Spring Thunder Episode 1 | Best Tips For Pre-Season Turkey Scouting

good morning we're over here in Alabama

this morning this is first episode of

spring thunder 2018 we're gonna Scout a

little bit I don't know this little it's

misting real foggy so you can get a

couple cameras out and hopefully maybe a

few turkeys of God well I've heard some

reports from locals they said they're

starting to get with it Tyler actually

he's on the way to n WT f right now to

the convention so I figure while he's

shaking hands we'll try to get some

turkeys pinpointed get these babies

juiced up the first time since deer

season these new Ford Z's Spartans all

for the sin I should send the video

straight to your phone it's pretty cool

this is very cool was addicting

real trees spring Thunder is brought to

you by Chevy Silverado lacrosse footwear

OtterBox bog pod heavy shot Spartan

camera hunters specialties Remington

Arms onyx mapping banded decoys old Tom

and real tree edge hunts with an edge

here we are

spring is has almost arrived and we're

out of this morning alabama Skelton

listening pretty lonely right now a lot

of crows going but we're up on his knob

orchid dis on some Turkey's roosting

these hardwoods way off in the bottom

from storm a good vantage floor we can

hear if they do get it talking but we're

going to put out some cameras and and

relive a few months that where we've

we've had success over the years here

but I wish my buddy Tyler was here with

me but he's he's headed up to the

National Convention in Nashville so I

wanted to give him an update if we get

we get more gobble on but that's Longley

acres right now that was not a turkey

but they're down there normally we're

gonna ride down there the years ago bill

journey count turkey down had a big all

field we call the dogleg field

let's go let's go take a look at him

pretty awesome pretty awesome oh yeah

I'll tell you we got we got a good

Turkey right here I mean a good Turkey

let me just thank this little boy right

here because he kind of helped us out a

little bit

beautiful Turkey pretty happy with this

over there and then marvelous behind me

we're gonna go take a lesson it's still

early I mean you know I like to always

go out and Scouts early as possible but

it's still middle of February the

weather is it's been awfully pretty

overcast and rainy in the last few days

but the temperature had been bad so I

was hoping that maybe turkeys a big

goblet on the lam but it's a good spot

another turkeys in here cuz the COS bill

killer Turkey by a big oak over there a

few years ago turkey flew down out the

field and voiced Green Goblin but

they're here I just ordered a little

early ain't they're not talking yet well

there's the scene the crime here my

fellow co-hosts Tyler Durden

I lost video and n years ago right here

I know he remembers this spot we were

sitting on that behind tree right here

I could see some of the underbrush is

growing back up turkey came up miss Rosa

all that missile off this corner

come on wet the road about these days

and he whiffed it three times if I

remember right which I'm not one to make

funny buddy for missing because I've

done my share but that same morning bill

was actually down on the bottom and

that's been the bottom field below us

and his turkey was was coming in and

actually he was shot gobbling all the

shots dollar shot this is a good area

though a good spot does this this solemn

this morning but we're gonna put out a

few cameras and Tyler missed here and

then actually a few years ago before

that at the bottom of this hill in this

ninety bill Jordan got a heck of on with

a turkey right off the roost we're just

getting tucked in English mine to my

surprise we came up ran out later this

morning and we have probably heard about

this emerged gobbler throughout these

bottles we've moved down here on this

old logging road and it's a couple lanes

there in front you have this purchased

Coppola office monochloride but what

we've done got that decoy out we just

gonna give me a call real soft it's late

season and I think where these person

come in




absolutely awesome we only have three

days left in the season today tomorrow

Thursday me acoustic and we hit where

the turkey roof was this morning I can

tell you oh goodness what a surprise or

a late spring morning here in Alabama

got a beautiful Turkey but the hunt was

just unbelievable this morning you know

we came in here I alluded had probably

three or four birds right then you know

gobble to us came down here gun old

logging road with where it was kind of

pushed back some beautiful lanes and I

could hear this bird gobbling back in

there we got set up got the decoy out

still a little soft clucks and he got

any piston one of these trees over here

beyond us again to get closer and then I

did a little soft click again he gobbles

from the second tree and then the next

thing I know he pitches down the road

and come straight in here to us but just

a beautiful morning what a gift it's

just absolutely awesome got a good beard

on him good Spurs and better than that

just a great hunt pretty pumped about

this little early in the year so we were

hoping here here a turkey or two but

we're coming up now on pro camera up in

this little intersection we call the

crossroads it's one of my favorite spots

on this whole property but it's just

kind of the top of the hill here and

these turkeys number this roost all

around Abbas but it's just a natural

even for turkeys it's the National

transition spot from you know they

always cross on here and set and even

these big pies back you've got think

they've just been this timber last year

so I'm anxious to see what it's what

it's like this year it'll be different

different type of hunting just because

we're used to this kind of being a safe

zone the turkeys don't don't go in or

come from this spot now but now it's

wide open so though a camera

they're just stuff out here additionally

right off this food plot it's been a

good good spot to get some pictures good

thing about it this year I won't have to

wait a couple weeks or days to come back

and check the card we'll know

immediately this Bart little center out

to us it's a good video kind of where

we're at this is why we call it the

crossroads it's we're on the road there

that they cross and all these big

hardwoods on both sides it's just just a

great spot to always get some good

pictures and normally this is one of our

spots we start in the morning actually

here turkeys so we'll see if they're in

here this year like they had been in

years past cameras rocking we're ready

to go

we've got to put out our last camera but

this is like a trip down memory lane

weird this is we call this the old duck

pond turkey here Tyler killed one it's

growing up now all this is we were set

up on this pine tree Turkey's gobbling

two of them gobbling good a little

morning came right down this came right

down this little levy he shot him out

right here I think but they're really

the best most memorable hunt probably of

all time on this entire piece of

property for me there's going to be this

food plot up here that pair of buddies

from Kansas killed Turkey that was

probably my favorite hunt of all time



because he come up right and finish up

on his decoy I said well I need gig was

up dancing

I gave him five I could've hit him with

my gun bar and when the bird comes in

and had to sell plum behind his decoy I

got stung us in whispers going scene of

the crime

Turkey come right through here

put this one camera up here the green

light flashing do a little test on her

hair well that's it soon a nice picture

of me and Stephen right there so right

now so we got a couple cameras up trying

to get a couple more up next week and

probably come Scout and listen some more

let this weather get fit levels off and

a warm up

hopefully Turkish and start gobbling but

uh we'll be back next week next Monday

spring Thunder so I don't want to go

check on Tyler end WTF make sure he

makes it out alive