How long does it take to see results with exercise? (My top tips + 3 ways to speed up your results)

hey there everybody welcome to another

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this week we're tackling the million

dollar question how long does it take to

see results while my friends I know

those infomercials and diet pill

commercials have us convinced that

losing 50 pounds overnight or in a few

short days is not only easy but it's

simple to do but the truth is results

really depend on the individual and the

intensity in which you're dieting and

exercising will you see results faster

if you do a really intense exercise plan

and follow a really strict diet

absolutely will you be able to stick

with it over the long-term and keep that

weight off probably not now there are

certainly exceptions to that but I know

that for me personally trying to do

something very extreme or strict really

backfired for me so I would lose some

weight and then as soon as I went off

the plan I would just binge and make up

for lost time and end up gaining more

weight than it actually lost so what

I've found that's worked for me

personally and for a lot of my coaching

clients is just sticking with a plan

that you know works for you and being

consistent with it also looking for just

little simple healthy changes that you

can make to your day to day activities

that lead to overall health and

well-being also another thing that's

really important to just think beyond

simply results when we talk about the

word results most people are referring

to weight loss so they're looking for a

number on the scale either to drop

instantaneously or right away and if

you're sticking with a healthy eating

plan and exercise you may find that that

doesn't happen right away on the scale

but that doesn't mean that you're not

getting results if you can broaden your

definition of results you'll actually

start to notice some instantaneous

changes that are happening in your body

as soon as you start to exercise things

start changing

for the better within your system you've

got your endorphins flowing you're going

to start to feel better your mood will

probably increase you'll notice the

heart rate your respiratory rate

increases all these very positive things

happen as soon as you start exercising

the over time you're going to find that

your strength your endurance improves

your happiness level might even increase

all these amazing things will start

happening sooner then noticing the

weight on the scale going down so

broaden your definition think outside

the box and one of the greatest ways

that I like to think about it is this

when you plant a seed you can't see all

of these amazing changes that are

happening to it under the ground but

that doesn't mean that nothing's going

on so your body's the same way although

you may not be able to see it externally

yet there's still so many things

happening to that see that you've

planted of health and well-being so give

yourself time trust in the process and

with patience and persistence eventually

you're going to start to see results now

the overall rule of thumb is generally

four to six weeks we can expect to start

seeing those physical changes start to

happen but again as we talked about

earlier you'll probably feel more

positive results happening even sooner

here are three of my top tips to help

you speed up that process number one is

stay as active as possible for the rest

of your day so a lot of us think that oh

I've done my workout for the day I don't

have to worry about exercising anymore

and that's true you don't need to worry

about exercising for hours on end

instead get your workout done but keep

moving throughout the rest of your day a

recent study showed that even spending a

full hour at the gym

every day was not enough to fight off

obesity and disease if you spend the

rest of the day seated or sedentary so

think about that even if you're killing

yourself at the gym but then you go sit

at your desk or on the couch at the

computer for the rest of

your day it's not enough to fight off

diseases related to obesity so don't

think about adding more workouts instead

add more activity stand up as often as

you can walk while you talk on the phone

park further away from the store I know

you've heard all of these great tips

before but they really really help

they're going to keep you burning

calories all day long keep your blood

flowing and help improve your health

overall number two is follow our

recommended workout programs and

rotations so many of you are doing our

fit in 15 challenge right now and what

we've done is we've really optimized

those rotations to keep your energy

level high so you're getting a great

balanced workout plan that includes all

the elements that I personally recommend

as a trainer

that's cardio strength flexibility

stress relief and active recovery days

and the reason that we have that is

again to keep your energy level high so

that you're active and moving for the

rest of the day we don't want to kill

you with a workout so that all you want

to do is lay down on the couch for the

rest of the day instead we want to help

boost your energy and your mood so you

want to continue moving as often as

possible all day long finally my last

tip which is probably one of the most

important ones is make sure you're

getting enough sleep when we think about

getting results we always think about

okay well I need to exercise and I need

to eat right we don't always think about

sleep but sleep is probably the number

one factor to making sure that you reach

your weight loss goals why if you're not

getting enough sleep you may actually

end up eating more calories throughout

the day and you probably are not going

to have the energy that you need to put

your all into your workouts and/or stay

active for the rest of your day sleep is

also when your body repairs your muscle

tissue and hunger hormones which can be

a key factor in keeping your fat burning

processes in check in fact one

University of Chicago study found that

sleep deprived subjects insulin

sensitivity dropped by 30% plus there's

numerous studies that have shown

we're more likely to consume calories

when we're sleep-deprived so just make

sure that you're getting enough sleep

for your body that's going to depend on

the individual again but the general

recommendation is anywhere between seven

to ten hours a night and that can be a

tough one to implement I know so one of

the things I recommend to get started

with it is simply moving back your

bedtime by 15-minute increments at a

time that's a really simple way to just

slowly but surely increase the amount of

sleep that you're getting without laying

in bed two hours earlier trying to fall

asleep because you're not going to be

able to because you're used to going to

bed later right so try hitting the hay

15 minutes earlier every night until

you've gradually increased the amount of

quality sleep that you're getting every

night finally the best advice I can give

you when it comes to exercise and

results is to focus first on how you

feel the right kind of exercise should

leave you feeling energized not

exhausted and if you can find movement

that you enjoy and actually look forward

to doing exercise will simply become

part of your daily lifestyle which is

going to lead to long-term health and

happiness over your entire lifespan

remember there's so much more to results

than simply losing weight but even if

that's one of your goals just simply be

patient and know that those changes are

coming if you stick with it thanks so

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