Top 5 Pregnancy Books for Preparing for Birth | What to READ to Learn HOW TO HAVE A POSITIVE BIRTH

hey mamas the moment i found out that i

was pregnant with my first i took to

books to learn

everything i could about how to have a

natural healthy informed

and positive pregnancy and birth i had

not yet become a professional doula

although birth was something i was

familiar with and in awe of

and my own mama had recently passed away

so i felt this

urgency to learn everything i could

about pregnancy and birth

reading the right books during pregnancy

to prepare for labor is so

important many books focus on the scary

parts of pregnancy and birth

all the things that could go wrong and

leave you with more questions and doubts

about your ability to give birth

the books that i recommend are ones that

i have loved when i found out that i was

going to be a mama and the ones that i

still love and encourage mamas to read

now as a child birth educator in birth


where your mind leads your body follows

so the more that you fill your mind

with inspiration and empowerment and


the easier it will be to have a happier

healthier and easier birth

i'm bridget and i'm a childbirth

educator and doula and it's my passion

to help mamas just like you

to believe that they are built to birth

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more empowering

pregnancy birth and postpartum period so

the internet as

many of you know is a massive black hole

of information which is

why it can sometimes be intimidating to

type into google your question

and then trust the results you get yes

there are tons of trustworthy things

to look at and learn from the web but

sometimes it's easier to stick to books

to get some of those answers

by the end of this video you will have

my top 5 books to prepare for you

for birth that as a child birth educator

i love and trust

these books will fill you with

trustworthy information inspiration and

practical tools

to help you love your birth all of these

books will be

linked down below in the description for

you to access

super easily so the first book that i

recommend every mama reading is aina

may's guide to childbirth

aina mae gaskin is an incredible midwife

who has had a lifetime of experience

helping women learn to trust their

bodies their babies

and in the process of birth to

experience a natural and empowering

birth experience this book is so

inspiring and insightful and she teaches

mamas about how

interconnected her mind is with her body

and how deeply

that impacts the birthing process she

talks about how to trust and facilitate

the physiological process of birth

and why interventions are often made


because of man-made problems and then

how to remedy

common issues that arise in the medical

care model of birth

and then how to know when interventions

are necessary

each time i pick up this book i get

goosebumps because of the way that she

talks about birth

and it's so moving and powerful and

truly makes every woman want to

experience the strength and victory

that aina mae speaks of when she talks

about birth

this is a pretty long book but it is so

worth the time that you spend

reading it and to make it easier you can

just get it on audible which actually

gives you a 30 day free trial and access


your free first book of your choosing so

that way

you can just put it on while you're

doing housework you're in the car you're


or doing your kick counts with your baby

and it makes it super easy to absorb

all of the knowledge and inspiration

that this book holds

if you are a doula or nurse and haven't

read this book yet

you also need to read this one as soon

as possible because it's

just that good so much of what anime

wrote in this book inspired me as i was

writing my birth affirmation so if you

guys are trying to

find affirmations that like speak to you

i really recommend checking this book

out and then writing down

her quotes or just inspirational things

that she says so you can have them up in

your birth space

as a reminder to be affirming your bo

your mind and your body in the direction

that you want it to go

the second book that i recommend reading

that i love is pregnancy

birth and the newborn written primarily

by penny simkin

who is another leading birth worker and

natural birth proponent

this book is so valuable because it is

so full of easily understandable

information that really empowers parents

to make informed decisions

regarding their birth the information in

it is evidence-based and up-to-date and

helps you understand how normal and

natural pregnancy and birth is

but also how sometimes women do face

challenges that don't make

pregnancy and birth feel as normal and

natural and how you can make the best

decisions for yourself to have a happy

healthy and easy birth

as much as possible even when there are

bumps in the road

i definitely recommend this book to any

mama who is giving birth in a hospital

to read

because it really helps you understand

what interventions are commonly used

and why and how you can decide which

interventions if any

are in your best interest again doulas

this is such a good book for you to read

to understand what many hospital birds

are like but it also has information

on home and birth center births as well

and it's just a great resource to have

with you to refresh your memory if you

have a client facing a particular

circumstance in regards to their

