How To Run With Your Dog


are you ready to go running dog ready


hey guys coach Nate here with Coach Nora

today we were talking about how to run

with your dog or how to run with humans

depending on what side of the spectrum

you are on we are gonna go through my

favorite gear that I use to run with her

both on leash and off leash we're gonna

go through tips for running on the road

and the trail when other things around

versus when you can just go out in the

dog can roam free as well as some

distance tips on how to increase your

mileage of your dog safely and all

different types of weather conditions

let's jump oh all right guys so Nora and

I are gonna walk you through the gear we

use to go for our runs together we

usually run a couple days a week

depending on the time of year we're

running between ten miles together

upwards of 15 to 20 miles together and

the first and foremost thing is the

leash now just quick guys I am NOT a dog


you know I'm a running coach who runs

with his dog a lot and I'm just gonna

share sort of my experiences with you so

just you know just keep that in mind

this leash is something that I use

mostly for running on the roads from a

safety standpoint right now Nora has a

very focused look in her eye because she

sees Birds over there and she wants to

go chase them like she's going to go

right now come on Nora come here so

north can you get up you know come on

come on

well she's gonna go sniff on the beach

but anyway a leash is really handy if

you want to prevent darting such as that

situation as you start to go so I will

start with a solution what's great about

this leash is this leash is hands-free

so I can literally put this around the

waist Nora knows what this is she gets

very excited and I'm gonna go ahead and

put this around my belt without loosing

my little microphone here we go

and she knows that when I pull this out

oh I don't even have to say so she knows

what this is sit stay tall and then all

of a sudden we're connected this got

this little elastic I think this is a

company called should we go we'll link

to it in the video just so you know but

it's an awesome hands-free leash thing

so I

can run with my hands and I don't have

to run with my my hand on the leash all

the time which is super helpful the

other things we have Superfly little

hankerchief NORs got to have some style

you ready see your dog she knows how to

put that on she know it's with that's

like and then two other pieces of

equipment guys that are really really

important Noor Kimmy good job you sit

sit sit sit you said good job dog two of

the things that I use one is a belt now

this belt is something that I use for

little poop bags because hey things

happen on the trails we want to be

responsible and picked up after our pets

and the other thing I use in here is to

put my cell phone see if I'm running

with my phone and what's also cool about

this thing is made by Solomon has a

little water flask so if I'm running in

warmer conditions and I want to run with

some water I could stick a little water

flask in here for the pup and and for

myself and that we're all good to go

I can put this around my belt and my

last favorite thing it's really

important to know your dog is especially

if you're running off leash she would

like to chase birds and deer and other

fun things like that and I want to hear

the jingle of her collar so I love using

these tracks aftershokz headphones and

the cool thing about them gonna see my

very matted hair in a second is that

these go here and they go and and and

work through bone conduction so they

don't go in your eardrums and I love it

because I can run and I can hear all the

sound cars other stuff and then I could

still listen to my podcast or a little

music or whatever but still feel like I

can listen to her when she's running me

know what's going on so that's the

rundown of gear that I have she's ready

to go next piece me will get into some

actual training on the road in the trail

okay so some running with your dog tips

for the road or the trail we're gonna

start with the leash first of all let's

assume that you've done a little bit of

practice just walking with your dog on

the leash they know some basic things

about how to stay by your side how to

sit how to not bolt off and drag you

everywhere especially if you have a

larger dog that can literally pull you

off your feet that's where you want to

get careful eye care especially when

they get excited

Nora pulls a little bit as you'll see

but she settles in and she's

not too bad and she'll stay by my side

so what I could do if we're gonna start

to run and you know I'm a trail and and

it guys one more thing like make sure

you do a little research where you're

planning to go with your dog is it dog

friendly are there leash laws what other

types of animals and things are you

gonna see are you gonna see deer and

coyote Nora's been face to face with the

coyote fortunately she doesn't like dogs

she doesn't go after them so she doesn't

chase but if she sees a deer or a horse

she goes crazy so we need to know that

in terms of planning like when to put

under leash and when we can run off so

so know those rules when it's okay to

