What to know BEFORE you hire a NANNY [from real nannies]

hi guys welcome back to my channel happy

quarantine I'm so lucky I get to

quarantine with these people my

housemates and friends who also happen

to be Danny's so we are taking this time

that we have together to film a video

that will help set you up for your

future when you're no longer quarantined

and you're really tired of your kids and

you're ready to look for outside help we

are the help know that we want to help

set you up everything you need to know

about getting a nanny I feel like we

just have this interesting situation

going here where we see the kind of the

behind the scenes of what it looks like

to be a mom and to be nannies and

there's a lot of stuff about the nanny

mother relationship that I didn't know

before becoming a mom when it comes to

trusting someone else with my kid that

whole dynamic is tricky and what we want

to do is make a video for you that will

help make that easier so here's

everything that you're gonna need to

know about trusting your child with a

nanny and how to make that relationship

with the nanny the best that it can be I

my name's Lea set I am 28 years old I

have been nanning career-wise for last

three years in two months

I am a bilingual nanny or it can be

dependent family if that's something

that they are hiring me on board I would

speak to child insolia Spanish I act

also here in LA I nanny is how I pay the

bills acting is my only mom Becca and

I'm 28 and I've been babysitting since I

was like 12 or 13 I've worked in at

daycare I went to school for elementary

education and I managed on and off since

I was 20 but consistently for the last

two years and I have another job which

is working for Wilson

these videos she helps to film and edit

all the videos on this channel see I am

beat I am 20 years old I've been working

with kids for 3 years I worked at

Woodward and action camps for it and

then I worked for the school system

I'm also part-time barista because I

love ok so what I'm gonna do is just ask

these guys a bunch of questions let them

tell you everything you might want to

know and a bunch of stuff you probably

what you're going to ask first off where

do you find any uh I was found on care

calm person looking for a nanny comes in

and then the person who was wanting to

find a nanny position comes in on the

website makes profiles and then why and

then you interview see what works best

as I was found I got lucky the family

who wanted to find a nanny actually

forgot to make it public and she

contacted me so it's a because the

website is extremely competitive and I

got very lucky and through that I've met

other families and I think about forward

my families that's amazing I started

working for family just meant and

babysitting and the mom had started a

mom group here in LA and then from there

she gave my name to all the moms in the

mom group and from there I got other

part-time and full-time babysitting and

nanny jobs

simple things where do you live your age

experience expectations what the other

person values what do you think is the

most important thing for childs it's for

just structure it looks like goes those

are I think really more questions

I asked them like what their jobs are

hey if we talk about K expectations

what are you expected to do with it's

strictly watching the children or are

there other things usually there are

other things other things depend on the

family some families just the kid is

napping thank all he asked me to do is

hold laundry or do laundry and do like

light tithing I could dinner run errands

that's a big one I use the car go to

Target or get some groceries disinfect

toys so I think as parents when you're

hiring a nanny

thank you guys come together and agree

on what you want prioritize in the house

and with your child rather than just

giving two different instructions for me

because it gets confusing when you want

to do your best the best that you can do

you guys believe it a house with the

kids yeah yeah some some parents let you

take the car and others just mask them

block places what do you feel about the

mom being home while you're working I

think it could be really tricky at times

especially if the mom intervenes during

a tantrum or crying just anything when

you know that you can handle it yourself

it's just hard on us Dolan likes it when

their boss is like looking over their

shoulder making comments on the way that

we're doing our job the hardest part is

that kids act differently when their

parents are around either they want

their parents over us which makes sense

you guys are awesome or they feel

confused about who's the authority

figure is it a source of them which can

also cause tantrum and also be awkward

because we're in your home and do we

talk to you do we not talk to you I

don't prefer it but if it happens how

can i mommy a lot better for you that's

nice if you have like a place to close

the door and kind of be out of sight

mine because the kids will do they can't

see you if we're able to go out to the

park it walked to the park or go

somewhere else outside of the house even

being outside of the house it's really

good for the kid on top of that being

away from you is also helpful okay but

if you're watching a kid and the mom

hasn't left yet but they're about to

leave and then kids starts freaking out

with the kids I never know if I should

stand if I make them feel better or

would you rather left yes good question

Jesse because this is something that I

think most of us have experienced please

please please do not prolong the process

of the goodbye it is not helpful

not remotely child's problem not going

to calm down and it's probably just

gonna make it that much harder and even

for you to stress you out a lot more rip

it off like a band-aid trust us that you

know we don't want your kid to be

screaming and crying either when you

leave and we were probably gonna calmly

get down because chances are that they

do really well when it's just okay to

walk out it's okay to just give them the

kiss and hug cuz they know that you love

them so yeah that's it but how do you

guys feel about Manny camps I have

different families some families with

none and then other families with it and

