Puppy Shot Schedule: How Many Shots Do Puppies Need and Why?

hey guys this is my hubby Thor and also

our beagle Molly who think she needs

some attention right now

Thor turned a year old last week and he

just received his final puppy shots so I

wanted to talk to you guys today about

how many shots do puppies actually need

that was the question that I asked of

our veterinarian many years ago when we

had adopted our first puppy a lot of our

dogs come to us as rescue so whatever

shelter organization and rescue that

they come from and they've already got

their shots so Thor didn't and as I said

he's a year old now we just finished up

his last round of puppy shots he got a

booster shot just the other day so the

shots first of all that a puppy actually

needs there are what are called core

vaccines and those core vaccines are

canine distemper parvo virus canine

hepatitis and rabies and those are

considered core vaccines Arabians

actually it's a required in most states

those are the vaccines that really most

dogs get a wide variety firstly every

veterinarian recommends those core

vaccines those are the ones that they

really push there are also some vaccines

that are considered non core those are

more for dogs and it depends on what

they're going to be exposed to so one of

those for example is kennel cough now if

your dog like Arthur has never been to a

kennel he doesn't spend a lot of time

around other dogs that suffer our our

own pack here but we don't do a lot of

traveling or anything like that with him

where he's exposed to a wide variety of

other dogs so other non-core vaccines

would be the kennel cough one that I

mentioned Lyme disease and

electrophoresis those are all non-core

but they are usually

Bibles veterinarian so your dogs gonna

get his first shot within six to eight

weeks typically if you're adopting a

puppy they've already come in it's a

responsible breeder and they've already

gotten the dog their first shots on any

rescue or shelter organization is going

to have had the first set of shots as

well typically that is a combination

shot that they'll get then and the most

combination is the DHL PPC so that

stands for distemper hepatitis

leptospirosis parvo virus parainfluenza

and corona and those that's the most

common one you'll see there are other

combinations out there but that those

the first ones so you're not gonna get

as first shots between six and eight

weeks as I mentioned then the second

round will be 12 to 14 weeks sorry the

second round will be nine to eleven

weeks the third round will be twelve to

fourteen weeks and then the fourth round

is sixteen to seventeen weeks usually

there'll be booster shots around a year

rabies the first one is usually around

sixteen weeks or so and again a booster

at a year usually the first rabies shot

is only good for a year after that

they're three year vaccine so that's a

little bit of the timeline those are the

shots that's the breakdown enough so

your dog has to have those really Cora

vaccines and then the non-core so those

ones are up to you do your research if

it's something that you're talking to be

exposed to you know for example Lyme

disease we live here in Maine our dogs

are out there walking the woods all the

time in something that's very common you

know that's something that we could

consider left dose first this is another

one you know the kennel cough as I said

and really and then a factor for us

we've never had an issue with out and

our dogs aren't typically exposed so

think about the those things talk to

your vet you know of course ask an

expert for help if you have any other

questions feel free to email me thanks

for watching this video garden