How To Start Running When You're Overweight

hey guys I'm Holly from their

inexperience today I'm gonna tell you

how to start training if you're

overweight so whether you used to run

and want to get back into it or you're

looking to start training for the very

first time I'm gonna give you healthy

tips and ways to implement that training

into your lifestyle so that it feels

manageable something you can stick to

day after day and something that will

ultimately get you the results you want


all right so before anything else let's

talk about why starting a training

program can be so difficult to wrap your

head around I usually see people fall

into one of two categories one being

they tried a training program in the

past went as hard as they could gave it

a thousand percent and completely burnt

out they either got injured something

started hurting they just weren't able

to implement it into the rest of their

life so they had to sacrifice other

things couldn't find balance and just

kind of like wheels fell off the car and

they just kind of lost their motivation

that way the other category is the folks

who feel that they have to lose a

certain amount of weight before they

even start a training program and I

totally understand that especially when

it comes to running and your joints are

involved you're asking for a lot of your

body day today

but the thing to realize here is for a

training program to work it has to be

that sweet spot of getting the job done

while allowing you to see results and

stick with something that isn't too

difficult and making it too hard for you

to get up and push every single day so

whatever category you fall in there just

know that a training program can do all

of that it can get you where you need to

go even if you are overweight there are

ways to start moving and working on a

program that doesn't require you to lose

a certain amount of weight first in this

next section we will talk about what

we're looking for from those workouts as

well as how to perform them on a weekly

basis all right so let's not complicate

this training process I think a lot of

things that come up in the beginning is

it just gets so numbers base and we

become so hyper focused on what we're

not doing that it becomes inevitable

that we just give up what I want you to

do is simply use kind of a little

workout checklist to ensure that you're

getting the most out of the days you are

training so this is very simple we're

not going to get too into the weeds here

I just want you to look out for these

things whenever you train and chances

are it will help you stick to your

program first thing is going to be heart

rate you want to get that heart rate up

higher than what it is when you're

resting so when you're sitting where

you're walking lightly we need heart

rate to get up higher than

that when you workout this has to be a

training session nothing crazy

skyrocketed but definitely a little

uncomfortable definitely higher than


additionally you'll notice you'll

probably sweat more when you work out

everyone sweats the different rates

you might even sweat normally during the

day when you're not working out but

during your workouts that is a decent

indicator that you're exerting yourself

at a higher capacity and than normal

additionally you want to be using these

training sessions to make your body do

things that normally doesn't so if

you're sitting in the car all day or you

are sitting at your desk all day or

standing but you're just not really

getting a full range of motion out of

your body you want to use your training

sessions to undo all of that so work

that upper body that lower body running

is really a whole full-body process as

as most other sports so you want to make

sure you're asking your body to get out

of its comfort zone and move speaking of

that you want to be out of your comfort

zone in every training session even if

it's for just a few moments of that

training session you want to have a

point where you're a little

uncomfortable you almost want to quit

but you're not quite there yet you push

through having those little hurdles to

get over will make you mentally and

physically stronger on the next workout

without a doubt additionally the harder

you push on your workouts the more you

get out of that comfort zone you will

start to feel what's called that

endorphin rush or maybe a runner's high

this won't happen right off the bat but

for a lot of you you will experience

that kind of burst of energy after hard

effort so you've physically exhausted

yourself but you kind of notice that

little mental push right at the end

where you're really proud of yourself

and you feel good about what you

accomplished that feeling right there

makes it easier to sleep at night I've

noticed for a lot of people once they

get into a good training regimen they

have a lot easier time falling asleep

and staying asleep so now let's talk

about what a weekly training plan might

look like and this can be kind of loose

if you don't have one you're exactly

following but I've found that this

combination of things usually works for

folks to keep going with their program

month to month what you're going to do

is you want to have at least three days

where you walk run or a combination of

both so that's going to be kind of your

focus running day or your

cardio day where you're going to be like

really working at along for a longer

period of time and getting used to

keeping that heart rate up for longer

you're also going to look to do to

strength training days per week strength

training can be so many different things

you can sign up for a class you can do

your own circuit workout you can use

weights you can not use weights there's

plenty of great body movement body

weight movements you can do which I will

show you later on in this video and

lastly I want you guys to mobilize or

stretch almost daily I usually say one

day you can just you know let it go not

do anything but five to six days a week

you want to spend at least five minutes

mobilizing so there are so many videos

on our Channel ideas for this but give

your body some love not let those

muscles get so tight that you then get

injured and then that gets your training

off the rails you want to make sure

you're spending the time there in the

next section I'm going to explain what

the walk run days look like and after

that we'll talk about what a possible

strength training day might look like so

what do those walk run days look like

one of the things that I see get people

a little flustered sometimes is they

don't have a concrete goal when they get

out the door it's just I'm gonna go walk

today or I'm gonna go try to jog for 30

minutes and I think those things when

they're not calculated in the beginning

can get a little hard to wrap your head

around so I'm gonna give you two great

run walk workouts to start with and you

can build from there first one is going

to be really simple for ten minutes

you're going to go out you're gonna walk

for 90 seconds jog for 30 seconds

alternated back and forth for the 10

minutes you'll end up having done the

walk and the run five times each that is

a great starter one that gets the heart

rate up it gets you used to that jogging

method again jog can mean anything it

can even be a power walk if you're not

