What To Do When You're Starting BJJ Sparring On Your Knees

hey I'm Stefanie Kastner from travelers

calm Ritchie yet from a fighting MMA and

today what to do when you're starting on

your knees and it's it's ridiculous how

often I get this question I put out

videos on this there are YouTube videos

out there you know things you can do

from your knees their old shirt got

articles on this but I think this is

just such a common question that comes

up and up coming up again and again so I

mean I think the number one answer is

don't do this like if we're here no I

totally get it you're not learning yeah

and also it just becomes a battle for

who's bigger stronger and more

aggressive and that's the reason why I'd

be crazy saying like 90% of all fights

up and up on the ground it is because

two people are constantly going forward

well if two people are going forward

then it's usually the bigger stronger

person than once upon talk so you don't

want to be that you want you want to be

the person that uses jujitsu as opposed

to wrong correct I also don't wanna

waste your training time like no one

person are you answer number one from my

point of view sure one person pull guard

okay there now will go it should pass my

guard well they don't get a better guard

absolutely so just get the party started

don't waste time with the pushing match

but you've actually got some techniques

that you'd like to do from there don't


well yes I do now the very first one is

I if you get done you know love please

Center is is that what I like to do is I

just let you grab the person and just

see what happens so almost always run

away is that if I grab understand thing

except will just grab onto me right now

if I win this collar then this hand is

gonna go and find his elbow and all I

wanted try to do is I want to try to

create snow where we're lifting up the

air elbow like this generally that's

done by me first pushing down the elbow

and then you look up and I just typical

it is ridiculous how often that works is

super subtle and has got to be done with

with it's going to be done in a very

graceful and knock ewis way if I feel

like I'm being really strong than the

other person

really really strong it should just be

like hey man how's it going I'm cool as

roll around and it should be really

subtle so that's actually one of my

favorite ways of just making sure that

I'm going to talk with us the position I

want to win right another thing that I'd

like to do is I like to win the


so Steph is much bigger than me and what

I want to try and do is I want to add

amplify my control and minimize his

strength by going to like both of my

hands on his one hand and this is what

I'm trying to do but on Stefan is never

easy on anybody that's good it's never

going to be easy for you to get the grip

so you want so a lot of times in order

to get like two on one I'll have to go

to the collar first and almost always

the person will calm and start to grip

right and then with a grip break that's

when I'm able to win the two-on-one from

here while in my office defecates super

limited absolutely not so much knocking

there's nothing no throws I can do on

you know takedown oh for sure absolutely

and then from here I just keep the arm

then I want to go and and gravitate to

the elbow and you see how I just want a

little bit of a bend is it a little bit

of a push almost like I'm doing a

chimera there's no way you're actually

gonna come here or the person but I try

and then I try to go and force the other

hand on the ground why do I force the

other head on the ground because you can

grab me with that hand no problem but he

said I try to force him to the ground

it's that little bit of a pull little

push almost always from here I kind of

sit down a little bit just so I can kind

of circle around to his bound sorry I

just find that to be a little bit a

little bit easier right in order to get

around the other person's back he's not

planted I'm not that was precisely it

and you see how in order to force Devin

planted do you see how I almost have a

sit back so I can pull a little bit

maybe consider that a car pull but once

again we're of an armed right yeah yeah

yeah yeah also slow motion arm drag

armed ready for the person who

is really slow old and weaker the

silicon so um also graphite it can be

really tough especially if we're here

and just we're doing a whole bunch of

this the strangest thing is is I see how

tough it is for me to get his collars if

I just stand up and he stands up with me

right there's something really weird

where we just concede a lapel Grif and

then from here go rubbery

right from here turn him off I came at

1:1 and then you see how I could knock

down and then oh and they'll be able to

go and try to take us behind for work a

Swede for whatever but I have the

two-on-one so you're taking the fight

out of the ground or most--it it's

against their comfortable right now

they're deer in the headlights then

strangest thing so what we're going to

do the guy no no I'm wouldn't because

they're really savvy when they're

standing up but there's something really

strange all we're doing is this

elevating the fight two feet great and

all the sudden is this like oh I'll let

you grab my call or else here

whereas if we're kneeling no way exactly

it's really really strange yeah

so another way to look at it too is

there the two-on-one regardless of the

position like autumn kneeling sit it

really doesn't matter

I just want to control I want to amplify

my control so if I win this this is

great it really doesn't matter if I'm

kneeling or of all my buddy

right like I'm pulling guard it really

doesn't matter all right

what else do you like did you when

you're in there well first of all I want

to refer people to the video I don't

think I did it with you is old so it can

be all pixelated and stuff but it was on

pulling guard sweeps instead of pulling

guard remember that was like you're

jumping into regards with using a mentor

generated off your knees so I'll link to

that up there and the other thing is a

lot of the takedowns if you develop some

cake don't you can just like you did

your Aikido throw yeah yeah things like

if I can get inside control and push

into you here those for sure basically

snap down again which I'll link to there

or things like a knee tap oh there

that's great oh yeah it's almost a safer

way to develop takedowns you can't do

all take it's hard to do anything Mata

oh yeah there's no way it's good

but I have seen people do stories oh

yeah actually done to write where people

just I'm kneeling and the person just

kind of runs past me and I've had that

happen so you can there are some throws

that will work on the ground I think you

should start with a snap down for sure

to start maybe with a knee tap more I

like your Aikido the Jedi mind-trick

pull down slightly okay it works so well

and it really I think really truly

defines jujitsu in the sense that it's

super subtle is gentle great like people

are people can't heal it woke up there's

they're surprised that actually works

but it really for some defies jujitsu

right and some of the key

characteristics that define jujitsu

right I think we just got to get away

from wasting valuable training balls for

sure everybody does this every weave

nobody's you don't know like like

everybody is guilty of just you know

like pushing these near the training

partner right especially when you just

start stop start to do should you see

when you first start up right nobody's

above that process here's something we

used to do in judo and please how do you

finish on this we start back-to-back Oh


well start new Wazza this would be three

two one go right and then just win like

so you know create the initial scramble

but I think very often it ended up with

both people spinning and both people

grabbing so hey buddy Creekside initial

for your instructor if you see there's a

problem okay you start in the bottom you

start on the top you start in turtle you

start on top of turtle you start in the

closed guard you start using the closed

door I mean sure maybe situational

sparring not everything should be from

the knees no no I think so - I think so

- right especially yet once you if you

if you belong to a small club and ever

said well well if you go into a small

club you're not always going to be able

to go and roll with the higher belts all

the time right and sometimes if you're

like a higher belt in there's just more

white belts around which is almost

always at every single Club regardless

of the size actually it is important to

go and put yourself to do that

vulnerable positions so when you start

off instead of

trying to fight for the helmeted top

position right from the get-go it's like

she has this person and it'll just start

like will it like this

maybe take a grip so that way the person

I can hear you in the Hat ahead or

something like that right you should I

say they're exactly ready especially you

know something sometimes I've seen you

do that I do that all the time yeah I've

been on it's great I think it's

important it's important to kind of give

up a give up good positions for people

right like give them talk cross like you

can talk loud give them a good control

of your caller and then find your way

out of it you'll get far more out of

your training and they'll and then the

other person the white belt your your

your your lower ranking lower skilled

training partners well actually see

great value I'm training with you

because they're actually doing something

funny cool as opposed to being you know

basically are walking up grappling W

yeah for you okay

well I hope you enjoyed that there's a

little bit stream of consciousness sure

but if you have any other suggestions

leave em in the comments below email

them to us we'd appreciate it but I

think that there are a lot of good

answers other than doing oh yeah yeah