Minerals for Deer | Understanding Deer Minerals

when summer finally rolls around after

spring the rain stops we get hotter and

hotter weather it seems like we shift

our focuses deer managers and deer

hunters from food plot installation and

strategy to Delta Fox's manners now when

I look across on the internet look at

articles blogs and videos and I talk to

general hunters or all across the

whitetails range there's a lot of

misunderstanding as to why we're putting

out these mineral stations and what they

do for deer now the old marketing hype

behind the first cubes and blocks and

supplements of these minerals that first

came out on the market in this industry

really I think set in our minds these

misunderstandings about what mineral

stations do for deer they would set out

to bucks 150 and three year old and 120

inch three year old that was probably

more like a pretty good two-year old one

with minerals of course and one without

and this is put into our mind that

minerals are putting out these mineral

stations equal bigger deer and bigger

antlers is that correct

yes and no it's not because of the

minerals that we're putting out minerals

alone just a deer licking or a buck

looking these mineral stations isn't

enough for us to notice a significant

difference in antler growth yes some

trace minerals and these minerals do

help in the antler growing process and

they are very critical calcium and

phosphorus are really the big two in

particular but putting out these mineral

stations isn't going to cause a change

that we're going to notice as hunters

the facts are that white tails get all

the nutrients and all the minerals they

need from the environment in their diet

yes antler growth or growth in general

is capped off at the most the nutrient

or mineral that is most lacking

basically capped off of the most

limiting factor but even in the harshest

of the whitetails range all the

nutrients and minerals they need are

available nutrient absorption on all of

their diet right now all of this plant

growth in is that its peak in spring and

summer and they are filled with all the

nutrients and minerals they need and all

this plant girls and all this nutrient

absorption reveals the real reasons

behind mineral stations the water and

potassium content of

diets here get metabolized with all the

water all the nutrients all the minerals

they need during spring and summer

basically with spring rain all the

plants cells all of the nutrient highway

system the xylem tissue inside the plant

is almost bursting at the seams it's got

a lot of water it's got a lot of

nutrients and this water and potassium

content in their diet creates a sodium

deficiency during the entire summer

which reveals the real reason behind

mineral stations the sodium deficiency

creates a craving for salt and this is

why it's important for us to put out

mineral stations during this time now

what we do know is that a buck singers

are made of about 20 percent calcium and

10 percent phosphorus together making

about 30 to 35 percent of antlers and

bucks in particular can actually

retrieve 40% of their calcium needs from

their skeletal structure and apply it to

growing antlers now this is why a lot of

people actually recommend to put in

about 16 to 20 percent calcium and eight

to ten percent phosphorus in the salt

attraction or these mineral stations

it's under the notion that we're just

helping out or we're just trying to

supply the little bit that might be able

to boost our deer herd and a part of a

deer and habitat management program now

what we are setting out these minerals

in the form of a block or a granular bag

to help or aid in lactating doze or

antler result and in Bucks it's still

unclear if at all if it helps so it kind

of goes back to how it makes us feel

we're just supplying some vitamins

nutrients minerals whatever through our

deer herd just kind of kick or boost

them up for Lexington does enabling

development right now I will say this it

is different than supplemental feeding

when we're trying to supply up to 20%

protein right now that should be in the

form of plant growth and soybeans for

Bucks and doze in the summer maybe it's

not there and we're just trying to add a

little bit more protein into their diet

or make it available if it's not

depending on deer density but I want to

stay on the topic of mineral station

supplemental feeding is for a different

day completely but pertaining the

mineral stations and salt lakes it kind

of begs the question if minerals aren't

really not that important which we've

kind of identified as we really don't

know or it's minimal at best it's not

and that we're going to notice should we

just put out plain salt some salt with

minerals or more minerals and salt in a

block or granular bag now that is the

real question for deer managers and

hunters and we can actually look at what

happens when setting out any type of

mineral attraction or mineral stations

for a deer and we all have experienced

it once we remove this blocker once the

grandmother bag is gone

deer will literally dig out a giant pit

under the block where the block was or

if it's on a stump they will literally

tear at the stump we've all seen this

before but have you ever noticed after a

month or two months or three months or

maybe even just a couple of weeks deer

usage stops completely there's always

some sort of salt craving when it comes

to these sights but why does it stop and

the reason is is because they're chasing

the salt now salt is leech is very fast

in the soil and the sandy soils may be

it takes about three weeks but in clay

or loamy soils like we had here and you

take a little bit longer but basically

they're chasing the assault and after

it's too far down and it's more work

than reward you're basically stopped but

have you ever wondered why a lot of

these minerals calcium phosphorus

selenium all these zinc and all these

minerals that people put in the granular

bags and what's in these blocks leach

slow in comparison to salt they sit up

top to soul so if the minerals are still

there in the soil

sitting the top they are still available

but why would deer you stop if they're

going after the minerals they're going

down and they're chasing after that salt

and after the salt which is down too far

it basically stops but the minerals are

still sitting there so this means that

they're all chasing the salt so that

begs the question what are the real use

for mineral station if it's not really

the minerals it's just to supply this

craving for salt why are we doing it the

number one reason we are setting out

these mineral stations and training

these mineral stations if for our desire

to see velvet bugs we're putting out

these soft blocks putting out these

mineral blocks and creating these

mineral stations because they make for a

perfect photo

opportunity the sodium deficiency that

bucks operate on during the summer

creates that craving for salt and the

ability sport and mineral station to

attract them every day if not every

other day and it makes for the perfect

temperature you set your trail camera up

to keep inventory of your box during the

summer so the real reason behind this

video was to supply you with a better

understanding in the science behind

mineral stations and basically it's not

for putting out minerals for deer that

they're already getting in their diet

but to make an opportunity for our trail

cameras and for our use of hunters to

take inventory and keep inventory of our

bucks throughout the summer but it leads

me into my next point but we're doing a

video in the very near future basically

a mineral station test we're putting out

three blocks a plain salt block we're

putting out a trophy rock that has

higher salt content and lower mineral

content and then a red mineral block

that has higher mineral content and less

salt content and basically what we're

testing is the true meaning behind

mineral fishes not to supply minerals

but the ability for it to track here so

we're going to see what which bucks and

deer prefer on a mineral station just

plain salt or do they supply more

minerals in salt or do they just want

the trophy Rock with higher salt with a

little bit of minerals is it taste as

the preferences of minerals or is it

salt we're going to test this theory so

basically what you need to take away

from this video and the point that I

want to end on is at the end of the day

so much more goes into the health of

your Deerhurst

and ant resemble clock age nutrition

stress the host of environmental factors

and so much more how beneficial or

drastic of a change

would be from setting out a tiny little

block with the minerals or putting out a

granular bag with some minerals for your

deer herd and the antlers of your buck

chances are you have something on your

property or for your deer herd that

requires a lot more attention in time

that you need to devote but there is no

doubt that mineral stations are very

important for keeping tabs and taking

inventory of your deer herd over the