When should children start kindergarten?

welcome back to ABC 15 now should kids

have to take a maturity test to get into

kindergarten some lawmakers in Tennessee

thinks so they are pushing a bill that

would make the cutoff for kids to get

into kindergarten up by one month but

right now children there must turn five

by the end of September in order to

start parents can petition to get their

kids in earlier but those children will

have to take a maturity test first

critics say the state is just trying to

save money by pushing up to four

thousand kids back into daycare for

another year instead of kindergarten

classrooms so we want to know what you

think who should make the decision on

when kids should start school it sounds

like there should be some sort of

testing involved because there could be

some four-year-olds who are very mature

and ready to learn and then you'll have

a four-year-old who just can't

concentrate it'll be a distraction to

the other students yes you're a teacher

or a teacher you can really raise a high

school teacher but they still they still

gave tests to any children or any kid

who maybe was falling behind and any

type of I don't know subject or what not

as far as kids that are three or four

years old it almost sounds to me it's

almost borderlining a parent wants to

just put them in because they don't want

to take care of them

I love the maturity test having just

gone through this with my 7 year olds

they were in kindergarten last year and

I must admit there were some younger

kids in the class who maybe just were

not quite at the level to sit and learn

I mean you're sitting in your learning

and the ending in classes classes tough

it's not just you know circles and

shapes and maturity at that age maturity

is different you know for everyone it's

different I mean I didn't I was

completely immature when I was I was in

grade school

while there are other kids that were far

more studious than I was and they were

far more they were way ahead of the

curve and I always just that was all

about having fun

I mean look at me these days I still

just about learning it's about being

potty-trained it's about all those

things it's about just understanding

what four and five years old is for as a

little young perhaps five and six you

know maybe a little more ready to sit

and and be able to do things on your own

completely and that cognitively I think

they're there too they understand more

they understand consequences and then in

rewards definitely and you know they're

still preschool there's even

pre-kindergarten that

child might benefit from instead of

going straight into kindergarten where

they'll be overwhelmed mhm and there is

testing that is done to make sure they

have the basics the academics part of it

but the maturity that's something that

you can't teach in a book and psychology

and they'll be school psychologists that

will say this kid is completely ready

but you know who knows really truly if a

kid is truly mature to start school at

age four when I was I barely even

remember age three yeah I don't know I

think for us too young yeah here's what

you guys are saying on Facebook

Elizabeth Angulo rights as a pre-k

teacher my opinion is to think about the

social-emotional readiness of the child

as well as their cognitive ability if

the child is truly ready then yes put

him or her in kindergarten and here's

what Tony speaks says I think some

parents are in a rush to get their kids

in school and because of that schools

need to decide there is a need for

exceptions and the exceptional child and

Kim truck rights parents are trying to

enroll kids earlier and earlier schools

are not free daycare wait until your

child is ready all right Ellie here's

Ellie rake off kids need to man up

already JK but I started kindergarten

when I was four Wow and I did just fine

we should expect more from our children

not less there you go there's there's

the exceptional exception to the right

sure children aren't and then I think

the detriment of the friend amy was so

mature when we were in fourth grade that

she could have been probably in the

sixth grade at her age she was so mature

she was on top of it well and you have

kids who are in fourth grade or sixth

grade who are so advanced that they'll

put them a greater - ahead but then

again they are older yeah but we're

gonna keep rolling on on ABC 59 keep the

conversation going