How To Sell Beats Online: TOP 5 things I WISH I knew when I started [New Tips]

oh all right it's been a minute today is


the 4th and i'm finally allowed by the

italian government to come back

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can use the studio again but it also

means that i can come here to this house

visit my family a little bit i haven't

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really good news

right now i am not in the studio as you

can see because i'm still rebuilding it

i'm bringing everything over from the

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getting some new lights doing some

upgrades but we're back

we're back anyway today we're talking

about everybody's favorite topic

we're talking about money let's go

what's up everyone this is atlanti how

are you guys doing so about a

year and a half ago jesus it's been a

long time i made a video which was like

one of my first videos here on youtube

where i said that i made a thousand


in the first month selling beats online

i'm gonna put it right here

check it out it's really cringy because

i i i hate that video

but but nonetheless the video was a

really important milestone in my like

youtube online producer career so of

course since then a lot of stuff has

changed not only like my

personal path my personal like career

but also in like the environment the


the way that things work right now is

very different than how i was like two

years ago so during this time i

obviously tried a bunch of different

things different strategies different

ideas different techniques just

different stuff

and i've learned a lot i tried some

things that didn't work so well

i tried some other things that worked

really well and i'm still doing right


i just tried a bunch of stuff and i'm

here to share with you guys today

five of the things that i wish i knew

when i started back then i wish i knew

these things

when i shot that video two years ago i

wish i could tell myself those things so

i'm here to share them with you

and hopefully give you some interesting

stuff to think about make sure to watch

the video all the way through because at

some point in the video i have a little

present for you guys

uh and also just don't miss any of the

tips because like even the last ones are

just as good as the first tips don't

miss them

all right let's get into it tip number

one don't focus on money focus on

visibility this took me forever to learn

especially when you need money when

you're trying to like get that first

sale when you're trying to like just

monetize what you've been doing so hard

what you've been investing your time

into i started realizing that really

focusing on the money aspect

made me brought me to make the wrong

decisions what i realized at some point

is that the thing that's most important

the thing

that really takes your career to the

next level is not so much money but it's


visibility is also gonna bring money but

it's also gonna bring a lot of other

stuff and it's just a better goal to

have for yourself this doesn't only

apply to beat sales and stuff like that

it kind of applies to everything that

you do just putting your work in front

of as many people as possible means that

there are more people

that are going to be interested in what

you're doing it means that it's going to

be a higher percentage of them because

the numbers are bigger

that are going to turn eventually into

customers of some kind or just fans the

moment i stopped thinking about money

and i started thinking about visibility

how can i get

my work in front of more people than i

am right now that was the moment the

point in time where i really started to

change my career

money-wise and just in general so some

of you it might seem obvious but think

about it like this if you have like 100

people out of 100 people one person

turns into a customer

then people turn into fence if you turn

that 100 people into a thousand people

now you have the one customer turned

into 10 customers and you have the 10

fans to turn

into 100 fans and if you keep going with

the numbers you can see that the

percentage stays the same

but the numbers get higher and higher so

yeah long story short

don't focus so much on money focus on

creative ways to put your work in front

of as many people as possible all right

here we go with tip number two which is

niche down and identify your customer

avatar what am i talking about to keep

it very simple it basically means

identify who you're talking to who is

the person that you're talking to

who is the person that's most likely to

become a fan or a customer whatever it

is that you're looking for for example

try to imagine like two equally talented

producers one of them has a whole

branded sound everything that he does

is centered around a more like younger

audience like a little pump type b

he's got like lean on everything like a

bunch of cartoons and stuff like that

that's gonna attract a certain type of

person compared to like somebody else

that has a different type of brand with

a more mature look and just

maybe like more old-school beats or

something like that that's going to

attract a different type of person so

there's no better or worse when it comes

to this and my personal advice

something that i learned is not to try

and chase what's cool right now

but more try to really understand what

you want to do and what you stand for if

you change something that you don't

really feel connected to eventually

you're going to get sick of it you're

not going to like it and it's just gonna

come off as like fake and not really


if you're doing something that's yours

something that comes from what you

genuinely like and it's really really

reflects the person that you are

then it's gonna just come off better

it's gonna be more genuine and you're

gonna be able to do it for a long period

of time without getting without hating

it basically

so yeah figure out what your niche is

and just try to kind of like focus on

that one thing all right tip number

three you guys always ask about this one

free stuff is okay but if you do it with


let me explain this a little bit so when

you talk about free stuff people are

just imagining like you put all this

work into something you put your love

and you put your best art into it

and then you just give it away for free

you're like bye you never see it again

and that's the end of it

in 2020 that kind of thing doesn't

really work anymore it might have worked

in the past because there wasn't as much

competition it was just like easier you

could actually carve out a niche

of like out of three beats but in this

day and age just giving stuff away for

free with no

like purpose at all it's actually pretty

counterproductive don't get me wrong

giving stuff away for free it's a really

good method to like build some like hype

around your stuff and just kind of get

your name out there especially at first

but even like later on when i say give

stuff away but with purpose i'm talking

about like try to find

things that are gonna help you in the

long run for example the quickest thing

that you can do

is put out a free beat or a free pack of

beats and for every person that

downloads them they have to give you

your email so they just put their email

on a little website

they get their freebies now you have

emails so they didn't pay you with money

but they still gave you something which

is an email address with that email

address you can build an email list you

can do a bunch of things

give them discounts and just try to like

talk to them you can do a bunch of stuff

with email addresses

but that's just a quick example of what

you can do another quick example is a

free for a follow for example this is

built into b stars if you have an

account there

let's say you have a b and you're giving

it out for free but the person in order

to download it they have to follow you

on let's say twitter or whatever