up for that yet second version you could

do is find a moderate Hill so something

nothing crazy steep but even on the

treadmill maybe going to like a five

percent incline would be a good kind of

starter point there you're gonna power

walk up the hill for about one minute

you're gonna then just jog easy or walk

down the hill as your recovery and

you're gonna repeat that for six to

eight rounds all depending taking more

rest if you need to as the week's go on

as the days

you can mix those how you want you'll

know when it starts to feel a little bit

easier for you I think you need to

listen to your body but at the end of

the day if you feel like you want to run

more you should you should take

advantage of those days where you feel a

little bit better and you'll watch the

walks get smaller the runs get longer so

now let's talk about those strength

training days I told you to include two

during your week of training let's talk

about how you could come up with a

workout that would be doable and

something that's going to help benefit

your run/walk days so an example today

I'm going to give you is going to be

four movements for a couple of rounds

with some rest built in between I find

that when I create workouts for myself

the more I can mix up the movements to

work different parts of my body the more

likely I will be able to last through

the whole thing get my rest where I need

to knowing that maybe one movement is

super arm heavy but then my arms will

get a break when I go to my squats next

or something like that this is just a

simple example I'll give you we have

tons of ideas on the channel if you need

more as well as a beginner running

program as part of our training club

subscription which you can check out

down below in the description

with tons of access to more workouts

just like this one so this is what

you're going to do you are going to

start with just a simple ten air squats

so lightly I'm just going to give you

kind of a rundown of this you're going

to keep those toes pointed straight

ahead press those knees out to the side

as you go down arms are out in front of

you and chest is up I'm just going to

take a squat here stand up squat down

stand up if you've never air squatted

before or done a squat of any kind put a

seat or a couch behind you you can

practice just tapping to there and

coming back up even sitting all the way

down standing back up we're gonna do 10

reps of that then you're going to do an

elevated plank hold so I'm gonna use

some a surface or something I can put my

hands up so I'm not doing a full

straight plank on the ground which is a

bit harder I'm gonna be elevated here on

the incline walk my feet behind me legs

are together but is squeeze like I'm

pinching a piece of paper back there and

then my belly button is just pulled into

my spine as much as I can I will hold

here 30 seconds or if I want to make it

a little bit more advanced what I can do

spread those legs a little bit and I can

do opposing

shoulder tops here getting a little bit

more dynamic work for the 30 seconds

next you're going to go into a glute

bridge race so I'm going to lay down

here get something soft into you if

you're outside on the cement like I am

and you're gonna just lay down on the

ground with your hands by your sides and

all you're gonna do is press out of the

heels and lift your hips to the sky so I

lift up and back down lifting up back

down you're gonna do 10 total raises

there and we're gonna finish with again

an elevated push-up position

I'm gonna go back kind of where I was

for that plain cold but now I'm gonna

work my triceps and my entire chest

while keeping my body stable through the

whole thing put my hands right under my

shoulders again walk the feet back and

I'm gonna keep my elbows and tight to my

side I'm gonna go down as far as I can

push back up down as far as I can back

up just for five push-ups and what I

would do in a workout scenario is I

would do one round of that rest maybe

two or three minutes or as much as I

needed to catch my breath and go through

another few rounds anywhere from three

to five rounds would be a great strength

workout especially in the beginning

adjust as needed like I said these

things start to get easier you start to

make them harder so I wanted to make

this video for you guys because I know

how daunting training can be in the

beginning I know that all you can seem

to think about is how further along

everybody else is than you they've been

training for years how are you gonna

ever get there how are you gonna get the

weight off and feel good how will

running ever be enjoyable to you and I

understand that I was there one thing I

want to leave you with is how can you

hold yourself accountable day to day

what can you do on a regular basis that

will make you stick to what you really

want a couple things that have worked

for me is keeping a training Journal

so I'll write my workout out the night

before I check it off once I'm done the

next day seeing those words on the paper

really help hold you accountable you can

also just use a calendar and just X the

day's office you go helps you just kind

of move along through the month you know

you look back and oh my god I've just

done eight weeks of training and I had

no I

di was gonna stick with it that hard

that is always a good way to go

lastly you can use other people to hold

you accountable so there are online

groups we have an awesome Facebook group

that actually you would get part bead

get to be a part of if you joined our

training Club which you can do down in

the description that is just a community

of members all over the world they are

the most motivating people I've ever

seen they have all been in the beginner

steps just like you so they know how to

encourage and give you tips when things

are hurting or you don't feel like you

want to get up and do it that day and

it's a place for you to brag about your

own running about your own training post

that photo after you finish you'll get

hundreds of people liking and commenting

on it it's awesome

lastly you can just grab that friend or

family member that has potentially

talked about training as well maybe they

also are in the same boat as you they're

looking for a way to get started and

they just haven't been able to do it on

their own you can tackle this with them

those are all great ways to hold

yourself accountable I want you guys to

be proud of yourselves for knowing this

is not easy but sticking with it anyway

these kinds of training and hard

workouts can spread over into other

areas of your life what I really have

seen before is people feel stronger

around the house they feel like they can

lift heavier things get things down from

a shelf they didn't used to be able to

do they can keep up with their kids now

in the park running around you just have

higher energy levels all around I know

you guys can do this don't think you

have to lose a bunch of weight before

you start any training plan is modified

you can always make those adjustments as

you need I believe in you let me know

how it's going down below we're gonna

get out of that regular I don't know

what I'm saying I want to make this

thing the most accessible

guys I hope these tips helped you in

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