Where to Start Reading the Bible for Beginners & New Christians

hi beautiful people so in my last video

I talked to you about why the Bible is

important and is it gonna be a follow up

I keep doing like follow-up videos but

the sooner you follow up video to that

one because now that we talked about why

it's important I want to talk to you

about where to start if you've never

read the Bible before because it can be

very intimidating I totally totally

understand if you've never read it

before to open this book especially just

a random page and you read something and

you're like what what did I just read

right there's some of those moments

where I still I'm like that when I read

the Bible so for new people I know that

it can be really weird and and just

difficult and confusing and so this is

gonna be just I hope a good just help

video on where to start sin and some

resources for you with that so so here's

the deal

the Bible is hard to understand for a

couple of reasons but one of the biggest

one is because it's you know it's

written in a culture that is very

different than the one we live in now

multiple different cultures that are

different than ours in this different

time period right you're certain

thousands of years ago and so when we

look at it through our modern lens it

can be very like what why would they do

that under why would they say that or

what does that mean right to the people

reading it back then or hearing it often

people heard it read to them they

totally would have gotten it right away

when they heard those things at the

Bible that was very intentionally like

written in the words that are in it were

intentional by the writers and so for

then they understood it they got it but

for us we had to kind of think okay well

this wasn't written in our culture in

our time period so I kinda have to

switch my my lens and my mindset to

understand that and so here's the thing

that's not like something that stood

just overnight you're gonna meal to you

know I understand that it takes a lot of

studying and and just like learning how

it was written and the different again

even just what it comes down to the

languages that it was written in knowing

that it's very important and also

knowing that there there are 66 little

books in this one big book and there are

different genres within it as well and

so I have a video it's a little bit old

it's probably coming close on like four

years old but I'm video explaining like

languages and the books of the Bible and

the genres of the Bible and all of that

again it's a little bit old and I'll

seem probably different a little bit in

Ventura it's the same same me and

information and I still stand by

everything like it's true I had just

learned all about that in college in my

Bible class and so I just want to point

you to that this is not gonna be like a

plug video the whole time this is all

I'm gonna plug of my own but if you

wanted to watch that because you've

never learned about that kind of stuff I

encourage you to go watch that video

first so that's my first thing to learn

about the the contexts and the genres

and all of that that's in the Bible so

now you know maybe this is the first

time you ever learned that there are 66

little books within this one book which

one do you choose right do you just use

random one I would say be careful about

that you can like it's the Word of God

it's totally fine if you knew but an

easy one I guess you start with and

personally my favorite book of the Bible

is the book of John so John is a gospel

writer I'm a gospel book of the Bible

which is basically a story about Jesus a

book completely about Jesus's life what

he said what he did and the disciples of

him his followers wrote down what they

saw just a witness

eyewitness account of that and this is

one of those four books john is my

favorite book of the Bible and it's just

so easy to understand it's so clear and

even though there are you know gonna be

questions when you read it like come up

in your mind it's a really good book to

start with and I definitely always

recommend this one to new Christians or

people just interested in reading the

Bible for the first time so the book of

John is a great place to start that

makes it very clear that the reason he

wrote this book and this is in John

chapter 20 verse 31 is that you may

believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son

of God and that by believing you may

have life in his name

and so if you don't know what Christ is

like that's not Jesus last name right

like Jesus first name Christ last name

right Christ actually means Messiah or

Savior and so he wrote this book that we

may believe that Jesus is our Savior is

the Savior and that we may believe in

him and have life like true life life

that is truly life in his name so that's

his purpose and I just I like that like

how he made it very clear that this is

why I wrote this this is why why I'm

telling everyone about this guy right

so yeah that's this intention and I'm

not gonna give you some resources that I

love and then I think would really help

you as you reading through this and like

I said when those questions come up

which we're bound to happen right that

still happens for you too I think

they'll be really helpful for you so

yeah so my first one is called the Bible

project and this is not just a YouTube

channel that's dedicated to just John or

whatever like all the resources I'm

gonna give are you know talking about

them with John but they're really good

in general

about the Bible and this is it actually

happens in my favorite youtube channel

