When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

hey what's going on it's Jack Morocco

for beardbrand today I want to answer

the question when should you start using

beard oil even though it's one of the

most popular items in the male grooming


I feel like beard oil is one of those

things where guys just aren't a hundred

percent sure about it so today I want to

drop three nuggets of knowledge on you

guys when should you start using beard

oil how much should you use and what

it's gonna do for you let's jump right

into it

number one when should you start using

beard oil right away the moment you

decide that you're gonna draw out some

facial hair a mustache goatee full beard

whatever you want that's when you should

pick up some beard oil because one of

the most awesome things about beard oil

is that it's not only for the beard hair

it's for the skin underneath your beard

and I don't know if you've ever grown a

beard before but as it starts to grow

out that hair is gonna get really really


that's where beard oil is gonna come in

it's gonna do a really good job of

preparing your face as that beard hair

grows out especially in those first few

days - the first few weeks because

that's when it's a little bit rough and

that's when it's gonna test a lot of

guys metal so if you want my personal

opinion pick yourself up some beard oil

ASAP even if you're not gonna use in the

first day you're gonna want to have some

on hand because we're gonna get into

number two and I'm gonna tell you how

much of this stuff you're gonna use

number two how much beard oil are you

supposed to use anyway alright so you

got your beard oil Oh louder than I

thought how much are you supposed to use

it this stuff you got it but let's take

a look on the back okay if you work on

any beardbrand oil it's gonna tell you

apply three to four drops to your beard

and face daily okay I'm gonna put a

little bit of an amendment on that one

for you guys who we're at the very

beginning of your beard journey and

you've just started growing something

out like me for example I've been

growing this out for 12 days with no

trimming at all I am gonna use two two

sometimes one drop now at this stage I'm

using two but as my beard gets longer

that's what I'm gonna get into that

three to four drops daily and that's

really the take away from it you're

going to want to use this stuff every

single day

I choose to do it in the morning

sometimes guys do it twice a day but

realistically coming from my experience

I'm gonna do at least right now one to

two drops in the morning before I head

out for the day all right so here we go

one two gonna get that between the hands

and warming up and you just spread that

all over your beard about of boom there

you go

you've got something that smells nice

it's gonna take care of your skin and

make that beard here feel a lot better

okay so remember if you got a shorter

beard like me it's in this first few

weeks - first few days you want 1 to 2

drops daily in the morning if you want

if you're getting a little bit longer

you know in that one month to month or

you've got some crazy genetics and your

beard is already coming off your face

that's when you're gonna want to get

into that 3 to 4 but really it's

personal preference if you want to go

all the way up to 4 right now all the

way up to 5 6 that's totally your choice

we're not saying that you have to follow

every single thing to a tee because it's

your beard have fun with it man all

right and the third and final thing that

you should probably know is what beard

oil is going to do I already covered

this a little bit at the beginning of

the video and it's gonna take great care

of the skin underneath your beard it's

gonna boy stur eyes the skin and the

hair so that as your beard grows out

it's gonna feel softer it's gonna feel

nicer and it's gonna add this nice Sheen

to your beard I don't know if you've

ever seen a guy with beard oil and

sometimes he puts a little bit too much

in but sometimes when the light just

hits that beard right oh it looks real

nice it's gonna give your beard a really

great and healthy look to it

that a natural beard may not actually

have so there you go it's as simple as

that I know it can be kind of daunting

to get into the world of male grooming

but really if you do your research and

you take some time to self invest it's

not so bad and you're gonna come out on

the other side after doing all this

stuff looking a lot better and feeling

awesome okay so guys there you go that's

when you should use beard oil how much

you should use and what it's gonna do

for you this has been Jack Morocco beard

Brandon hey until I see you guys next

time keep on going thanks for watching

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