APPLYING TO COLLEGE EP.1: researching colleges and making a college list


hi again guys so today I'm gonna make

another college video so I've gotten a

few comments about creating videos on

how to create a college list how to

research colleges on how to write your

essays and stuff like that so today this

video is gonna be about how to research

colleges and create your college lists

again I have to reiterate that I'm just

a college senior who just applied to

college and I don't have any like

professional certification or anything

so for that you should definitely go

consult your college counselor or any

experts out there who have more

professional advice to give out so the

biggest thing when researching colleges

is to definitely first set your

priorities straight

so things like academic social life

housing diversity student body culture

school spirit and such are all important

factors to take into consideration when

researching what types of college you

want to choose so for me definitely

academics was the most important I

wanted to look at schools that

definitely had a breadth of majors

because I wasn't though I'm intended to

do biology I'm not super sure on what

exactly what the exact path I want to

pursue is and also I really enjoy it a

myriad of different subjects which is

why I looked into a lot of schools which

emphasize interdisciplinary learning

but that depends on you as well some

people know exactly what they want to do

and have their exact major in mind so

maybe some creep more pre-professional

oriented schools would be better for you

another aspect in social life so you

can't really get that much about the

social life from the school from just

websites but I feel like through

contacting students who are at those

schools they'll definitely get to know a

bit more about the social culture at

that school for example some of my

schools like Duke has quite a big Greek

life influence which I would still

apprehensive about but research into

more as I talk to more people

some schools maybe don't have much of a

school spirit

but maybe emphasize more on clubs and

opportunities through clubs of course

student body composition is another big

part of researching schools for an

international student like myself

finding a school that had a lot of

diversity and also quite a high

international student percentage was

important for me especially going to the

u.s. a place I've never lived in before

but for some people maybe they're

they're planning on attending at state

school and of course at a state school

there might not be as much diversity as

a very like a private institution or

something of that sort housing is also

part of research in colleges that many

people overlooked but it is also quite

important for me I wanted to find a

college that definitely had at least

three years of guaranteed housing if not

for because I'm going as an

international student but some schools

like state schools might have the option

of housing off-campus but I feel like a

lot of private institutions require at

least one year of

residing at school there are also

different types of housing for example I

know Yale and Rice do a residential

college system would you stay in for

four years which is also really nice

while other schools do just the normal

roommate system where every year you so

you can switch or stay with your

roommate cost is another big factor that

a lot of people have to take into

consideration when choosing college

personally I'm privileged enough that I

don't have to worry that much about the

cost but a lot of people do have to take

that into consideration that being said

even though a lot of schools can be

really pricey a lot of the private

institutions do supply a lot of good

financial aid so definitely don't let

the cost deter you but be wary of that

when applying to colleges for me I was

fortunate and not to have a really good

school college counselor who helped me a

lot in the research process so

definitely take advantage of your school

counselor because they definitely do

have a lot of knowledge about colleges

in your region or worldwide another

great research that I used was this

fixed guide to colleges it's around it

was around 40 sinc dollars and that's

quite pricey but it definitely gave me a

lot of help when choosing colleges as

you can see there's so many different

flags in here because me my brother and

my sister I'll use this one researching

colleges so basically what this book

helps you do is they give like short

descriptions about the books they also

tell you about like the location

undergraduate enrollment other schools

that are similar to that school and also

get quotes from students who are at that

school to talk about the different

aspects like academic social setting

and stuff like that of course if those

resources aren't available - there are

so many resources that you can find

online of course a big one that comes up

to mine is niche

Nisha isn't super reliable because it is

based off of like student rankings I

think but it definitely is a good way to

get to know some schools others are us

world to report QoS rankings all those

are really good ways to research

colleges and just get to know them a bit

more before of course researching them

even more I think a big part of

researching colleges is to keep an open

mind a lot of times we get caught up

with the name and a lot of these schools

that we think of when we first start

applying to college are only the ones

that we've heard of from when we were

really young but the thing is there are

so so many good schools out there that

specialize in different majors have

various different programs and kind of

