How to START Your Weight Loss Journey | 5 Ways to Get Results!

hey guys it's Katie and right now I'm

gonna be telling you my top 5 things

that you need to start your weight loss

or just healthy lifestyle journey so

number one is gonna be something if

you've watched my other weight loss

stories you're gonna be familiar with

because I talk about it all the time and

it's not something that I realize I even

did when I started my 45 pound weight

loss journey but looking back I realized

it was the most important thing that I

could have ever done that set me up for

success to have it be an incomplete

lifestyle change instead of what I had

always done before where it was like a

two-month change and then I went back to

my old ways and that is to have a why

you have to have a purpose and a wide

like the reason why you're starting this

journey that is more meaningful to you

than just to lose a few pounds of course

that's nice and that's a great benefit

but if your only goal is to be a certain

size or to lose a certain amount of

weight it's gonna be fleeting and it's

only gonna last for so long and when you

don't reach that goal right away you're

gonna give up and just go through that

same cycle again so for me at the end of

the day like when I really hit my like

breaking point rock-bottom and decided

to make all those changes my why was to

feel good

I felt crappy like I felt crappy every

single day I was fatigued I was

lethargic I was emotional and irritable

all the time it wasn't a fun way to live

and yeah I didn't like my body either

but the way I felt inside was like

destroying me so I wanted to feel good

and I knew that if I started taking

better care of myself I would feel


that was my Y that was my driving force

so everything I did I would ask myself

is this making me feel good and if it

wasn't then I stopped doing it so if

going to eat fast food at 2:00 in the

morning didn't make me feel good

physically or didn't make me feel good

mentally and I was consoling feeling

guilty and all this other garbage that

we put on herself then I stopped doing

it and I focus on making myself feel

better and when you can do that you're

going to see incredible changes number

two is having a plan that is built for

you that motivates and inspires you if

you're doing something that you don't

like doing you're not gonna keep doing

it I've watched myself go through this I

watched tons of

to go through this where they'll sign up

for like some crazy boot camp or they're

working out insane amount to every

single day and it's good for like two

weeks and then you hit burnout mode and

you give up and that's we're like that

February March comes around and you're

like oh yeah I forgot I had this one

goal that I wanted to do and it's gone

you have to do things that make you

happy like I said and you have to do

things that are practical for your life

and that is exactly why I created the

LSF app you guys have been asking for it

for so long and it just makes it easy no

matter where you are in the world no

matter what your day is like to show up

have a plan that is laid out step by

step it takes less than 30 minutes a day

to get your workout in you don't need a

bunch of equipment you don't have to

spend a ton of money and you can have

fun doing it with all of the motivation

and inspiration that's built in the app

with your rewards that you guys can get

and all of the fun little features if

you haven't downloaded it yet seriously

go check it out download it today

because it is going to be your

game-changer for this year I built the

plan so that you guys have exactly what

you need if you were gonna do it on your

own you would have done it by now but it

takes having that set plan just think

about like a doctor's appointment or a

business meeting if you put it in

writing you have a plan you know where

you're supposed to be when you're

supposed to be you're gonna show up and

do it and the same goes with having a

plan just like this you guys I've been

in your shoes so if you feel like you've

done other workout programs or you've

tried to do it on your own and you maybe

can do it for a little bit and then like

I said you get burnt out or it just

falls to the wayside and you forget

about it that is exactly why I built

this plan if you have a plan you know

where to show up every single day you're

gonna be motivated and stick with it

and I built it so that you're

progressing it gives you those little

micro goals and little wins every day

that you're working out you're getting

stronger you're seeing results and that

is gonna motivate you to keep going and

keep showing them and one of my favorite

parts if you guys like the videos here

on YouTube I have a full workout video

library in the app with full length

videos I've never done full length

workouts for you guys before so this is

major and so amazing they're going to be

in there and it's cardio you can do at

home hit

miss cardio styles and also like body

part specific targeted workout so if

you're like I really want to work on

this lower belly I got you and that's

all in the app number three for starting

your weight loss journey is having the

right gear so at Ellis have we put

together cute little fit kits and it's

basically everything that you need in

one little spot so I have like a basket

in my studio I sometimes have them in my

car too just in case I'm like running

around but just everything you need so

that you can show up for your workouts

and not feel like oh shoot I can't do it

because I don't have X so I'm going to

show you guys all the stuff I keep in my

fit kit to have on hand and luckily with

my workouts it's very minimal but there

are certain things that I absolutely

love so one obviously a yoga mat this

one is Lululemon it's pretty hefty but

these things last like crazy so this

one's like double sided it's a little

bit more grippy on this side which is

nice for like hot yoga workouts if

you're doing those or if you're like

really sweaty like me then you have a

little more grip without having to put a

towel and I'll link to like some of my

favorites below for you guys but this

one's just cute and pink it is very

heavy though so for actual workouts

obviously like a light set of dumbbells

is really important so I'll keep those

in there these ones are just from Target

they're pretty cheap

you guys all blinked those two but like

you can just grab like a few different

sets of dumbbells or just one that you

know is like a great place for you to

start I always recommend when you're

starting your workouts to like try a

three to five-pound and if that feels

really easy if you're like doing all the

workouts with me you're like wow like

I'm not even feeling it then it's time

for you to step up in your weight so

maybe try an eight pound for your bicep

curls you'll start seeing those muscles

pop even more alright what else is in

here a foam roller so if you guys have

watched some of my videos you've seen

this foam roller before I've had this

