How to Roller Skate for Beginners - The Absolute Basics

hey skaters I'm dirty Deborah Harry was

sure-grip roller skates and the dirty

school of skate I'm here at the fountain

vallye skating center here to talk to

you about how to get started in roller

skating so this is for people were

coming back to skating or just got brand

new pair of skates don't know what to do

and you don't want to get hurt so now if

you listen to me and you're thinking I

don't need to know this I already know

how to skate keep watching this video

because you want to teach someone how to

skate this is how you do it alright

let's do like a pilot's checklist here

what did we do with our head all the way

down to where toe now head keep your

chin up alright people are gonna be

taking pictures of you and it's better

with your chin up you don't want it

buried here in your chest keep your chin

up shoulders what do we do with those

keep them nice straight across snack

area you got to keep it tight I can't

have you skating with your belly

sticking out got to keep it nice and

tight your core area nice and tight you

don't know where your core is like I

didn't for a long long time I just take

my belly button and shove it back into

my spine or up under my ribs and keep it

nice and tight arms we're gonna put them

straight out like this

I need your palms down if your palms are

open like this you're gonna end up

turning and if you don't want to turn

I need them down now most importantly

this area of your body these hips

need to be dropped low when you skate

things I cannot have you do standing up

straight like this okay now I need you

to drop your hips people will interpret

this as bend your knees reason why I

always say drop your hips if I tell you

to bend your knees I swear to god you

guys are gonna go like this my knees are

bent that's not what I need I need hips

low shoot your knees are bent and this

is like shock absorber legs nice and

flexible ok now let's talk about the

feet people always think they're skating

is about your feet you just strap the

skates on and just about making your

feet go

this way or this way this way it's not

it's about transferring your body weight

more specifically transferring your body

weight from side to side how do we do

that most people put on skates and then

they just think heck I'll just walk

right this is how I've been moving

forward my entire life I'll just walk as

you can see let's get you know we're

also with the very annoying kicking your

feet back if you skate session and it's

busy and you're one of these people is

constantly kicking back you're gonna

kick other people believe me that ain't

gonna go over well all right I want you

to have a successful outing when you

skate so let's do it this way

I want you to put your feet in a V

position heels together alright then

you're gonna think about your hip this

whole fun area here and you're gonna

drop it down put your arms out with your

palms down chin ups neck area tight

shoulders straight across alright now

here's the trick I need you to shift

your body weight to the left to the

right to the left to the right now

hopefully there's music on and you could

just shift to the beat and then right

from the beginning you'll be looking

good when you skate alright so let's

just look at this my feet are gonna be

position right got my hips down got my

arms out shoulder straight to contact

Jenna alright now I have to shift my

body weight to the left to the right to

the left to the right couple of things

are happening here when I say shift my

body weight I'm talking to take my

center line of balance it's right down

the center of your body basically let's

focus on our nose drop your hips feet

are in a V position I'm gonna push my

nose over my knee my knee is going to be

pushed over my baby toe and my weight

more likely this chest eery is over the

top of my skate

so I'm gonna shift it from side to side

side to side okay yeah big problem

people have is they do not want to drop

their body weight they want to control

their skinny by standing up and moving

their feet again it's not about your

feet you got to sit your ass down

okay I need it down like this here and

we're gonna go side to side the other

thing people generally end up doing is

picking up their feet you don't really

have to pick up your feet really the

foot coming off the ground is really an

effect from you pushing your bodyweight

so far over onto one foot that this foot

generally just runs out of real estate

and has to come up so if I shift my body

like this my foots gonna come up

naturally okay so what I want you guys

to do when you practice start with your

feet in a V position put your arms out

drop your hips and tell yourself to the

left to the right to the left to the

right how do you do that you're putting

your chest and your body weight over

each foot we call it skating over the

top of your skate over the top of your

skin the more weight that you put down

on each skate as you're transferring

your body weight from side to side will

make it more stable all right some of

the biggest problems is probably the

number one problem people have when

they're starting out skating or getting

back into skating is looking down for

god sakes don't look down looking down

as akin to driving your car and staring

at your gas pedal okay the other thing

is when you look at your feet I swear to

God that get performance anxiety

they look at you're looking at them they

will not do what you want them to do if

you keep staring at them remember your

feet know how to walk but this is a

whole different thing for them to learn

they will respond to your body weight

not for you just skating with your feet


so the other thing is I need you to look

good when you skate okay I don't want

you looking crazy I can't have you

skating with your arms out all nutty or

up high or down low or swimming I can't

help you looking down I can't help you

walking all right I want you to get down

low put your arms out to the side and

transfer your body weight from side to

side side to side okay now of course as

I've told you a million times before

especially if you've ever taken lessons

with me or any class swear to god you

have to practice you need to practice

but it's rollerskating so what's more

fun than practicing rollerskating you

can do it anywhere you can do it outside

you can do it indoors at the rink you

can do it in your house you could do it

in a park you can do it I don't know at

work wherever you want but you've got to

practice and it needs to be consistent I

want you to practice ten minutes a day

as opposed to four hours on one day okay

you need to be consistent with it now

good thing is roller skating can be in

solo pursuit or you can do it with a

whole bunch of other people or one other

person doesn't matter okay but you can

practice every day you can do it by

yourself skating the garage whatever it

is alright so again real quickly

particularly if you're gonna be teaching

someone else be like I need your feet in

the V position

I need your hips low I need your arms

out shoulders straight across snack area

tell me chin up and I need you to shift

your body weight to the left to the

right to the left to the right if you

can manage that you can start on this

wonderful journey of being the best

roller skater ever all right you guys I

hope you enjoyed this and I hope you got

something out of it leave me some

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help you and as always if you're in

Southern California hit me up and we'll

go rollerskating together all right you


hey I'm dirty Deborah Harry