like emphasize different things so of

course you should definitely set your

priorities straight at the start when

applying to colleges you should also

think about your future goals for

example if you want a PhD normally we

think about going to undergrad at one of

the top colleges are the only ways we

can get a PhD but actually the schools

that produce the most PhDs

aren't necessarily is these top name

Brad colleges but other very very good

smaller liberal arts colleges such as

Swarthmore on Reed College Cal Tech or

remod and a lot more that you can look


so once you've actually done your

research then comes a point where you

have to start creating your college

lists so I feel like a lot of you have

definitely heard of a thing called

reach match schools and safety schools

but for those of you who don't I'll just

explain it here bridge schools are those

schools that are really hard for you to

get into a lot of the times that can be

the top colleges which are hard for

anyone to get into or they can just be

any schools that maybe your GPA or your

stats requirements

exactly meet up to their admitted

students range or are on the lower side

of that range a lot of the times rituals

can also be schools that may not accept

a lot from your region or your school

which is something you should take into

consideration my schools are basically

what the name stands for they are a

match for you so a lot of the times your

stats matches those that they accepted

to the University and also they're like

a reasonable school that you have around

a 50/50 chance of getting in of course

there are low matches and high matches

but that's around the range of like

50/50 probability of getting in that

school safety schools are schools that

you are pretty confident that you can

get into this does not mean that safety

schools are bad schools it's just that

maybe they have lower stats requirements

so you have a better chance of getting

in them for a lot of people these safety

schools can be schools like their state

school for US citizens because those are

easier to get into or just schools that

maybe accept more people from your

region or from your high school I feel

like a mistake that a lot of people make

is not putting enough effort into the

essays for their safety schools but that

is very important because you should

definitely show even at as much or even

more interest in your safety schools

because sometimes they do something

called yield protection where if your

stats are too good they might not accept

you because they know you won't enroll

but by showing interest and applying

early or applying for any of their

scholarship programs you have a greater

chance of getting into your safety

schools and maybe with even a

scholarship or some aid so the number of

schools that you apply to can really

vary for life people there are some

people that I know who applied to maybe

five schools and some people I see on

YouTube who apply to over 20 schools for

me apply to 11 schools and I think that

around 10 is a

number one created when decided how many

colleges to apply to you should

definitely think about how many essays

you'll have to write and also how much

effort you want to put into the process

because you definitely want to put a

hundred percent effort into every single

one of your essays in every single one

of your applications in addition you

should be glad to go to any school on

your list even if no matter whether

there are safety matches or reaches

every single school on there should be

very should be very appealing to you and

should be ones that you'll be happy to

go to so that might differ how many

schools you'll apply to in the end for a

lot of people who might have state

schools that's kind of an almost

guarantee safety school I feel like you

wouldn't have to apply to as many

schools unless you really want to shoot

your shot but for someone like me who

was an international applicant I felt

like 10 or 11 schools was a really good

number to ensure that I would get in

somewhere and that I had a good spread

of reach match and safety schools so on

that note your distribution of reach

match and safety schools can really vary

but I would say that if you are applying

to ten colleges you should definitely

have at least two colleges that are

safeties which you are pretty confident

that you'll get into most of the time I

would say that having a pretty even

spread of reach maximum safety schools

is a good bet so one thing I would say

is that researching colleges if done

well really takes a lot of time and

effort and you should definitely be

patient with the process and also just

make it a fun process to do for me I

first researched a lot of colleges over

the summer and then created something

called a long list where I had around 30

schools that I was interested in then

from those thirty schools I would look

into them even more maybe talk to people

who are from those schools learn more

about their programs visit some campuses

if I could and after that I slowly

narrowed it down to a short list of

maybe around 15 schools and eventually

to the 11 schools that I applied to all

in all I think that at the end of your

college process everyone will think

about what if they have done things

differently what if they applied to

different schools and even I had those

doubts when I was getting my decision

acceptances and rejections and stuff but

I think that ultimately the more effort

and time you put into researching

colleges the happier and more confident

you'll be when applying for these

colleges and of course for your outcomes

so that's all for today thank you so

much for watching see you next time