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Entitled Karen at the pool tries to police me and my friends

S So this happened a while ago. I was about

six or seven. The characters in this story are u/ninja_snail62 (... me?), my Dad (D),

and of course our very special EK.

My dad and I decide to go to the pool, just to swim around and play with our friends (F1

and F2). We horse around for a bit, not going into the pool but running around playing tag

a couple of feet away from the deck, basically in the grass.

So then I see a woman holding her son (whom we'll call EC) walking over to us.

EK: Haven't you boys read the rules? No running on the deck.

F1: But we're not playing on the deck, we're in the grass.

EK: Did you hear me? I said NO PLAYING ON THE DECK.

At this point, her little crotch goblin of a son bolts out of her arms and runs toward

the deck. He then pushes another kid into the pool and runs right along the deck. We're

shocked by now, and my dad, hearing the commotion, comes over.

D: What's going on here?

EK: Your children are horsing around near the deck that's not allowed.

D: I think if they're playing in the grass, which is 4 meters away from the deck, that's

fine. If, however, your son pushes someone into the pool and then starts running near

the deck, I have to say that's not fine.

EK: You mind your own business! I know you people - always trying to police others - you

should go back where you came from!

It's worth mentioning at this point that F1, F2, my dad, and myself are all Asian. It's

also worth mentioning how filthy a hypocrite this woman is.

We all just walk away for a snack. Probably not the best kind of story, but it's one of

my only encounters with a Karen, so I thought it worth posting.

Entitled mom and daughter accuses me of manspreading. I'm exercising

M I'm a Taekwondo student and been so for more

than a decade and enjoy doing what I love but since the pandemic I couldn't train with

my teacher or friends so every week I'll just go to the park and train there.

One day, I was training, running laps, practicing kicks etc. While I was running around the

park I've noticed a mom and daughter staring at me and pointed a phone at me, I was scared

because I have extreme scopophobia but I just looked down and kept running.

A few minutes later and I was on one of those training equipment things ( I don't know what

it's called but you sit on this chair-looking thing and push weights with your legs) and

the mother and daughter came up to me.

I didn't notice but they tried calling me and getting my attention while I was training

with loud-butt rock music playing in my earphones. Eventually I did notice them and stop everything

and they looked ticked.

They went on a rant I couldn't hear the whole thing but somewhere along the lines of "big

and tough" " manspreading" "illegal" "sexual harassment" and after all that I just said

"where your mask?"

Then the rant continues but this time I could hear them

Em- this is man spreading, how dare you. Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can

act all tough and hoarding the training equipment

Ed- you are sexual harassing us and I will call the cops if you don't leave.

Me- first of how is this man sprea-

The em immediately took my hand and yanked me so hard I fell off.

Em-that what you people deserve.

(This women made me feel like I wanna dropkick her but I kept cool)

Me-WTH what was that for.

Ed- for manspreading and sexual harassment

Me-you do know I'm a 16 a minor. While you look like your 21 and your 57

For some reason there eyes flared up when I said I'm a minor

Me- all I did was exercise. When you pointed your phone at me while I was running you were

taking pictures am I right?.

Em- we weren't-

Me- then you proseded to grab me and pull me until I fall. If I call the police they'll

arrest you for pedophilia and assault on a minor. Do you really want that?

They were shocked at what they done, and I could tell this wasn't the first time they

did this. Then they bolted out of there, no apology mind you.

After that, I just went home they've killed my mood to exercise anyways.

EM is racist when I ask her to stop taking bowling balls

M Hello there.This story isn't as long or cool

as others on here but I just thought I'd put my encounter with a Karen in here.Also I'm

on mobile so sorry for formatting issues.


Me:Guess EM:Karen EK1:Entitled kid 1 EK2:Entitled kid 2 M:Manager NM:Nice mum ND:Nice dad


Alright,so i live in the UK.A few days ago,some restrictions were lifted,including going to

bowling alleys.

