Week 1 Growing Marijuana Indoors! - Planting Seeds, Mixing Nutrients

what is up everybody few guys that don't

know me my name is mr. Grodin you're

tuned into my weekly gross series we are

on episode 2 of this girl series and

it's been five days since the plants

have sprouted some of you may be

wondering why one of the plants is a

large grow pot while the other plants

are in small plastic cups I will get

into the reasoning behind this in this

episode and will also talk a little bit

about feeding the plant nutrients in the

early part of its life but first I have

a few packages to open up Big Show to em

big el e hydroponics for sending these

packages in this first package is a 6

inch carbon filter this carbon filter

cleans the air so to remove the smell to

plants once this is connected to an

inline fan and ducting this white fabric

here is a pre-filter which is washable

the carbon filter can be used as either

an intake filter or an exhaust filter so

either place inside the grow tent and

air gets sucked into it and then through

the ducting or placed outside the grow

tent and the air will be forced out of

it next they also sent me their 4x4 Gro


pretty standard wrote in here it has

multiple ventilation ports and intake

vents fabric does go over the zipper to

help prevent light leaks and there is a

piece of velcro to stick the grow tent

door to in order to keep it open I did a

light leak test on it and it did come

back with no leaks which is great I will

leave a link to both the grow tent and

cover and filter in the description

section below and there's also a coupon

code for 20% off so the 20% off is

actually good for the grow tent the 6

inch carpet filter and there's even a

4-inch carbon filter as well so we ended

the last episode halfway through the

germination process I just dropped the

seeds into water since then I

transferred the seeds into wet paper

towels and four out of the five seeds

cracked open to show their tap roots

unfortunately kilimanjaro by worldís

seeds genex did not germinate I actually

had a second seat at Kilimanjaro I put

through the germination process but got

the same exact result it didn't

germinate this is a little surprising to

me having 2 seeds of the same straight

not germinate back-to-back I even tried

the Jorge savant days roughing up the

outside of the seed method in order to

try to help crack it open but no luck so

Kilimanjaro will not be grown in this

round unfortunately and I'm undecided on

what other strain I want to grow I have

a few seeds of Larry og and super sweet

tooth leftover so which of those strains

would you rather see me grow

me know in the comments section below

this round I'm growing one plane and Fox

for emotion forests oil on the other

plants are in a mix of coca-cola and

perlite you can grow in just cocoa core

but I like to add perlite in it as well

to help with water retention and

drainage it also provides proper

aeration which is necessary for healthy

root growth and plants after mixing I

cut holes in the bottom of the plastic

cups for drainage I like take a lot of

holes in the bottom to ensure there is

enough drainage and I'm also trying out

the best practice I learn from watching

mr. Mar do brews YouTube channels so

channel shout out will go to him for

this week he actually takes a lighter

and burns holes in the bottom of the cup

for eight inch this technique is

actually faster than cutting the holes

and it's probably more effective since

there are actual holes instead of slices

in the cup but credit does go to mr. Mar


I will leave a link to his channel in

the description section below go there

leave a comment on one of his videos and

let him know that mr. grote sent you

when putting the growing medium in two

cups I don't fill it to the top I like

to leave an inch or so just in case the

seedling stretches so if the seedling

stretches and need support adding a more

growing medium to the top will help

stabilize after I plant the seed I like

to spray the top of the medium and then

place a bag over the top of the cup I

even spray inside the bag this is gonna

help keep the humidity up and what this

method my seeds typically sprout within

24 hours once they sprout I take the bag

off by keep the humidity high for the

first few weeks after sprout since I'm

growing in coco coir and coco coir is

not pre-charge of nutrients the plants

should be fed nutrients pretty soon

after sprout like I mentioned the last

video bloom yellow bottles are

sponsoring this grow and I'm using their

nutrients this time around week one

feeding consists of seaweed roots sea

minerals hum it and grow a and B mixing

nutrients isn't too time-consuming of a

process once you get the hang of it blue

yellow burrows is an organic line and is

highly concentrated some of the doses

are less than a milliliter so yeah very

concentrated I'll probably have these

bottles for several grows as you can see

here I'm using a syringe to measure dose

this is much easier and then pouring the

nutrients into a measuring glass I'm

also using blue plain and nutrients this

time for the other plants and went by

their feeding schedule although their

doses seem kind of high especially since

I'm not supplementing with co2 so I just

went with the half dose this time around

the plants are under the unit farm UFO

80 LED grow light with only the veg

switch on it's pulling about 87 watts

from the wall I have the light distance

at 24 inches away which is a light

manufacturers recommendation so one of

the plans is actually a little deformed

check this one out this is snake venom

by Moxie seeds I've never seen this

happening before and I'm not too sure

why it happened this is the only one

that's growing at Fox from OSHA for a

soil and my guess would be that it's a

little choked up at the roots I like to

soak the soil prior to planting the seed

and I'm thinking the roots may have had

trouble breathing

since the soil was so saturated this is

one of the cups that had slices for

drainage holes in them so maybe it ain't

kind enough of them but the good news is

that's recovering so we'll see how this

one turns out let's talk about the plate

in the back why is this in a large grill

pot while the others are in plastic cups

if you guess because it's an auto flower

you are correct this strain is car

malicious and it's an auto flower plant

I'm not gonna get into a ton of details

about Auto flowers but note that these

plants will automatically flower around

eight-30 without the light cycle

changing so due to this many growers

will plant Auto flower seeds directly

into the container will be in for its

entire life this is done to avoid

transplant shock which is a stunt and

growth that happens sometimes after

transplanting this auto flower will

remain in this 3x3 grow tent on an 18-6

light cycle throughout the entire grill

that's pretty much it for this video

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calm and I will leave it at that thank

you so much for watching and until next

time peace