WHEN TO PLANT A VEGETABLE GARDEN IN CANADA. How To read Vegetable Seed Packets & Plant Zones.

are you confused this one put your seeds

in the ground when it comes to spurring

in colder climates than this videos for

you rolling intro this video we're gonna

go through what crop to start one based

on your zone I've even included guides

that you can screenshot to use for your

gardening purposes you can share them I

don't mind but I'm also going to teach

you how to read seed pockets themselves

and exactly how to navigate one start

something enjoyed and want to start

something outside what I won't be

talking about is the indices of zones

themselves if you're looking for a video

on that I'll leave a link in the

description below I went through exactly

what the map so like how to go about

reading them if you already know what

your zone is and where you're located be

sure to check out the time steps below

I'll turn south each zone in the

gardening map for that once we have our

zone we have three pieces of super

crucial information we know the granary

days or the frost-free days within our

summers if you know when the frost is

expected to left based on historical

records and when the frost is expected

to come back in the fall those two

things help us with when to seed

outdoors and also one harvest those

three factors is actually what I use to

develop the schedule specific to

cropping in Canada let's start with

starting seeds indoors if we know in the

frost-free days and for our region we

can then simply just read the pocket to

determine when it's time to start those

seeds in the seed pods such as the ones

I have behind me we'll use the example

of zone three so for me I'm in zone


I want to grow giant pumpkins that take

120 days to grow on the seed packet

itself generally they'll be in this farm

corner right here a giant pumpkin takes

around 120 days that means I need to

start my pumpkin indoors because only

only cut exactly 120 growing degree days

now you're probably thinking well why

don't you plant it on the first day of

May 15 120 days for the fruit to become

mature enough to consume how does that

mean I'm going to have my giant right

beautiful cute pumpkins at that time

really for Friday legend kind of at the

bottom what's up the pedia when it comes

to starting seeds outdoors and we know

we're zone we also know when the frost

is officially supposed to be done for

the spring so for zone 3 and 4 that's

May 15

so if our packet has less than 80 days

we know that we can actually start those

outside so for example the peas have a

64 to 67 day window that means these

when we start outdoors and don't eat you

started inside those can be put directly

into the ground May 15th or later now

that doesn't mean you get to just forget

it and leave it you should still watch

your weather in your area and make sure

it's not dipping below freezing if it

freezes and you have leaves an actual


you're gonna want to run outside and

just throw a blanket over top that's

just gonna prevent it from getting

frostbitten anyone who lives in

Saskatchewan or zone 3 knows that this

is a thing and has had this happen

sometimes we will get a frost night in

the middle of June so just keep that in


May 15th isn't a cut and dry frost free

time you can have frost after that time

when it comes to trans punching plans

outdoors you do not want to do this on

me 15th the reason being is that these

plants are used to being around 21

degrees celcius all the time

so when it comes to transplanting you're

going to want to make sure that your

evenings are staying above plus 5 that's

when you ensure the survival of say a

tomato plant sometimes that can be first

week of June before you're able to put

those plants outdoors but don't jump the

gun have patient now let's talk about

continuous cropping on the charts you

may realize that I had at times too

besides some of them cross that means

that that crop can potentially be

planted twice within the same growing

season the way you know that a crop can

be planted twice in the same growing

season is through again the days that

are on the bottom of the pack

carrots are an example of that here in

Saskatchewan ryeom zone 3 we have 120

growing everyday and because carrots are

actually a cold climate crop we can get

two cycles of carrots out of the same

area of soil and we know that based on

the number of days you have 55 days here

beets are another one so continues

cropping essentially means we're going

to harvest all of our carrots midsummer

and then we're going to replant

midsummer as well so continues cropping

is an option if you look at your seed

packs and you read that the growing

degree days are lot less than what your

number of frost-free days are four years

old now let's talk about the zones

themselves I'm zone three so let's start


this is what your current schedule is

going to look like on this schedule

you're going to see your total number of

frost three days when your trust is

expected to lift when it's expected to

come back very different types of crops

um when to start them indoors transplant

and then harvest and then it's also

going to show you in the bottom corner

how to read the seed pockets and my

recommendation eligible adult when

starting an indoor versus outside now I

understand their challenges of zone

three and I want to encourage you not to

jump the gun when it comes to starting

seeds enjoy it's all too common for me

to see people starting tomatoes in

February while there's nothing wrong

with that you need to have the proper

set up to do so so that means you have

to have a grow light such as the one I

have behind me but you also need to have

airflow that means you're going to have

to hold off on punching your Tomatoes

sometimes to the end of March or

mid-april for me I start mine mid-april

and I know that sounds crazy to a lot of

people but I don't have the airflow and

honestly those grow lights as good as

they are they're still not enough for me

to ensure that I'm gonna have a healthy

crop you'll be blown away

living in zone 3 in Canada how quickly a

seedling is going to take off once

have it outside tomatoes and peppers

especially once your transplanted

outside in the Domus breeding habitat

they take off like wild flower as long

as you carted them all properly you're

not going to lose anything by just

pulling off a little bit so for your

planting schedule is going to look like

this you also have your total number of

days of humor Oh your start date and

your finish date as well as all the

different crops ones you start inside

run spawned outdoors and harvest and

then your keep the bottom on how to

leave actual time takes you look the

very similar to zone three and then the

reason for that zone 4 is a milder

version of zone 3 zone 3 gets very very

cold and very very hot zone before you

stayed within the same temperature range

for the most part that means something

like tomatoes or peppers aren't going to

explode once you put them out in the

garden like they would in zone 3 however

there is a benefit to your zone with the

milder climate if you have a cold frame

or some form of coverage for your crop

you can actually start your crops May

15th on the dot or maybe give it even a

little bit earlier so 5 your rice

schedule looks like that now for your

zone you have a lot longer growing

season then compared to zone 3 on yours

you have your total number brine degree

days your frost free to your your frost

free date and then also when to harvest


c21 to transplant if you have full

friends or some form of coverage you're

also able to charter clocks outdoors

watch some six what's your schedule

looks like don't show your schedule to

anyone in zone three four or even five

they're going to rule with envy you have

an awesome amount of frosting when your

summer starts - when your summer ends

it's very broad and in a lot of season

you can get away with three sets of

continuous props money

blown so make sure you take advantage of

that and use the planting schedule to

your advantage that's all I have for you

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