How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Weight Loss Results? 4 Week Timeline Example!

hey Cece Matthews here today we're gonna

be discussing how long does it take to

start seeing weight loss results now

when I started with helping people were

trying to lose weight that is one of the

number one questions I always get so

that's what we're gonna discuss on this

video today and I'm gonna break it down

into a timeline from week one to week

four so that way you know exactly what

to expect on your weight loss journey

stay tuned okay let's jump right into

this video now I'm going to be talking

to two types of people in this video

number one you may have just started an

exercise program and you're just curious

about what expectations you should have

or you may be a couple weeks into a

program and you're just unsure about

what you're doing is getting you the

results or you just want to measure your

progress against some sort of timeline

that's what I'm going to be doing in

this video is breaking it down from week

one to week four because that's a

critical timeline within those four

weeks and it gives you some very common

markers that you should be measuring

your progress up against because after

doing it for 12 plus years of

transforming clients as some very common

markers that happen between week 1 and

week 4 and that's what we're going to be

discussing in this video ok starting

week 1 week 1 is very exciting because

you come out of the gate you start

seeing the changes on the scale go down

meaning you know weight loss now I'm

depending on where you start meaning you

may have a lot of weight to lose or you

may not have as much to lose you will

see about 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss

now some of that weight loss is going to

come from water weight but then some of


is gonna come from body fat now during

this period of this first week you may

not see a lot of changes take place in

your body meaning when you look in the

mirror but what you will feel is your

body feeling better because number one

you're putting some better food in your

body so the better few food you have is

the better fuel that your body has so

you're gonna start to feel better you

may even experience a little increase in

energy but those are the main things

that you're gonna feel during week

number one okay moving on to week two

during the second week that's when you

will start to see some changes in your

body and you will start to feel even

better than you did on the first week

because the second week the workout

started to get a little bit easier okay

it should still challenge you but you

should be able to get through the

workout a lot better than you did during

the first week because the first week

you're really sore now you've kind of

waking up the muscles and you should

start to get a little bit more efficient

in your exercise and also this is a time

when your body will start to take those

changes like we just discussed and you

start to feel your clothes fitting loose

that's a great feeling and that's going

to help you get the momentum you need to

move you on into week three okay and

during week three you're gonna take that

momentum that you've brought in from

week two and that's when you really

start to feel like okay I can do this

you start to set a routine with your

nutrition and your exercise and it

becomes a part of your daily routine and

you start to actually enjoy and look

forward to it you may not love it but

you do love the results in the way that

it makes you feel and here's another

side note this is when I usually do get

I have an email from a client or call or

whatever say hey you know people are

starting to take notice like what are

you doing I can see that you've been

losing weight so the week three is when

you start to really starting to get

those compliments and

we'll start to notice that you've been

losing weight alright moving on to week

four okay and moving into week 4 week

four is great because by this time your

full swing you're firing on all

cylinders and when if you've been

consistent with your training and your

nutrition you should start to feel like

you're going down in a size of your

clothing and what if what I've found

this especially working with clients

over the last 12 plus years is that it

usually takes about ten pounds of weight

loss to go down and the size of clothing

and again this is gonna vary from person

to person depending if you're tall

you're short medium whatever but that's

a good rule of thumb and a good marker

to be aware of whenever you're dropping

down to a smaller size but at this point

that's what you should start to

experience during week 1 week 2 week 3

and week 4 now another thing I want you

to be aware of is if you're at this

point and you feel like you've been

starving yourself or you feel like

you're on a plan that's not sustainable

guess what that's not the plan from you

for you now I'll put together a free

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to throw in a know this is a very

sustainable way of eating and new trick

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