Qld schools to go online for five weeks of Term 2

Brenden any indication when all the

students will be returning to the


well played I really think that is the

question on most lips of Queensland

parents right now no indication as yet

as you say the first five weeks children

will be learning from home that's of

course if they can't do so children of

essential workers and those point

pinpointed as vulnerable children will

still be able to attend the class as per

normal the decision as to what will

happen after the five weeks is likely to

be made in mid-may now grace grace the

Education Minister has outlined exactly

what this five weeks will mean for

Queenslanders school staff unless they

are of course vulnerable due to medical

conditions will continue to teach from

the classroom to ensure that quality

continuity of learning for our students

teachers will have at their disposal all

of the resources of the school and their

classroom to be able to deliver a

quality remote education program are

made up of obviously digital and print

and virtual type of learning so likely

mid May we will learn exactly what the

fate will be for Queensland students I

do know that the teething process has

been quite difficult for teachers many

of them have only had a couple of days

or a week or so to get all of those

classes online so very interesting to

see what these five weeks will bring