ever your own make it harder it where is

it more pressure isn't pressure but you

know we probably shouldn't be on our

phones that much you know there's things

that like we probably shouldn't do and

then it keeps us I understand check for

certain things I think that I'd have a

problem with it more if like I've been

with the family for song dish trust and

then there's no like added cameras even

after it's like I come in and that's

already in and everything that's just

the way you guys feel safe okay that's

fair yeah what do you want to know yes I

understand why people want any cams just

in case there's ever a discrepancy if

like a kids in also get this and then

you have that like bad like actually

knowing what happened um but I don't

like the idea of like parents checking

it every day we're like being at work

watching it we're talking to you oh yeah

which that's have been a family

had a camera already placed in the home

or a couple cameras placed in the home

when I first got there and then after a

couple times I've been to their house

they said oh we're gonna remove them now

they don't really need you anymore yes

we trust you that feels good

big nanny has its perks being a nanny in

LA has its perks I have the privilege to

work for families who work in the music

industry here pretty high-profile I've

gotten to go to festivals and stuff like

while I'm taking care of the kids and

being like backstage or like going to

Virginia Beach or New York or like

Argentina I was in Argentina the best

hotel in all of our Janina and then

you're just seeing like random

celebrities like like walking and I'm

the baby they're running I'm like

there's Sam so very like crazy and yes

you're funny where they give it back you

can be these people there is another

family who flew me out to Mexico for a

vacation time they flew him out

first-class there by myself

I hope frisked us back and then they

paid me like so generously for that time

and they were just amazing lax has this

thing called private suite which like

only like celebrities use and stuff and

basically like you get driven to your

airplane and then you do get driven away

from your plane and then they have their

own private security section and so

you're like walking through it and then

you see all the little like people going

to the people and then you just get your

private security of Tuesday's like

Shannon is like an that and they and

they take your bags they take it to this

like really nice room it feels like a

hotel room and there's like all the

snacks from Trader Joe's and sprouts

this falls under family is making

nannies feel special which I highly

recommend find a nanny you love a nanny

who also loves your family and do what

you can to make that nanny feel extra

loved what's your family the family that

I currently work for um they know people

who started a coffee shop here in LA

is your favorite coffee yeah my favorite

coffee shop suffer Christmas they

arranged for me to have like a private

tour of their headquarters and where

they roasts and beans

and do a private cupping with one of the

owners of the company it was just really

thoughtful of them and then on top of

that they also gave me a Christmas bonus

so so nice really really cool but

something else that mom came to you to

make you guys feel special if I'm you

lunch I'm at work have a conversation

especially if you work at home and

you're gonna be there anyway it's always

cool if you like can talk to me or I can

talk to you but does it feel so tense

the fun nice text messages I see these

girls when the moms and nice text to

them and they really feel special

how can a family honor your time if you

know that you're gonna be running late

or even if if it's a heart if you know

the week is gonna be a full week and it

looks like you're probably gonna be

staying over let us know before like hey

there's probably a chance at this week

I'm gonna need you another 15 30 to an

hour after it's not okay when it's like

five minutes before your shift ends and

the parents texting you like hey I'm

stuck at work still love wanna be late

if that happens mergence 'yes we

understand bringing to help but we also

have a life and they're thinking what I

respect that perfect yeah I'm fair

professionally we are doing pro yes

right they're like remember how you

would feel if your boss asks you to stay

late unexpectedly assume you should do

it yeah I wish oh yeah I've seen you

feel sometimes bummed if a family

cancels on you a few minutes before

you're supposed to work true also though

a lot of times those families offer to

pay me something

time if they cancel oftentimes I turned

it down but the thought the thought and

the gesture um really mean a lot so

treating the person who's naming for

your family as a working professional

and really honoring their time and then

genuinely honoring that person it's a

really valuable thing and then it's fair

to expect that back the nanny

relationships I've had people have loved

me very deeply and taking care of my

kids I think they're part of their own

family have you guys ever made 15 an

hour yes 18 an hour yes 20 an hour yes

more than 20 hours yes okay does it

increase per child yes yeah okay does it

vary depending on the age of the child

um yeah I would say so not for me maybe

different days ok nanny versus daycare

mom's trying to figure out what's best

for the family can you speak to that

yeah so I worked in daycare and I loved

it oh my worked with all ages in that

daycare from 6 weeks old to 5 years old

there's pros and cons to both me and

having a nanny or putting your child in

daycare just depends on what you want

and what you value and what your budget

is daycares are going to be cheaper less

one-on-one time your child is probably

going to get more sick if they go to

daycare we're just in the beginning then

you're gonna are gonna have tougher

music yeah other you know rich kids

animations probably certain learned

behaviors right yeah but they were you

thinking you have tendencies oh okay

yeah but I know a lot of moms are scared

that their kid won't get enough

attention that daycares and you would

probably know firsthand that that that's

not necessarily true when I put Eloise I

