How to run barefoot

today we are in the vivo Bethel training

clinic studio in Farrington in the

studio we explain the skill of movement

and analyze your running technique the

modern cushioned running shoe is really

trying to do the job of the fort rather

than letting the foot do its job your

foots job is to tell you about what's

going on when you touch the floor eighty

percent of people are heel strikers when

they run all of that impact force is

going into your shin and you're trying

to use your knee as a shock absorber

which it isn't if we take away the

cushioning what you then need to learn

is the posture and the rhythm the third

thing is you need to be relaxed the

question is how do we actually

transition from being a jogger or an

unskilled runner to being a skilled

barefoot runner so first thing to do

we're going to film you on two speeds

just running normally exactly as you do

what's interesting for training is to

always make sure that you can actually

run slowly with skill and at a slightly

faster training pace with skill and also

to check you at your race pace to see

what different speeds do to your shape

you were running like how most people

run with a heel strike and a slow

cadence your posture was pretty good but

you were slightly leaning forward your

rhythm looks pretty good it looks like

you've had a lesson here a couple years

ago I came had a had a session with

loose XP so I'm interested to see yeah

have I have I done what he taught me

this is a self-correcting exercise it's

it's a great exercise you've never done

it before so you don't have any bad

movement habits try and do a two-footed

jump you can very easily feel how your

posture is if you are not seg mentally

aligned if you don't have a straight

posture you will fall forward or fall

backwards so when you jump you should

the coaching cues land on the ball of

your foot engage your big toe and have

your heel kiss the floor and the foot

contact when you're running should be

just the same I felt like I was going to

topple over at the end end of the last

time I feel much what we're doing my

realm of capability right so now what we

want to do is this rhythm just try and

let that heel kiss the floor let your

hands be relaxed elbows should be lower

than your hands just so in order for you

to go faster but stay at this rhythm the

only thing that's going to change is

your you're going to do a slightly

bigger circle with your heel lift your

heel on that beep rather than put it


pick your hamstrings up pick click pick

your heels up running is a hamstring

action it's a pulling action with your

hamstrings so we want your heel to come

up higher and that is how you create

additional speed you make a bigger

circle with your feet you can hear when

you do it right because the contact is

silent you've got less coarse going in

there's no slap and there's no impact

force as you're caught working properly

you hitting the ground at the same time

maximizing your elasticity the posture

is seg mentally aligned the rhythm is

around 180 and we've done a couple of

relaxation drills as well to relax the

shoulders and relax the hands

okay so we've now got the technique so

cake that was excellent well done it's a

great transformation after we've done

the drills and the coaching on the

treadmill your posture was good your

rhythm was very close to 180 between 175

and 185 with a little bit more time

you'd be totally relaxed but it's a new

skill so how did it feel it actually

felt strangely not more natural than I

would have thought yeah it looks almost

stiffer we're probably because I'm just

not used to it when I see it if you look

at the footage you'll see it looks a lot

more athletic to run like that and even

though a different movement skill takes

time to master once you do it will feel

a lot more natural and a lot lighter a

lot more enjoyable which is the point

cheers later yeah Am I am I still doing

it right what was it how am i doing yeah

I mean the the principles were there

your posture was pretty good your rhythm

was pretty good you seemed quite relaxed

what is interesting is and as we add

speed to it your shape sort of loosened

so you you took a little bit more of a

longer stride you you're leaning forward

a little bit and you need to be very

very strong with very strong feet in

order to run with skill at 12 to 14 and

faster kilometers an hour so the one

thing that I would recommend is doing

some hamstring pulls which is an

advanced thing to learn see again you

have to do the drill skillfully in order

for it to make your running better the

beauty is it's a theoretical ideal of

what perfect running is everyone's

always looking for improvement and it's

good to know that you can improve