I'm a broke butt student,so I work part time at the bowling alley to keep things afloat.

The bowling alley has a rule that you can only take bowling balls from your side of

the returning machine because they don't want families to be switching with another family's


Also,I'm black.(thats Important)


So yesterday,I walked into work at 9,a little tired,but fine.Everything was alright,until

JUST before my shift ended.

So EM comes in with her children,EK1 and EK2,and asks for a couple of games for all 3 of them.I

didn't have any reason to be suspicious considering they looked like a completely normal family.

So I got them the shoes they needed,told her the price,she grumbled a bit but still paid.

So her children and her walked off to their bowling alley and started playing.

About half an hour later,my shift ends,so I say bye to my boss,before walking to the

exit.On my way,I see EK1 and EK2 taking balls from the other side of the machine and the

family using that side seemed uncomfortable.

So I walk up to the entitled family.

Me:Hey Ma'am,can you only use your side of the machine?We don't want to spread germs

to other families.

EM:Why?I paid to use it!

Me:I apologise for any inconvenience,but its just COVID rules.

EM:Screw that!I paid for this!

Me:Im sorry for any confusion,but you only paid to use your side of the machine.

EM:Yeah,but why?!

Me:Like I said before,COVID rules.

EM:Well if you care so much about not spreading COVID,then why are your kind here?!

Me:Excuse me?

EM:You heard me!Why are you and the rest of the [racial slur] here?

I didn't know how to respond to that.

NM:That is disgusting ma'am!

ND:I think you should leave!

EM:Mind your own business!And its not like I was lying!

I just left,leaving them to argue,to get my manager.I got him from the staff room and

walked back to the situation with him.

M:Whats the problem?

EM:Thank God,a manager!These 2 were verbally abusing me and my children.

NM and ND were too shocked to speak so I spoke.

Me:We both know that's didn't happen.

EM:Also,your employee was extremely rude too me!

Me:You called me a racial slur!

M:Is that true?

NM:She did,me and my husband as witnesses.

EM:You have no proof!

Me:Check the cameras.

EM went white,but stayed in place.


After a few minutes,he walks out angry.


EM:Fine!But I'll never come back

here again!

Entitled mother gets her parcels delivered to my home

M This story is something that happened to me

and my fiancé fairly recently. We recently bought our first home together in a nice quiet

area in the north of England.

If you’re not familiar with the British postal system, basically, we get letters delivered

through flaps in our front doors and parcels that are larger than the letterbox get handed

to us if we are in, if we’re not in they get given to a neighbour and we can collect

them later. If no one can take them they get taken back to the depot where they sit or

are returned to the sender.

So last month we were just settling into our new home and my fiancé bought some clothes

online for a local gym he wanted to join. I was in the house the day of the delivery

as I was expecting it and I’m working from home. When the delivery lady arrived with

the parcel there were two. I thought nothing of it at first and put it in the garage for

my fiancé to open later on. When he came in from work he rushes to open his delivery

like it was Christmas and to his surprise the second parcel was not for him. It had

our address on it but no name.

We were both confused at this point and thought it may be for one of the neighbours and they

would collect it later. Time goes by and we get a note through the door that reads:

“Hey my son got his parcel delivered to your house, call me on ... so I can come collect


Again we thought it was a neighbour, my fiancé called the number for a woman to answer and

say she will be over shortly to collect the parcel. It turned out she lived across the

town and her son chose our address to have it delivered to? We thought this was Weird

but we assumed it must have been a mistake

Anyways we thought that was the last of this but the next day I get two more parcels for

this lady’s son, again with no name but with our address on the package. At this point

I’m thinking it was a mistake on their part or possibly they used to live here. They come

to collect their parcels and all is well. But guess what? More and more parcels over

the next week arrive for this lady’s son.

At this point I’m starting to get really annoyed by this as even though I work from

home I can’t leave meetings constantly to collect parcels that aren’t even ours!

