How to get Rose Seeds to Germinate


okay so I want to show you how to

prepare rose seeds to get them to

germinate there's a few videos out there

but frankly they suck so let's get right

to it first you need to take your Rose

seeds and you need to soak them in

approximately a cup of water with you

know five to ten percent of hydrogen

peroxide mixed in for an hour and the

purpose of this is to soften the seeds

to start the germination process and

also to kill off anything that might be

growing on them like mold so once you've

done that you need to drain the water

and don't don't worry about if the seeds

float or don't float so I'm gonna show

you the easy way to drain the water and

then you need to put them in a moistened

media like perlite or I'm using paper

towels and then don't film in a bag and

I'm gonna I'm gonna put them in the

fridge and so what I've done is I have

marked the cultivar or the variety of

rose seed with the date and what it is

before I put it in the fridge so let me

show you how I am you know I'm using a

strainer to get the seeds Hetal of water

because they're too small to pick out by

hand so let me show you how I'm doing it

okay so you start with just a regular

spaghetti strainer and an empty cup make

sure there's nothing in it and then what

you do is you just pour the seeds in now

I'm using I used bottled water for this

okay and then I'm gonna just set that

right there and I'm going to take my

paper towel and I'm gonna pour some of

my excess water on behalf of the paper

towel I'm just gonna saturate half the

paper towel on the rest of it just gets

dumped out but now I'm using an old or

not all play I'm using a plate it'll go

in the dishwasher and I take my seeds

and I just flip them over tap a couple

times now all my seeds are out

then I'm gonna spread them out so that I

can see them and keep them apart

make sure there's none on my hands

and then we'll bring this over and this

is gonna soak up the rest of the water

and it's going to form my medium that

I'm going to germinate my seeds in more

than enough moisture don't have to mess

with it it's not critical so now I'm

gonna gently take this in here and just

stick it in my plastic bag I'll put most

get rid of most of the air and then seal

it up so at this point my germination

package is ready to go in the

refrigerator for four to twelve maybe 16

weeks and so what I'm gonna do is I'm

just going to watch and when it starts

to germinate I'm going to take them out

on a plan I'm in a seed starter and then

I'm going to grow them to the point

where they produce the first flower at

which point I'll select for the ones

that I think have the right color flower

and that are a nice healthy plant so

that's it that's all you have to do is

rinse your seeds and soak them for an

hour drain them out using a strainer put

them on a paper towel that's that's damp

put them in a plastic bag and then they

go in the fridge and just leave them

alone check on them once a week thanks

for watching my video I hope this helps

you get started with with growing roses

from see