pregnancy and birth

this book also touches on the early

weeks of life with a newborn

it talks about how to help that

transition if you have other kids

to a new baby in the family how to

navigate postpartum depression

and just life in general after baby is

born the third book is the mama natural

week by week guide to pregnancy and

childbirth and

i love this book because the author

genevieve howland

gives an awesome perspective on changing

her life around and basically saving


from herself and how empowering it was

to focus on her physical mental and

spiritual health

and how that impacted the way that she

approached her pregnancy and birth

for my mamas who don't know where to

start to have a healthy pregnancy this


such a great place to look and for my

mamas who are already

natural living holistic junkies you will

love what she has to say about pregnancy

and birth

all of the chapters are really

bite-sized which is what i love about it

and it's really easy to read and digest

and then implement into your own

pregnancy journey

the fourth book that i recommend is

natural hospital birth

and this book is one that i poured over

over and over again throughout my

own pregnancy most mamas giving birth


do so in a hospital setting but still

many of you

want to try to have as natural of a

birth as possible with as few

interventions many of you wanting to do

it unmedicated which can sometimes be

hard in a setting

where there is such easy access to so

many interventions

that when necessary can be life-saving

some women want the comfort of being in

a hospital setting to have the care

they need if the circumstances arise and

other women

don't have a choice to give birth

anywhere besides the hospital

well you do have a choice in is how your

birth unfolds and this book

is so helpful in giving you very

practical and easily remembered advice

to be able to make decisions regarding

your birth at a hospital and how to have

as natural of a birth as possible

in a very medicalized environment i 100

recommend reading this book which is

written by cynthia gabriel

who is a doula herself and actually

helps teach hospital staff

how to help women in labor have fewer

unnecessary interventions

during birth so she's a great expert on

this topic it's so packed with

information and it's an easy and pretty

quick read and i promise you won't


regret learning everything you can that

this book has to offer

now before i get to the last book let me

know down in the comment section below

what resources you have

been loving to stay educated and

empowered through your pregnancy as you

prepare for

birth and postpartum so that you can

help other mamas out there get informed

and excited for their own birth too it's

not just

books but include books down there that

i haven't mentioned but any other


that you've been using and loving so the

fifth book that i recommend

is the birth partner which is written by

penny simkin who is a renowned doula and

a childbirth educator

and has so much information to glean

from especially from her book

this book is geared more towards the

birth partner and it's actually a book

that is on the required reading list for


who go through donut international doula

training but partners

you will benefit so much from reading

this book and implementing even a few of

the tips that this book has to offer

it's not for just the professionals who

are in this field

it is very easy to implement the tips

that she offers in this book

mamas this is also a really great

resource for you as well and i

especially recommend reading this book

if you really don't know

anything about how to facilitate the

process of birth

and can't have a doula to support you

through your birth

this book does a really good job of

preparing birthing mamas and their birth


for situations that may arise in labor

whether it's a really straightforward

experience or for one that has a few

twists and turns

you can almost use this book as a

checklist for the last things

that you want to prepare for before the

arrival of your baby which makes it

super useful and practical

i recommend reading this book in the

early third trimester because it has so

much valuable information in regards to

birth which you don't want to forget

which could be easy to do if you read it

like fairly early on in the first or

early second trimester

so for anyone watching this video mamas

partners birth workers or whoever you

may be these books anime gaskins guide

to childbirth

pregnancy birth and the newborn the mama

natural week by week guide to pregnancy

and childbirth

natural hospital birth and the birth

partner are books

that are all going to leave you more


more empowered and more inspired and

ready to

have an amazing birth than before you

read them

again all of the links to these books

are down below in the description for


to access all of these books were

foundational in helping me create the

philosophy that i hold about birth today

that women are built to birth and that

birth is not an event

that needs to be feared or dreaded but

is an experience that women can truly

love birth is an experience that will

transform your life

for the better mama and the more you

know the less you fear

and these and these books can truly help

you replace that fear

with knowledge and empowerment so thanks

for being with me in this video and i

will see you in the next one

bye mamas