So the next day when the parcel lady comes I just tell her sorry this isn’t for me

and you will need to return it to the sender. So off she goes and takes the parcel back

to the depot.

A few hours later I hear a knock at the door and guess who? Entitled mother is standing

there with her son. I hate confrontation so my memory of the conversation is a bit hazy

but she was furious that we denied her parcel and now she had to wait for it to be re-delivered.

I told her she needs to get her parcels delivered to her own home as it’s weird and inconvenient

for me. Like I don’t even know this lady? She then tells me it’s easier for her to

get them delivered to my home as I’m always in and she isn’t. Now maybe this would possibly

be ok if I was friends with her and she asked but she lives across town and chose a random

address for her parcels. Anyways, she leaves and I think this may be the end of this story

but parcels keep showing up and for the next week I politely tell the parcel lady they

aren’t mine and to return to sender. After a week of doing this I stop getting the parcels

so I guess she got the message.

How entitled must this woman have been to think it’s okay to get parcels delivered

to a random person‘s home that she doesn’t even know because it’s easier for her. I

really hope she didn’t start doing this to someone else after me. But it was satisfying

to know that she would wait twice as long for her parcels because they were returned

to sender.

Entitled parent thinks only the husband can handle the household finances.

M I was talking to a friend of mine today about

personal finances my friend is having difficulties saving she's trying to go back to school but

cant budget.

My late husband was very bad with his finances when i met him he had trouble making it from

pay to pay not because he didn't make enough money he was on his final year of his apprentice

for carpentry and was making really good money roughly 55k a year what in Canada is a very

dam good wage.

he knew he was bad with money and when we married we talked about it and i took over

all the budgeting and finances (I also made almost three times what he did) but yah we

did it properly and pooled our finances in to a single account there was no your money

and my money we were a team i just managed the money.

he also had no credit whatso ever so to help build credit we managed it with a credit card

we would put a limit for a month on it for spending money anything he wanted or needed

would be purchased with the card and the balance would be paid off before the billing period

each month to not accrue interest. and we would do a (bi-weekly grocery shop in cash)

also we didn't have to many bills we fully owned our home the only bills were internet

power water basic stuff.

this is around the first year of marriage my husband still had some contact with his

toxic family (his mother is a phyco)

well she had come over to the house she was trying to get my husband to pay for her to

go on some casino gambling trip. my husband was already of the mindset of HECK NO but

he was to sweet of a man to really come out and say no he never wanted to come across

as rude or mean so he told her that he will have to talk to me about it because i handle

all the finances.

well she did not like that answer one bit. in her mind we were doing some thing wrong

she flipped out at him trying to emasculate him because it is the MANS job to handle all

the household money and basically i should be a cooking slave.

she told my late husband that that little (__________) racist word for Asian is hording

all our money that i am going to steal it and go back to Cross-eyed land ( i remember

he told me that was exactly what she said)

one more thing about him is he had a hard time standing up for him self he was just

to gentle but say one single negative word about me well he would turn in to a savage


at the time he only gave a very brief summary of what he said but basically he flipped out

screaming telling her YOU SEE THIS HOUSE you see the cars they are all paid off not because

of ME but because of my wife I was not taught the basic things on ho to take care of my

self I could barley balance a check book. but that's what he told me he said at least.

he never told me the comment she made after that but it caused him to physically remover

her from my house and tell her she is never welcome back the front door again.

it was pretty close to the final true never talk to you again moment but that happened

because of something unrelated to this

EK wants free pizza forever... Gets banned instead.

L Cast: Manager - Me, Nice employee - May, Karen

the ever entitled - EK

So I'm a store manager for a large chain pizza place that charges a bit more then the competition

but makes an arguably better product. We try to always believe the customer and make them

happy if something is wrong. We have a loyal base of regulars who order often as well as

a lot of other business from randoms in the several nearby hotels.

