Scarlet Runner Beans Growing and Harvesting Scarlet Runner Beans PNW

hi friends miss Ella here from learn to

grow I'm standing right here next to one

of our scarlet runner bean trellis we're

going to be harvesting some young pods

as well as some mature pods that are now

tan or brown and are ready to be saved

for seeds or you could even save the

beans to cook for later first let me

tell you more about the scarlet runner

beans these originated from South

America so they are native to Central

and South America but of course they've

been propagated all over the world and

they do really well here in the Pacific

Northwest somewhat a moderate cooler


now if the temperatures get up really

high above 85 degrees the beautiful red

flowers tend to fall off and we had an

unusually hot summer probably us hot in

some places but we were at above 85 to

95 degrees and I noticed animal summer

the flowers fell off and they didn't

really produce as much until towards the

end of the summer as it tapered off so

now I'm on the other trellis I'll show

you there's a lot of red flowers in

there and hopefully we'll be getting

more beans before that the first day of

frost hits there are young pods like

these ones here are great to eat raw

they're actually really sweet this is

the sweetest bean pod you'll ever taste

and also crunchy mmm

so delicious so it's perfect to eat raw

now if the pods get bigger than three to

five inches they usually get pretty

tough and stringy so these are better

for cooking and or selling beans here's

a good example of a more mature pod and

as you can see the beans are filling out

the pods so you can use this as shelling

beans and still eat them but you'll have

to come front least twenty to thirty


the reason why these beans contain a

protein called lectin which is also in

kidney beans and other beans and if you

don't cook your beans it could be toxic

and cause upset stomach so you want to

make sure you cook these beans first

before consuming you can see so they're

bright pink on those gorgeous we're

gonna go to the other trellis where it's

got more flowers and more beans it's

also in full Sun so it's doing much

better I've got this one here and parts

on so it takes it gets about four maybe

five hours of Sun a day I think they do

better in for the Sun and also plant

them in early spring

so once the soils workable and

temperatures of the ground is about 60

degrees 65 degrees that should be warm

enough for the beans to sprout so around

May here in the Pacific Northwest and by

mid summer and late summer throughout

fall it should be producing more flowers

and pods for you so I'm back here

towards the south end of the garden and

there are some more of these beautiful

scarlet red flowers there's actually a

whole bunch more on that side but it's a

little too bright so put the camera down

a moment get more of these flight pods

so here's a nice sized one these can up

to over 12 inches long

these ones have more of a lilac spec

hold these means remind me of lima beans

or the texture and the flavor I like to

put them in bean salads as well as

throwing them in some of my stir fried

kale with garlic it's really good I'm

sure there's a whole bunch of other

recipes you can use them for check out

this one I think at least a foot long

because these are good for shelling

beans I can cook today the beans are a

little bigger under two pink ones

here's more flowers it's a little bright

but it's a whole bunch of the beautiful

flowers these flowers attract

hummingbirds bees and butterflies so

we've been seeing a lot of hummingbirds

this summer

the scarlet runner mean it's a beautiful

ornamental plant that you can add to

your garden

check out this bunch of pods there are

big ones too it's producing much better

than it did join the summer it's almost

fall since the weather has cooled off it

looks like it's still going to be

producing for a few more weeks here's

our scarlet runner bean harvest look how

vibrant and gorgeous those colors are so

the pink ones they're not fully mature

so they're you know great for jelly

beans and you can cook them right away

and as they dry they turn darker some of

them some of them have more lilac than

black these the dried ones or the mature

ones in the fan pods can be saved for

seeds or you can store them to cook for


it's a little bright out today trying to

stay here in the shade but thank you so

much for joining me today in the garden

I hope that you found this video helpful

and enjoyed it as well hopefully I'll

get an abundance of scarlet runner beans

so that way I can do another CD giveaway

I think I gave them away almost a year

and a half ago maybe going in two years

now so we'll see how much I'll harvest

this fall and keep you guys posted I

hope that you guys have a wonderful day

and happy gardening