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so today I'm just gonna go ahead and

show you guys my process of seed I have

a lot of fun this impediment has been

awesome we've been using it every single

day especially the little ones they're

like obsessed with CD now stuff fun

let's go have some fun

start seeding today I got a fun variety

you've got pumpkin on a stick it's new

for me my favorite thing to use when I'm

seeding are the seeding trace I get

these for my dad but you can do them on

gardeners or growers supply or Amazon

Amazon may be a little more expensive

but I really like these and because the

size does not fit in a ziplock to create

my germination chamber which I'll show

you in a minute I actually go ahead and

I cut them down to different sizes to

fit certain varieties and it just

depends on how many seeds are you know

in a packet and now I've got a nifty

little dirt buck in here so uh I feel

pretty lucky so I've got my seeding soil

in here I love using the jelly gardener

and you could use you know like a

Miracle Grow or some grow anything I

just really like using the CD mixture by

jelly gardener so I'm gonna plop my tray

right in there and just kind of cover it

up there we go then we're just going to

skim it off on top nice alright now

we're ready to go just so you guys know

there is not just one way of doing

things some people like to start off

with a wet soil from the beginning I

actually like to start off with my soil

dry and then seen it in bed water so

just so you know you know like

you do it your way or you can try my way

whatever what do you want either way it

grows that's all that matters right all


like I promise you we are going to be

doing some pumpkin out of stick if

you've never heard of pumpkin out a

stick like I never heard of it until I

started seed shopping if you never heard

of it it actually looks like pumpkins on

a stick and it's actually in this plant

so I'm really excited to try it I know

Jason likes eggplant I'm not always a

huge fan but I always love trying new

things I never like not try anything

unless it's seafood that's a normal race

yeah unfortunately for me what I'm

seeding I always like to use a bowl or a

dish real light in color helps me a seat

a lot easier see all the seeds and work

with the seed that it doesn't like to

get covered so what I'm going to do is

just go ahead and place one seed on I

always keep one of the packets just so I

know what I've already seen did the

eggplant seed said that they didn't need

to be covered so at this point you'd be

good to go ahead and really lightly

water just very lightly so you don't

splash the seeds out of there that would

be not good but I'm going to do exactly

what I did with the snapdragons

especially since now I see that they're

popping up really nice I'm going to go

ahead and finally very very finely top

dress them with a little bit of


as you can see I'm not really covering


I'm almost just adding the vermiculite

to there so the whole reason for

vermiculite is to retain moisture in the

soil so it doesn't dry out super easy

and that way the seed doesn't dry out

because as soon as your seed dries out

it is done for there's no returning no

coming back from that and that's that's

it the vermiculite trick I learned from

my dad and that has been probably the

the one trick that has really helped

create my seedlings to germinate super

well because there's times fun let's be

real we all live in busy lives there

could be some times where maybe we know

missed or remember to water a seedling

or fresh seeds so that way if the soil

gets a little dry with that vermiculite

it really holds and retains that

moisture and it doesn't dry out as

quickly for you my dad he's a farmer

he's owner of Wayne stutters greenhouses

and he's the head cedar there so any tip

or trick that you can give me on seeding

I'll take it so the next step is

watering you always want to make sure

that your water is on really really low

like this so that way you go over it

really fast so you're not drenching it

right off the bat you're kind of just

getting so that the soil sets in there

so then when you go to water it a little

bit more a little higher pressure not

much though that way your seed is not

being thrown out of the dirt what I also

make sure to do is that soils all the

way wet all the way through once I'm

done watering it I let it sit here and

drip dry just a little bit this is where

the Ziploc comes in it's my homemade

germination chamber super affordable

because we know how gardening can be

especially if you have this big of an

addiction as I do right Jason don't

forget to subscribe to the Lawrence


so all we're gonna do is place the tray

inside there we go and now I'll show you

the next step with the ziplock bag you

want to go through and create just a few

aeration holes because without you know

any there everything needs there so not

a ton though I'll show you why just a

few this will kind of help with the

condensation so now we got some of those

little holes from there and place that

toothpick on the very last row of

seedlings and place it there and I'm

going to do a couple more so that way it

holds the plastic up off of the seeds

okay that's actually good the twos fine

so for now this is how it's gonna stay

since it's the first day seeding it I'm

not gonna worry about holding it up too


for right now you kind of want to keep

it low so you get just a little bit of

condensation in there you're creating a

germination chamber so you need that

moisture in there in that hot heat so

we're going to put it right in front of

that Sun so it heats up like a

greenhouse and then as soon as you start

seeing big drips of water that's what

you don't want you want it to almost get

there but not get there so as soon as it

gets there that's when you want to make

sure that this area here is open more so

that way you get more of an air flow

inside to kind of dry it out a little

bit but yet it's still humid like a nice

little greenhouse like I said there's so

many different ways of seeding but this

has been my way for quite a while now

and it just is always always good I

always have germination and I always

have great plants with with the way I do

I didn't I just figure you know what why

not share with you guys how I do it

since I have you know good luck with it

I also liked

another really affordable tip on how to

label your clamps I always love haters

we always have this knot we always have

this on hand puzzle or a perfect DIY I'd

like to take on projects so what we're

going to do is just use the painters

tape use a sharpie and write the variety

name on the tape and then we're going to

take our little nifty toothpicks again

all we're going to do is put the tape

close to the top hold it in half and

there you have it a quick little tag

easy and affordable it's something

anyone can duplicate things everyone has

on hand so why not so now it's time to

put it in front of the window and let it

do its thing I don't know where I'm

gonna put it it's no more room over




now that we've got it upstairs we're

just going to go ahead and clean it and

now that some of my seats are topping I

like to put them under the throw leg so

they get uniform growth that way also

they don't get little straggly stems and

they'll just make them a lot healthier

so now we're just going to test about

we're going to make sure the bulbs work

here those works so we're good there

okay I think we're going to put an order

in for a couple extra bulbs anyways on

gardeners this is where we got it they

love it

it grows amazing plants and you go there

you can take a look at what they got and

it was definitely worth every single


it stayed beautiful and looks nice and

sturdy and what I love most is once you

grow indoors your seedlings and then

it's time to go ahead and plant them

outside you have to start hardening them

which means bringing the votes I've

heard a couple hours every single day

before planting them outside because you

don't want to put them into what's

called shock which could cause them to

wealth and die so what's really nice

about this is the meals as we're

starting to harden off our plants we

actually just roll this right outside

let it sit out for one to two hours and

then we bring it right back inside so

that way it makes it easy from

transferring your new plants indoors and

outdoors for the next few days of

hardening since these seedlings are

already up I don't like her to sit in

front of the window for too long

otherwise they start stretching and

become kind of leggy so because they'll

be under the grow lights they're

underneath the grow lights then they get

a better alternative lighting then

they'll be able to get a better plant

and then what you're in love do you're

gonna want to lower it usually only

wanted about four inches above your

ceiling I mean there's many ways of

doing it but that's the way I've always

done it and it works for us we end up

with great plants so now I pump get out

of Scipio once the ceilings pop up this

much that's when I take them out of the

ziplock container if you left them in

there any longer then they would stretch

from all the humidity and then they

would be shot this morning there was

nothing popping out of this tray so I

want to show you something there are a

lot that are popped up here so we had to

take him out of the germination chamber

so that way they don't stretch I have

quite a few seeds and different

varieties already started so if there

was anything that said that it needed

eight to ten weeks before the last frost

that's done now I'm going to be moving

on to the seeds that say that they need

to be seated six to eight weeks before

the last frost