Friday night. Ek calls in an order very simple pepp and jalapeno pizza. Driver delivers it.

30m later I'm asked to talk to an angry customer on the phone.

Ek "Is this the manage? Ive been on hold for over a half hour!" (Impossible but ok)

Me "I'm very sorry about that ma'am what seems to be the problem?"

Ek "I'm at Hotel and your driver was so rude AND my pizza is burnt"

Me "sorry to hear that the pizza was not up to our quality standards can I make you another

and send it out?"

Ek "no dont bother you have already ruined my kids dinner and they are crying now. Give

me a credit" (red flag)

Me "ok ma'am I'll credit your number and when you order next it will be free. I'm very sorry

again have a good night"

Ek "whatever" hangs up.

I credit the number and think whatever thats the end of it.

Saturday night...

Hey this lady on the phone wants to speak to a manager.

Me "hello Thank you for holding this is Me"

Ek "Are you all retarded? How long does it take to answer the freaking phone?!"

Me "I'm sorry what? You've only been on hold a moment while my employee got me"

Ek "Don't freaking tell me how long ive been on hold I KNOW how long ive been on hold for!"

I'm groaning inwardly already.. A fun customer... Yipee..

Me "I'm sorry ma'am how can I assist you?"

Ek "my pizza is burnt and you have the rudest freaking delivery driver, they practically

threw the pizza in my face!"

Lightbulb clicks at this story.. Ive delt with this lady before.

Me "I'm sorry to hear that I'll definitely talk to the driver about it, can I make you

a new pizza to replace the one you said is burnt?"

Ek "no give me a credit"

Me "ok ma'am to ensure our quality standards are being met can I have a driver come pick

up the burnt pizza so I can talk to my production staff about it?

Ek "No we ate it"

Me "you ate the burnt pizza?"

Ek "yes we were starving and couldn't wait for a remake, so give me a credit"

Me "for the pizza you ate?"

Ek "it was freaking burnt! Let me speak to a manager!!"

Me "I am the manager..."

Ek "I want to speak to your manager!! You are being so rude and disrespectful! It's

cause I'm black isnt it? You freaking racist piece of crap!"

Me "maam, one, stop cussing, two, I have no idea what you look like or who you are. But---"

Ek cuts me off "that's right bench butt you dont know who the freak I am but you about

to find out!"

She then hangs up before I can say anything else.

Being as she was "extra" I let my DM know about a possible complaint on my behavior

and what actually went down. Just as I get off the phone with her I hear yelling in the


Ek "where is that bench butt racist manager!?"

I step around the partition and see a cow of a woman wearing tacky bright green and

orange with red shoes.

Me "can I help you?" I'm already done with this heffer cause I know who it is.

Ek "gunna say some crap now? Give me a dang refund for my burnt pizza and I want gas money

for driving over here!"

Me "you didn't pay for any pizza it was free and we don't reimburse gas for people driving

to the store"

Ek "You think this is a freaking joke? Your going to give me my freaking money or its

gunna go off in this bench!"

I'm 100% done at this point.

Me "get out"

Ek "what the freak did you say"

Me "get out of the store."

Ek "You cant tell me to leave this is a public space"

Me "no ma'am its a private business and you are no longer allowed. I'm refusing to serve

you. Leave now or I'll be forced to call the police"

Ek "freak you! Freak you!" She continues to bellow this until the police arrive.. I had

to hear every sing song version of freak you for about 5 minutes.

Police "do you want to trespass her?" Me "yes.. She isnt welcome here anymore."

Police in our town are super cool with us because we give them special discounts and

occasionally donate a stack of pizzas to the precinct.

Police just outside main door easily heard. "Ok so you are now being trespassed.. Do not

come here do not linger in the parking lot or you will be arrested. This applies for

every single "Pizza store" not just this one."

The defeated look on her face when he said that was almost worth the cost of admission.

Not the most epic ending I know but what can ya do.