How To START SEEDS IN WINTER 2020 - DAY 9 - Zone 7 - Gardening for Beginners - When To Start Yours?

what's up what's up you guys it's a

skinny boy Randy as promised I wanted to

keep you guys up to date on starting our

seeds and winters on seven Richmond


today is day 10 well nine and a half

going on day ten so I wanted to give you

a thigh update update on our winter see

to you guys they are germinating and

they are growing so let's check it out


here are our turnips and you know we

planted everything January the 5th in

the greenhouse in my potting soil

mixture of coco coir worm castings

potting mix and Mercury life and love

and our squash zucchini black beauty

this one is breaking ground and this one

has pushed on through the soil since

yesterday you see that green poking

through there just starting off these

are your babies

shout out to little accent planks at

this team at least it's gonna kill them

because we made a video and I deleted it

by mistake and this is our corn you guys

yes we are going corn in the middle of

winter so when our guard is ready I can

put these right in the ground yes you

can't transplant your corn and this is

the country gentleman coming on up y'all

the country gentleman corn on the skinny

boy farms you guys and we got some

lettuce over here sprouting up that's

our lettuce and then we have some radish

our champion champion radish and they

have and we also have the golden Bantam

corn pagoda Banton and look at that

y'all looks like a little feel right


you guys I'm so excited for the 2020

growing season this is my first time

getting a head start you guys I'm super

duper super duper excited

look at that y'all everything is just

growing so you can't start your seeds in

winter and here's your proof so stay

tuned you guys remember go to the

YouTube channel click like and subscribe

if you will I would greatly appreciate

it you are loved remember Live Love

Laugh go stop I needed