Great Herbs! How to Seed Start Rosemary Indoors: Start Early! - MFG 2014

welcome to my first vegetable garden

today I want to show you how to plant

rosemary rosemary is another herb that

you can really start 10 to 12 weeks

indoors it's slow growing it takes about

14 to 21 days to germinate so it does

germinate slowly so what the seeds look

like there's they're pretty small

however rosemary unlike oregano or thyme

you don't over seed rosemary well one

seed one plant will get very big you

want to put about three seeds per

planting hole and I drop the seed in the

corners and you can thin this down if

two plants come up you can actually just

split the root ball and you'll end up

with two plants but you don't want to

over seed rosemary but you definitely

want to start it indoors ten to twelve

weeks ahead of time because it really

grows slowly it's also slow to germinate

you need to make sure the temperature

for germination is 70 degrees or above

but it's a great herb to start indoors

and as I've said in most of my videos

you can save a lot of money by just

starting herbs yourself excuse me

you'll get at least nine plants out of

here if you buy a rosemary plant that

can cost you anywhere from two three

four dollars a plant the setup for this

is pretty inexpensive so you're really

getting you know plants for like 10

cents 25 cents just mix the seeds in

about a quarter inch deep

and that will get them set up to

germinate and again it's about three

three seeds per cell if two plants come

up and they're spaced out enough you can

separate the root ball in half and the

plants will be fine if not you can thin

them into one plant you're gonna have to

wait 14 to 21 days for them to germinate

that's part of the reason you want to

start them indoors 10 to 12 weeks before

they're ready to go outside in your area

and as I've said before when you water

these you don't want to pour water right

on top that will splash the soil and

seeds out fill up the tray that they're

sitting in let them sit in there for 10

I'm sorry for 20 to 30 minutes whatever

waters not absorbed just pull it out

make sure you mark rosemary

january 12th and in 14 to 21 days your

rosemary will be up i hope you enjoyed

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