they're just so so great they have a

two-part series on John where they dive

deep into what it says and like

different things that come up and they

talk a lot about the context right so

you can understand okay why did this

happen or why do they do that or what

did this mean in regards to the context

the the culture and the history is all

of that that was happening you can

understand it better and they're just so

deep to like they're not just for you

know for kids like it's this little baby

Channel like I show some of their videos

to my kids sometimes and it's cool

because they can understand it but

they're for the most part like they're

there for adults there for teens were

never older people and they're really

really easy to understand but yeah it's

so deep at the same time they just they

can dive deep into one video only like

that's a 10 minute video on just one

word or just one being and then you know

it's just really cool what they do and

they have a two-part like I said two

part series on John that I would

recommend for you to watch especially

because it gives you that visual I'm a

visual learner and so maybe you are too

and it's just it's really good for that

so the first one is like I said the use

you know the Bible project those two

videos will be linked for you my second

resource for you is called got questions

and again any any book that you read any

verse or anything that you find like is

a question that you come up go to got

questions it's an awesome website that I

support and go to often like when I have

a question about the Bible

I search you know whatever the verses or

the question I have and then I say got

questions and pretty much always when I

google something it comes up with with a

page or even more than one page

answering that question or talking about

it and so for John I looked and they

actually have a whole page dedicated to

the frequently asked questions about

John they're actually 77 I counted

myself there are 77 frequently asked

questions about John that you might have

as you read this and so you can just

kind of have this pulled up on your

computer as you're reading through it

and be like oh you know did they answer

this one yes okay so you can you can

read through all those articles I don't

even like articles are just like pages I

guess where they answer a question that

again is frequently asked with the book

of John so that website will be linked

for you too alright my last resource for

you is an app which is funny because

personally I really don't use have Spri

often but a lot of you asked me

Becca what apps you use for your Bible

or what resources you know there are

things you have on your phone for your

Bible and I'm always just kind of like

blue I just am NOT no big on apps I'm

not big on putting a lot on my phone

because I try not to spend too much time

on there because it can become an idol

you know but I understand a lot of

people do read the Bible and their

phones and want that kind of thing

especially the younger the younger

generation right you know I know I'm I

am young but like a lot of people ask me

that and I never really know what to say

but this app is really good it's by

Tyndale which is a Bible printing

company just so happens to be the

sponsor in this video so thank you guys

and love you but it's called the start

with John app or the filament bible app

and it goes along with the filament

bible which is this one and what's

really cool about it and i find this

fascinating is you can turn any page in

here right John or Genesis whatever

whatever chapter whatever

book of the Bible you're in you can

literally open it scan the page with

your phone when you have the app in and

literally as soon as your skin it'll

talk to you about all the people on that

page a bio about them and just

information about them a Deebo links

about that passage in that chapter maps

all contexts and information stuff that

you need it's all right there as soon as

you scan it it just comes up and it's

just really cool it goes along with this

Bible it's called the filament Bible by

Tyndale and I know you can get the app

even if you don't have the Bible it's

free which is great but if you have that

Bible you can scan it and get all that

information so it's really cool and I

just think that's fascinating but you

can what do we have all the information

on your little tiny phone you know and

on my little tiny phone so yeah I find

that really cool and these Bibles right

now if you use my promo code allure 40

you can get it for free percent off at

the link in the description for you so

yeah well I really hope that this helped

you and just gave you a good place to

start hopefully in the Bible and even if

you already knew

you know John's a good place to start

hopefully now you have some resources in

your toolbox that you can look up and

research about if you have more

questions which you will then as they

come up so I really pray that this

helped you and and this I'm just gonna

read you my favorite verse in John not

the whole level personally I have a

different favorite one but this is my

favorite verse in John so it's actually

the last verse in the book of John okay

is this Jesus also did many other things

if they were all written down I suppose

the whole world could not contain the

books that would be written I love that

verse I love that verse so much I love

it and I think you get to my sponsor for

sponsoring this video I love you guys

and to everyone else who watched I love

you too and I thank you for watching I

hope you have a great day and then you

are so loved and so beautiful