figure she got a lot of attention from

yeah sure not as much a one-on-one but

it probably depends on take care yeah

a friend of mine has her baby and a dick

here right now and they send pictures

all throughout the day of the baby hmm

and and I guess a positive aspect of

daycare would be that the kid learned

learn some like social confidence


around other kids starting really young

your child can be raised and as an

extension of how you would raise your

head uh like exactly how you want it

which I like if you are clear from the

very beginning these armed expectations

this is how I do things in this house

prefer them to be done it's our job to

adhere to that it's our job to respect

it and do it of course there are times

where we're gonna do things slightly

different are you know goal is to do

things exactly the way that you hope

we're getting paid for that like

essentially like yeah even if I may not

agree with certain things in my personal

style yeah I'm getting paid to kind of

you know pull my opinions and stuff

aside and do the way you'd want to do it

so that makes a lot of sense yeah that's

really good another perk would be that

you just get the extra help that you

yeah around the house or things you get

to or just if you need a moment for

yourself or a couple hours for yourself

that is all for you and we are there to

just help you when I say parents please

it's okay to use this for naps like I

know that's I'm so crazy but I

appreciate so much when you use me for

naps because you guys are tired like

it's what we're here for

like a kid so like so please like don't

feel bad if you're like you just take

the bigamy or take IME to sleep on us

left like like that's like I always

thought repairing I think it's a really

big deal use is for napping we don't

care we look yeah that's really good

I've even seen moms especially I've seen

it with you you asking for support like

how do I sleep train my kid what do I do

because you guys have this experience

where you're with multiple family that

one and different age groups and stuff

so it's even a cool way to support a mom

is to have a nanny which is like a

built-in friend who loves your King to

live an empty okay any final increment

for moms we

I'm here I say in aspects of a nanny we

we love your kids like we do yeah it's

funny they know a lot of my experiences

with nannies

it doesn't always start off the best at

the beginning in the beginning it might

be that the kid just think does Nala and

that's happened to me like a little kid

just did not like me but I like stuck it

out and then we all stuck it out

together and then now you know these

kids are five six or looks like and I'm

like so obsessed with them I love them

so much and like just like trust that we

love your child and that we love you and

that we are for you as a parent we

didn't have chosen to be nannies if we

discuss some sort of like passion for it

how long do you give a relationship I

have nanny family job yeah

before you say oh this isn't working

sometimes you'd note off the bat with

some families like it can be one week or

you're like it's more than amazing a

parent yeah I could have a nanny that's

really great so much experience and then

the parent that's like really great too

and then they come together and they

just like don't work and that's okay

guys I mean anything's wrong with it

they just like don't mesh well together

and they didn't vibe together and that's

fine some people have probation periods

of like let's try this out for one month

two month three months or - six months

and by then you should know don't hire

someone you don't trust if you trust

them then you will be able to like leave

them and know that they're going to take

care of your kid as best as possible and

how you would want them to take care of

your kid if you don't trust them it's

not worth it it's just gonna drive

everyone crazy because then you're gonna

micromanage and you're going to yeah

it's just not gonna be good for anyone

that's right okay for both moms and

nannies be communicators like

communicate extra well being clear talk

through expectations and then talk about

it again and if something comes up you

don't have to feel uncomfortable

bringing something up do it with

kindness and like try to understand each

other just like you do any other

relationships and we've had friends

where they've worked for the same family

for a very long time and then suddenly

lost their job because the mom was upset

about something but didn't talk

and the person could have changed the

behavior had it been a conversation so

yeah so be could communicate it yeah but

you're gonna be great and it's really

important that somebody else is able to

hang out with your kid you're gonna need

it for your own like mental state but

then it's actually really healthy for

your kid to get used to being with

somebody other than you and I think that

especially with Eloise she's older I can

see it better with her she is way kind

of more fun to be around more confident

more easygoing

when she has spent a good amount of time

away from me with somebody that I love

and trust it's hard

I like turned into a bit of a weirdo I I

remember the first time trusting I

always was somebody other than me I was

like saying all kinds of random things

but like oh and she doesn't eat this and

she and they weren't even gonna feed her

that I just was scared

um I don't you just it brings out the

weird in you but I think nannies can

handle it and they've been around moms

like you before and ultimately it's

gonna be great and it turns out really

worth it and in your life is a lot

better we in our quarantine home believe

that you can do this not right now

because nobody can really do much of

anything but soon enough

you can find a nanny and your nanny is

gonna be so excited to work with you and

you guys are gonna do such thoughtful

loving things for each other like get

each other birthday gift we hope that

one day you will be in the private

section of the airport riding like the

fancy people not the common people not

high-rise exactly yeah hire sever don't

cuz you ready oh yeah okay thank you so

much for watching like the video

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