Weight Loss After Childbirth | Oakdale ObGyn



many women after the birth of their

first child are very anxious to reclaim

their figure and I encourage you to be

patient so that you can establish a

healthy breastfeeding schedule with your

baby give your body time to heal and

just adjust into your new lifestyle and

so a fair and realistic goal is to take

nine months to lose the baby weight from

your pregnancy one of the best

predictors of successful weight loss in

your postpartum time period is to

actually try to gain the appropriate

amount of weight that your doctor

recommends for you during your pregnancy

so if you have the opportunity to

monitor your pregnancy weight gain

throughout your pregnancy and ask for

support and assistance if you notice

that you start to gain quicker then your

physician would recommend that will be

immensely helpful for you in the

postpartum period one of my favorite

tools to help postpartum moms is to

really help them hone in to their own

intuition so that they can trust their

own hunger and fullness cues to guide

their bodies back to their pre-pregnancy

weight the intuitive hunger and fullness

scale is so useful because it's

something that you can intuitively raise

your awareness of at anytime any moment

in any meal and so you don't need to

necessarily be counting calories or

points to successfully lose weight after

you've had a baby in fact most of us

don't have enough time to do that I'd

rather have young women queuing in

becoming more mindful of their hunger

fullness cues and really trying to

develop patterns that keep them from

being vulnerable but also trying to end

a meal with a more of neutral or gentle

satisfaction and so you can kind of

think about neutral as the time after

you start eating when your hunger cues


you're no longer feeling those intense

rumblings or physical sensations of

hunger and so it many times when we

pause when we've kind of subsided those

cues the hormones will travel to your

brain and you'll actually feel gently

satisfied within 15 minutes or so when

those fullness cues really have their

full potential to register in your brain

if you're feeling a little bit hungry or

you can certainly eat until you're

gently satisfied again you want to just

make sure that you keep pausing and

appreciating how full you are throughout

your meal because you'll be surprised at

how getting consistent well-balanced

meals and snacks will really help to

curb the cravings and help you regain

your pre-pregnancy and weight and have

that successful weight loss of living is

next several months as you consider how

to craft a balanced nails and snacks try

to opt for Whole Foods as much as

possible because the more fiber that you

add into your meals and snacks the more

volume of healed feel which will help to

curb any cravings that will give you

that gentle satisfaction and it will

support your long-term weight loss goals

another important factor to help promote

weight loss in the postpartum period is

to consider breastfeeding not only is it


wonderful nutrition for your infant but

it actually will contribute you about a

500 calorie deficit for you every single

day so it's in essence like you're

walking five miles a day by just nursing

your child and having that incredible

bonding time with your infant