Half Marathon Training for Beginners | 2 Tricks for Faster Recovery!

what's up guys today we're talking about

half marathon training for beginners I'm

going to give you two tricks to recover

faster that's going to lead to better

stronger running better performances

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guys one of the challenges with running

these longer distances the half marathon

and Beyond is actually dealing with

fatigue and being able to deal with my

ability to recover faster quicker so I

can get to the next workout in fact a

lot of us don't do a very good job there

so the program keeps progressing but my

body's not ready yet for maybe because I

haven't slept well enough or I got too

much stress in other aspects of my life

but this tip today is actually going to

deal with too much stress in the run

itself a lot of times we just try to put

our head down and barge our way through

that run and a few things happen one we

tend to run a little bit faster than we

should believe it or not these runs

should be pretty darn slow because we're

just trying to get those aerobic

adaptations that doesn't require any

speed whatsoever to get them and then

the other one actually has to do with

our mechanics when I put my head down

and barge my way through my run my

mechanics maybe start here but after a

while they end here just like what

happens at the end of the day if you've

been working all day long or you've been

in a long car ride or a long airplane

ride we might start up right but we tend

to sort of slump so the way we're going

to break that pattern is with some

walking breaks the walking breaks don't

have to be that long they could be as

short as 10 seconds 15 seconds 30

seconds but if I do them periodically

and really commit to that I'm going to

notice a few things one my same distance

run is not going to feel as tiring one I

haven't stressed my system as much I've

given my body a chance to go down to

that lower intensity really where I

belong and where I should be and to

because I've given my that little

pattern disrupt I'm actually able to

preserve and encourage better mechanics

and if I run with better mechanics I'm

literally not going to be a sore

afterwards a lot of times that muscle

soreness and the feeling of being beat

up in the knees and the

quads and IT bands is because our

running mechanics turned kind of crap so

try those walking get brakes my

recommendation every three minutes walk

for 15 to 30 seconds if you can do that

all of a sudden your next run is going

to feel a whole lot different now our

second recovery trick for you guys is

actually a little leg up the wall action

at the end of your run or even at the

end of the day here's the deal we're not

very good at slowing down these days

especially in our modern world society

you finish your run you're immediately

racing off to go back to school go back

to work pick up your kids drop your kids

off or whatever we're all very busy and

we're running in that very precious few

minutes but I guarantee you if you give

yourself five to ten minutes of chill

time and you throw your legs up the wall

it's going to make a huge difference not

only in your mental recovery but

especially your physical recovery so

this is what we do I'm actually outside

I don't even need a wall but I found

this guy and this will work just perfect

of course I could do this inside as well

I'm going to get up nice and close to

this I'm going to put my feet straight

up and then I'm just going to either set

a timer and I can just chill for 10

minutes I can close my eyes and just

work on a little breathing if I wanted

to go there I could do a little

meditation that sometimes feels good if

I want to catch up I could go ahead and

write in my training journal if I'm

catching up on my run how my run just

went I could Instagram my workout I

could get on Facebook I could do a lot

of multitasking from this position with

my phone but what happens when I'm here

is that all this blood grows from the

periphery right back down to central to

the core and it's a nice way to actually

when I stand back up to basically

refresh and get that blood down there in

those legs freshly oxygenated and ready

to go for my next little workout and as

I said just sitting down relaxing

putting your your back on the ground is

just a nice way for your nervous system

to come back to life a little bit and

recover as well so there we have it legs

up the wall ten minutes a day it'll be

huge guys that is it we're almost out of

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