When's The Best Time To Seed The Lawn? Planting Grass Seed with Allyn Hane The Lawn Carew Nut

hey guys Alan Haines here the lawn care

nut with another lawn short so another

question that I get often is when is the

best time to seed the lawn now obviously

growing grass seed is important and in

fact if you look below I'm going to link

you to a couple different videos that

I've done on core aeration which goes

along with seeding and then a really

horrible video that gets a lot of views

though which is how to grow grass seed

so I'll link you to those but when is

the best time to seed well it depends on

what your goals are if your lawn is

overall thin and you're kind of starting

a lawn care program then spring is a

great idea you can just get some seed

and throw it down you don't really have

to aerate in conjunction with it if

you're just trying to kind of generally

add some fresh cultivars to the lawn you

can see here that I'm just throwing it

down like I'm feeding chickens and the

thin areas most grass seed that you're

going to get nowadays is going to have

coatings on it which are going to help

it to stem to kind of stimulate seed to

soil contact as well as keeping the seed

moist so seed will grow very well just

by throwing it down so spring is a great

time if you're just looking for this

kind of general you know pushing of the

lawn you can also get great results by

seeding in the fall time again just

watch those day and nighttime

temperatures and go ahead and aerate the

lawn in conjunction with it just to help

you know stir things up so you'll get

better germination so really though the

key with when is the best time to throw

down grass seed or to seed is when the

temperatures are right you really don't

want the outside temperature at night to

get any colder than 40 degrees and

during the day you don't want it to get

any hotter than say 75 pushing 80 so if

your temperatures are hovering between

40 and 80 then you're going to be just

fine to grow some good grass see the

other thing to keep in mind is that

germination especially of Kentucky

bluegrass can take up to 21 to 24 days

so don't give up keep watering and think

about it if you're going to seed in the

fall make sure that 24 days from now

you're not going to get a hard freeze

so spring and fall are both great times

to see it it just depends on what your

goals are keep in mind if you're going

to see it in the spring you probably

won't want to use pre-emergent for

crabgrass unless you can get a really

late crabgrass pre-emergent put down say

at the end of May and get your seed down

sometime in March it's all going to

depend on the climate where you are I

hope this has helped you I'm Alan Haines

the one care nut with another launched

short subscribe to the channel I've got

all kinds of great videos for you and I

will see you in the lawn