as you

stop using it you're going to see your

milk supply kind of decrease unless you

add in any of the other tips so this is

a really good thing to do while doing

all those other tips because it's going

to help boost your supply a little bit

faster but some really good Galacticos

that other Mama's have mentioned - it's

like fenugreek you can do lactation

cookies probably the number one thing

that moms have said is Mother's Milk tea

if you find like natural remedies aren't

working you can always partner with a

lactation consultant or your doctor to

see if there's any prescription that

they can give you that can help - your

doctor can help partner with you and

figure out what's the best one to take


it is completely normal to feel this way

but make sure if you feel like you've

tried everything you possibly could

partner with your doctor make your life

a little bit easier because at the end

of the day a Fed baby is what is best

for you and for them but guys I hope

these tips helped you out on how to

increase your milk supply 9 months

postpartum if I missed anything or you

found something that really does work

for you let me know in the comment

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