How to get back to Running after Achilles Tendinopathy

hi guys this video is about hard to get

back to running after you've had at

least ended up with you or at least

ender gnosis because it can be quite

tricky often the pain can come back now

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ok so what the research is showing is

that 27% of people who get back to

running after they've had a gliese pain

will actually get a recurrence of the

injury so why does this happen because

27% is quite a lot it's nearly a third

of April people who go back to running

in my opinion there are two reasons the

first one is that they've likely not

strengthened their tendons enough now

you've got to remember what happens to

your tendon when you've got an attender

not a--they some of the cells changes

form the collagen fibers moves slightly

further away in the essence the tendon

becomes a little bit softer it loses its

capacity to cope with the forces from

running now if you rest from running and

you do a few exercises it can get

stronger and the pain calm down but

you've got to remember that when you run

forces equal to six times your body

weight go through your Achilles tendon

so you can't just do a few bodyweight

heel raises and expect it to be strong

enough to cope with the loads from

running you have to put it through a

carefully graded proper strength

training program to get it strong enough

and that goes hand-in-hand with the

second reason why it happens it's people

get back into running too quickly so

when you have an injury and you go back

to running you've got to look at it from

a different perspective you can't just

think that you're getting fit as normal

so usually when you go out and you've

just had a long period of time that you

haven't trained you basically go and

cardiovascular fitness and decide how

you increase your running volumes and

intensity but when you come back from an

injury you've got

Sidda that injury so your achilles

tendon has now not run so it's deep

conditioned so every running session you

do will have an effect on it that it

will get micro trauma because that's

natural that's what happens when we

exercise and then you've got to give it

enough time to repair so that it's

stronger for the next session initially

because the forces from running is so

large it may not be ready for running

continuously so we often get people back

with run walks or a lot shorter runs so

that that tendon has time to adapt to

that program and usually you work for

endurance first long before you get to

any speed sessions or strength sessions

with regards to running so if you're

worried about getting back to running

make sure that you strengthen your

tendon properly and second you really

ease back into an easy program first and

don't go according to cardiovascular

fitness think about your tendon and feel

what's happening there if you need any

help with your Achilles injury you're

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