Dr. Cat Begovic | When to Start Scar Therapy after Surgery

I think that scar prevention is one of

the most important considerations when

going into your surgery in fact I

discuss it at all my consultations even

before we proceed with an operation it

is very important to start our therapy

before your scar actually formed

sometimes I have patients and they want

to save money so they sort of wait and

wait wait but once a scar form becomes

wide or thickened it's almost too late

is never going to be that ideal thin

light colored line I'm glad that I

invested what I had to make sure that my

body followed up with healing as it did

with the surgery itself so what I tell

patients is you want to apply the

product two to four weeks after surgery

when it's completely healed it is also

extremely important to complete the full

60 day scar treatment regimen in order

to get maximum results