thing for like six years I think it was

only like thirty dollars so like worth

the investment

it's from Nike and I love this one

because it has all of these little

grooves in it and those really help

break up the fashion like when you're

rolling out on it it allows you like if

you guys have watched my foam rolling

you know you get those little spots

you're like oh it hurts so bad it's like

the little knot but you need it and this

will really help you get into

those areas even more with all the

little grooves so I definitely recommend

getting one that has grooves in it I

don't know if they sell this exact one

anymore but I'll link to one that's

similar to it so you guys can check that

out too but this one's just nice and

easy I know I love it and it's cute and

pink you know me and then the other main

thing that I keep in here is my booty

bands so just the little LSF beams if

you guys haven't checked them out you

hit three in the pack like 1199 awesome

fun colors and you get three different

resistance to so this is great if you

don't want to go out and buy dumbbells

yet you don't have to start with your

booty bands start increasing the

resistance adding them into things like

squats and even bicep curls

and you get some fun printable workouts

with it too so you know how to use them

so those that keep in there and

sometimes I'll throw in like a printed

version of the hot buddy sweat guide so

I just have it on hand I got my planner

that's about it but everyone's gonna be

a little bit different so if there's

something that you know you need like a

sweat towel or extra hair ties throw

them in your fit kit have it in the spot

that you like to work out and you'll be

good to go the number four most

important thing to starting your weight

loss journey is accountability and

community so when I first started mine

my mom was basically my only

accountability partner she took my

before photos and she would go on beach

walks with me and I would check in with

her and kind of just chat with her about

how I was feeling and that was great

love my mom but it would have been nice

to have more than that until I met Ryan

I that she was it then I had Ryan and I

didn't really have any friends that

helped keep me accountable most of them

either didn't totally understand why I

was doing this and maybe they thought

they would be nice but they'd be like oh

no you're fine like you don't need to

lose weight you look fine but they

didn't realize my why so going back to

my why it was about feeling good and I

didn't feel good and they didn't get

that so you need people who get you and

that is why I absolutely love Team Elsa

because it is this group of hundreds of

thousands of you women around the world

and yeah we're all different ages and we

come from all different walks of life

and we all have different fitness goals

but at the end of the day we have one

common goal which is to live a healthy

happy life

and that is a beautiful thing and having

people who you know have your back and

we'll check in with you and hold you

accountable to show up and get your LSF

daily roll call on and get your sweat on

like that is so important me you need

that because it's not always easy

you know you've tried it on your own for

years right it's hard to do it on your

own but having people who can tell you

like it is when you're kind of like

sliding and they're like no no no

girlfriend like get back over here you

got this that is so powerful and that is

what's gonna really help you stay

encouraged and stay motivated when there

aren't days that are tricky and you need

some extra help and you need a little

more advice or someone who just like is

there cheering you on when you are doing

great things and it's so fun to watch

other women doing great things too and I

think that's so cool is to just see

everyone inspiring each other and being

inspired by one another so if you're not

already following that team elsif go

follow check the hashtag check in daily

and see what everyone's doing post your

daily check-ins show us how you're doing

when you need a little extra help or

when you're just crushing it like it is

a safe place for those amazing brags

like it's okay to brag when you're doing

awesome things

tell us about it we want to know there's

a community already there waiting for

you so if you're not a part of it jump

in it is going to be a game-changer for

you in this journey and the number five

thing you need and this one is very

important so listen up you have to have

patience with yourself and that

resilience to keep going even when

things are hard even when you feel like

you failed

it's a moment pick yourself back up and

move on and I think the coolest thing

about the app right now is that there's

a whole area in there that's committed

to your wellness and taking care of

yourself and showing yourself self-love

every single week and that is crucial

we're so hard on ourselves all the time

we're constantly allowing the world

around us to put us down and we're

putting ourselves down more than

anything really I want you to lift

yourself up I want you to take care of

yourself and I want you to know that it

is a journey it's not like a quick

two-hour flight

to wellness and weight loss and

everything else it's a journey it takes

time and it's gonna take your patience

and understanding with yourself so the

cool thing is you can track how you're

feeling every single day you can track

the things that you're doing so if one

day you're like I just I feel like a

complete failure I miss my workouts the

last three days in a row and what am i


you can go back and look at the progress

you've made and be re encouraged by

yourself which is so good it's you

encouraging yourself and getting

motivated by all the amazing things that

you've been doing so know that if

there's a day that's hard if there's

days you get off-track it's gonna be

okay it's not the end of the world if

you go out on a girls weekend or a night

out and you just like go a little bit

crazy you guys know like my guide it's a

guiltless nutrition guide I want you to

live guiltless I want you to be able to

enjoy life to love your bodies love

yourself and just take it one day at a

time being patient and loving and caring

yourself I love you all of team LSS

loves you so know that this is your year

nothing is going to stop you you have

the power you have an entire community

behind you supporting you every step of

the way and as a quick recap these are

the five things you need to start your

weight loss journey one have a purpose

your why why are you doing it number two

have a plan that works for you and

motivates you every day number three

have the right gear so get your LSF fit

kit set up number four accountability

and community and number five be patient

with yourself are you guys so I'm gonna

put all the links to everything below

for you and to the challenge so make

sure you get signed up for that and

don't forget good things come to those

who sweat so see you guys next time bye