this way the person that gets the b

doesn't have to spend any money they

don't have to commit to anything like

too intense

but you are getting a new follower on a

social media of your choice

which means that it's probably gonna

turn into a potential new fan in the


and eventually maybe a new customer in

the future so giving things away for

free is totally fine i actually

encourage it but always try to do it

with like a plan we like a purpose

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so yeah just

enjoy your code all right let's get into

tip number four this is a really like

big topic and i actually want to make a

whole separate video just about this

but i'm just going to kind of give you a

little preview here there are a lot of

ways to monetize what you do as a

creative in 2020 there are really no

excuses why you shouldn't be making any

money off of it there are so many

different opportunities

for people that do anything creative

we're talking about music but this could

apply to anything that you can do like

painting or drawing whatever it is when

we talk about making a living in like

the producer community people

immediately think of three things the

first one is i'm gonna sell a ton of

beats and make a bunch of money

the second one is i'm gonna become a

huge youtuber and the third one is i'm

gonna become a big producer in the

industry and produce for drake

and sure those are totally fine as like

long-term goals if that's what you're

changing that's fine

but in the short term like right now

there's definitely something that you

can monetize like today so

think about all the little skills that

you have think about anything like

there's people that make a living like

with mixing

making artworks making sample packs

there are so many different things

and you can combine them all together

and put together a little income that

allows you to do this full time and then

just get better get bigger and just

improve on every aspect so take a look

at yourself take a look at your skills

or skills that you kind of have and you

could get better at pretty quickly

and don't just focus all your effort on

like let's say selling beats because


one thing out of like a million

different things that you can do

and if everybody does the same thing a

small percentage of them are going to


and a smaller percentage of them are

going to actually do well with it since

day one i heard people saying that it

was impossible to make a living online

because there's too many producers the

market is saturated there's

just too much stuff it's not necessarily

true the market is saturated to me

simply means that there are too many

people doing the same thing

so it doesn't mean that there are too

many people period it just means that

they're all doing the same exact thing

if you do something different you carve

your own niche like we talked about it


you can definitely make a living online

in 2020 and moving forward and probably

for the rest of like

the foreseeable future this is a topic

that i think about a lot so i'm

definitely going to make a video like a

more in-depth video just on like ways to

make money for beginner producers so i

hope you're excited for

that but for now i just wanted to give

you kind of a little like

just a little something all right and

here we go with the last tip of the day

number five and it's investing your

brand and your personality just as much

as you invest in your music

i kind of talked about this a little bit

in the first video that i made a couple

years ago but now i have a much clearer

understanding of what that actually

means doing this profession for real now

that i've been doing it for like a year

and a half it's all about having

all these different skills it's about

being good at music that's like

requisite number one if you don't have


then that you gotta take care of that

first once you have the music though you

gotta start thinking of

everything that's around the music the

branding the way you present that music

and the type of content that you make

around that music let me give you a

quick example just to make it a little

more straightforward so let's say i show

up at your door and i have two packages

in my hands right in this hand i have

this beautiful crafted package it's just

like beautiful to look at

they're both like sealed packages and

you don't know what's inside but the


is just amazing in the other hand i have

this really

ugly package it's just horrible it's

just bad colors

it's all broken it's all like blah it's

just bad now i'm in front of your door

and i'm like here one of these is for


you have to pick one off of my hand

which one are you gonna pick you're

gonna probably pick the pretty package

you don't know what's inside either of

them so the pretty package might

have a piece of poop inside of it for

all you know and the ugly package might

have a nugget of gold you don't know

but you're still gonna pick the pretty

package so in this little metaphor

example whatever

the inside of the package is your music

and the package is how you present it

it's your content it's your branding

it's your

anything from your logo to your colors

to the videos that you make

everything now if you're all

presentation if your package is perfect

but inside you have that famous piece of


when they open the package they're gonna

see the poop and they're gonna hate you

they will never talk to you again

because you gave him a piece of poop but

if you find a way

to have a good package and a good

content inside

the person will love you forever in 2020

as producers as creatives we should all

be in front of a camera we should all be

comfortable being in front of a camera

it doesn't really work anymore you can

just like hide behind the desk and make


i mean you can still do it but i really

really don't suggest it if you actually

watched that video from two years ago

you're gonna see how my personality was


it was just awful i that's why i hate

that video because i'm so

like boring and my editing is terrible

and everything is just like oh

i'm just i just sound like i'm sleepy

it's awful at that time i still didn't

know how to talk to the camera i wanted

to do it but i was shy i was nervous i

didn't know how to put my words together

like in the right way for the camera

i had to work a lot on my personality on


and just like find a way to be me to be

truly me

even when i'm by myself in a room and

i'm basically talking to myself

it's a weird concept but it's becoming

more and more normal as the years go by

and i really think it's like aside from

music it's the most important skill

that you should work on um as just like

a creative person online

especially if you're trying to turn it

into a job like something that you make

a living

with you need to be good at presenting

yourself talking to the camera

at not feeling stupid when you're in a

room alone

talking to a lens all right those were

all my tips for today i hope you guys

enjoyed this video i hope it gave you

something to think about and

if you have any other questions anything

that you want to know just type it in

the comments and i'll try to respond

um pretty quickly like i said at the

beginning we're finally back at the

studio so we're going to start going

hard on the videos again

i was just pretty uninspired in my

apartment it's just a different


this quarantine really got to my

inspiration so i'm happy to be out of it

i'm fully inspired ready to make a bunch

of stuff speaking of bunch of stuff i

finally have a schedule for my live

videos it's going to be tuesday cook ups

friday b

critiques is going to be the same thing

for the future for now

uh so today is monday tomorrow i'm gonna

do a cook up live

a couple hours two and a half hours just

in front of the camera having fun with

you guys cooking up

watching some videos listening to some

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