How to massage abdominal scar tissue after a C-section | Fiit

hi I'm Claire and I'm a pelvic health

physiotherapist and today I'm gonna take

you through scar massage after abdominal

birth there are many benefits to scar

massage these include helping sensation

any areas of numbness any areas of

tension that you might feel within the

scar which may feel sensation of tugging

they also help you to connect with your

body for some touching the scar will

bring back traumatic memories and be a

very emotive and if that's the case it's

absolutely fine not to do it but I would

encourage you to speak to a medical

professional if this is the case as it

can be that you need some support to

process the traumatic birth scar massage

can also help tissue remodeling that

will be going on for weeks and months

after scar is formed this is why it's

important to do scar massage from six

weeks but also for the weeks and months

following the scar formation we're now

going to show you how to do some scar

massage and work on the surrounding

tissues the scar we're going to work on

is three years old and it's a great

example the scars are never too late to

start work so for those of you at home

you want to just find a natural oil so

that might be coconut almond or anything

else like olive oil you just need

something to lubricate the skin so just

a gentle bit and you just want to find

your scarf which for us is just down

here and then you're going to put some

oil just on the skin above and you'll

just want to start by just gently

circles through the tissues very lightly

to start with and as you feel a bit more

confident you can start putting a little

bit more pressure so I'm just doing

really gentle little circles here just

above the scar

now I'm going to look at the sky and I'm

gonna put my fingers just below and just

above and do a very just gentle stretch

through the scarf now listen to your

body work to your comfort if any of this

is extremely painful please do stop but

this just provides a gentle gentle

stretch and you'll work the whole way

along the scale now for those of you who

are six weeks or so postnatal everything

is healed

there's been no complications no signs

of infection the scab is completely gone

you can start to gently work onto the

scar but again if you've got severe pain

or discomfort or you're not comfortable

keep working around the scar until maybe

you're 12 weeks or so so I'm now going

to put oil directly onto the scar and

I'm going to work with two fingers

together so for you you'd be doing it

from this direction two fingers and I'm

sweeping along the scar and what you'll

notice as you go along the scar is there

might be some areas that feel tighter or

a bit more raised or a bit more bubbly

and there you might want to spend a

little bit of time just gently rubbing

side to side so your first technique is

sweeps along the scar and you're aiming

for about ten of those then you're going

to work across the scar so up and down

and again as you're going along you

might start feeling areas that feel more

tight or a little bit more discomfort

and spend just a little bit of time

rubbing into that area and again you'd

repeat this ten times so all the way

along counts as one and then you'd head

back for number two your third technique

is circular motions so fingers together

circles as you're going all the way

along the skull and again same principle

if there's a tighter area work into it

but listen to comfort we're not looking

for pain we're just looking to get it

moving and slight discomfort

what I then suggested with a towel is

just to take any excess oil off and for

some scars you might be able to pick the

scar up between your finger and roll it

now for this scar of the minute it's not

ready for that yet but essentially what

you're trying to do is pick up the skin

and gently roll it between your fingers

and again any areas of tension just

slowly work into that we do advise that

if you need specific out with your scar

or you're finding any of these

techniques particularly uncomfortable

that you do seek advise try and see a

pelvic health physiotherapist or a

recommended scar tissue therapist but

this should give you some things that

you can start working on from six or so

weeks postnatal thanks for watching guys

I've created a series of videos to help

you and your postnatal recovery to find

out more check out fit and the post

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