run off leash when it's okay on you know

the general area like when things are

sort of safe but once we have this we're

just gonna start

NORs it might have her sitting just so

she's paying attention to me a little

bit are you ready okay come on so now

she's gonna start to bolt a little bit

and if I let her go she's gonna pull all

the way up here as we go but what I

might do if I want to is I could pull

her in by my side and just kind of keep

her a little tighter she doesn't love

this but it's safe she's not pulling and

I could manage if I want to be a little

more loose and let her go all of a

sudden I could sort of let her go

here so that's kind of basic running

with the leash if we come to a stop sign

or went across the road north come here

sit make her sit again good job girl

good job and all of a sudden she can sit

and I can have that control Nora is more

FOMO driven than I've been food driven

if you have a dog best treats like run

with the bag of treats and they will

stop on a dime for you so you have that

so you know in terms of running with no

leash we're gonna do that real quick

with Nora we are in the Presidio and

Crissy Field I've got a beach next to me

I do have a parking lot behind but I'm

nowhere near any fast-moving cars or

traffic I also know Nora that she's not

going to dart super far away except for

the errant bird every once in a while so

I am going to take her off leash and

we're gonna do a little running here now

this is a busy walkway so let's say it

was like really busy in the summer and

there's a tons of tourists and bikes

coming through I would keep her on leash

for that but right now we just rained

it's a

cool out it's winter not a lot of people

are around so I feel more comfortable

taking her off leash here and seeing how

we go so she's gonna sit she's gonna

stay and once again just basic commands

stuff to make sure are you ready hey sit

you sit you sit Nora hey buddy

okay come on and then she will go hey

Nora come here come here Nora so come

here hey sit so that is an example of

bad dog behavior because she went into

the parking lot and chased birds and she

didn't necessarily stay on the trail the

beach where I wanted her to go

we could do that again where I actually

maybe take her on the beach and I get

her more comfortable there nor you buddy

come on let's go Beach let's go Beach

and all of a sudden if we're here you

know sort of more safer here so

well I've experiment on camera she's

good at the time sometimes she's not

it's good thing to remember your dogs

are not always going to do everything

you predict they're gonna go off and do

all their own crazy stuff but when we

start running on trails just make sure

your a good place safe you've practice

it the dogs familiar if they're gonna

dart off you know they're gonna come

back and everything there and you will

be good to go the final section guys

we're gonna talk about you know just

some ideas on how to train up your dog

for longer distances so you can keep

them safe and healthy just like you

would a beginner runner so when I

started running with Nora on the trails

I literally started with like the

three-mile hiking we take and I noticed

that with dogs she wants to sprint ahead

and sniff things and run around and then

come up and catch up to me so while I'm

running slow and steady

she's like sprint stop smell sprint stop

smell and I find that to be basically

what dogs want to do so I'm saying this

to basically free marathon or sign up

there who are really excited to run with

your dog

don't take your dog in a 15 mile run the

first time please right dogs can only

sweat through their their mouths by

panting they can't regulate their body

temperature like us so they are much

more prone to

from temperatures and everything else

the other dogs out there as well and we

just want to be very very clear there so

start really short familiar routes if

possible and then build from there just

like you would have begin a runner at a


add another mile but don't go crazy in

terms of adding sway too much distance

because you're going to smoke your dog

and the problem dogs are so excited and

they just want to go they're not going

to tell you that they're in pain they're

not going to tell you that there's paws

cracked or their knee hurts or their

shoulder hurts so literally I've

overdone it once with her where she was

limping but she was still really excited

so be really careful there don't do too

much take him on your shorter runs don't

take him on your longer runs yet certain

dogs out there can certainly do the

longer runs but just build him up and be

smart if you're doing the longer runs be

very aware of the temperature today just

rained it's cooler there's tons of

puddles I'm not worried about nor

getting enough water or not getting too

hot but on really hot days I run early

I'll run late I don't run in the middle

of the day both from a temperature

standpoint and from snakes we want to

avoid those out here in California so

those are kind of some bigger picture

training goals make sure you got enough

water and if you do all those things you

and your dog will have a great time

running and you will be good to go



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