Tips And Tricks On How To Start Pumpkin Seeds Indoors

Tips And Tricks On How To Start Pumpkin Seeds Indoors

cool right click the link in the description okay we are back again it's

been three hours right we have the seed Sookie for three hours so now we're

going to show you our next step in the process these seeds here yes and what we

like to do is get some peat moss and get some yeah yeah it's parallel and a

little bit of our soil we mix in here we like to have a little bit of our soil

and so what we do is we mix it in there and then we also get a little bit of the

juices in the water that we have and we mix it in here so it that way it's hard

to tell but you want it so that your soil right here is soft and squishy so

we take that we mix it up there then we also put in your biker I see we got this

from wow yeah you could get a little bit in there and just mix up a big dose in

here can't have too much kids like doing that so you get that in there

so you can see it's good and mixed up right here and you just get your hands

in there right go oh she's got glitter show me your hands you can't do it

they're sparkly she was doing her hair earlier today so we mix this in and your

nails yes we get it good and mixed up right but really mix that in there

uh-huh what makes something sure that it all of

it if you see there's you really gotta get your hands in there just towards the

bottom it gets a little dry and you don't want them yeah

nice but all over voice the rich guy gets offended yes so you get a good

mixture make sure that in your hand sticks like DB said and then you're

ready to go so then the most important thing you have your label that we've

been labeled each one of them and now Kane will give us some of those so which

one is this okay this 21:38 say huh yeah so what you do is you

get you good bunch put seeds right there you get it so then it's about that far

and then we just pour the whole mixture right in there and then you can see your

seed you don't want to bury it too far

we don't stick it like that we don't stick it chapter okay sure it's like all

nice food you put it nice and flat just like that and then you give it a cover

it up on the top and that's it and then there's your first one make it big most

important thing is make sure it's labeled properly

oh my huge be like you'd be going on the wrong seat or you're like Oh uh-huh

if it's not labeled properly it's not gonna work right so there you go there's

one of them so we go one down come here we got another come over here come say

hi 2017 right so this is a boy so we got that one there

Elle she came to help us out you can't touch it cuz your hand fingers are

sparkly show them your feet sparkly fingers uh-huh so you got the boys make

sure they're always labeled correctly go ahead and dump them in there there you

go and I like to take where you've dumped it and get a little bit of dirt

on top of that the roots will be like oh yay it's done

you know we used to go around and file the edges and make it so this well we

just think that right now we don't do that anymore we soak them in here we

think that's enough and then we also just like the fact that it just seems to

get it a stronger plant yeah I can't make it through here then you got a weak

plant you don't want it anyways so there you go there's two of them right there

okay so another one we got here the 17 right here maybe you can do this one

there you go there you go put it in here this one here yep

weird in there we go oh that was buried he went straight down don't lose your

seed way down in there deep that's not good right okay there you go

label and that's it we'll do the last ones here off-camera but there you go

that's how we do it make sure your soil is good squishy like that and you're

good to go okay

daddy daddy here wait we got one team bad team Phoebe but who you cheer for

Kate or dad bo both is weaksauce pick one yeah okay so we're here in the high

time now we're going to plant some of these Atlantic dill giant pumpkin seeds

and first thing we do is get you container this is a 4x4 it's good enough

that'll work we're just gonna fill it with some

potting soil here nothing special about it this nice moist right out of the bag

there what we're gonna do is just want to poke a little hole in your finger

just like it plant in any plant just put a little hole in it they're not very

deep just enough to cover the seed with soil that's all we want to do and these

seeds are nice-sized seed they're real fat and they're real heavy seeds they

have kind of a rounded end and they also have a pointy end here the pointy end

goes down kind of important to note these seeds have been soaked in water

for about four hours prior to this to give them a good drink of water just put

them in a glass of warm water about a hundred degree water just let them sit

there for a while and they'll draw in a bunch of moisture so those have come out

of the glass of water they're nice and wet and they're gonna

go right down in here in the soil I'm just gonna put them in their pointy end

down and just deep enough that the soil covers them that's all they're all we're

gonna do and we don't want to Pat it down real tight and then we're gonna

give it a little bit of a drink of water get the soil nice and moist and we're

not gonna water that again until the plant emerges that's all it gets right

there with what it soaked up from being soaked in the water and then a little

bit that's stored in the soil that's all it's gonna get from here it's going to

go into the germination station over here we'll put it on the heat mat and

under the cover and then we'll wait it stays about depends how cold the room

adds but it it stays around 78 to 80 degrees in there it's just a 17 watt mat

it's warm to the touch but it doesn't not like it's really warm

anything it might be in the 80 degree range at all and these seeds have been

taken about a week they've come through the topsoil they've emerged and they're

ready to go Oh as soon as they come through the soil

we want to turn the grill light on so they've got as much flight as possible

otherwise we get a real long leggy stem and we can run into all kinds of stem

problems like that one if they don't get enough light as soon as they emerge so

for the first 48 hours after they come to the soil I like to leave the light on

24 hours a day to get that that third leaf that first true leaf to where it's

starting to emerge so we don't get a real long stem on it plant like this it

emerged about a week or so ago and what we're gonna do with it is we'll let him

stay in here for maybe another week someplace around two weeks as soon as

we've got this first true leaf established and we know where it's going

to go if the weather permits it's time to go outside and let's get them out

there and get them transplanted as soon as possible

is less shock to them when they're a lot smaller like this and they seem to

recover a lot better than trying to transplant the big plants they they grow

fast in here but it's really hard to transplant them when they get big

they're better to do it when they're small and let them take a hold out in

the patch you

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