SELLING YOUR ART | When Should You Start? & How?

hi everybody and welcome back to my

channel so today I want to talk about

when you should start selling your

artwork I remember back to when I was

really like just starting out with my

art and it was my absolute dream to be

able to sort of make money off it and

start selling my work but I always just

wondered like when do I start that

process am i ready now or do I need to

wait till I have a full like body of

work and all those sorts of things so if

anyone is in that situation now and you

really want to make a living off your

art but you're not sure if you're ready

or not then this video is for you I'd

really like to thank Skillshare for

sponsoring this video it allows me to

meet content for you guys so I'll talk a

bit more about that later so for now

let's go onto the first point the first

thing to remember is that it is a

personal decision there is no right set

in stone time for you to start selling

your art it all comes down to how you

personally feel and what your personal

circumstances are

I thought I'd just quickly start about

my journey and how I got to sell in my

artwork so basically in the beginning I

really was interested in art and I would

look at everybody's YouTube videos and

look at different artists on Instagram

and be like wow you know I would love to

do that how on earth do I do that after

maybe a few months of that I thought

maybe I can do it so I taught myself how

to oil paint watching different YouTube

videos and reading books and then after

I started practicing different paintings

then I got to the point where I was

making work that I felt passionate about

and with that I wanted to make and once

I got to that point where I was making

unique artwork so not following

tutorials and not heavily reliant on

other people's inspiration but instead

figuring out what I wanted to paint that

is when I started a journey of selling

my artwork I started selling on Etsy and

I have actually made a couple of videos

all about like my art story and how my

journey went from like the beginning now

so I'll link those in the description

box and I'll pop a link up above at the

top of this video the saiyans confidence

is key and fake it till you make it are

well-known sayings for a reason at the

end of the day if you don't feel

confident about your art or selling

artwork then other people are like not

going to trust in you and in your

process so you're the first person that

needs to put confidence in yourself and

to really believe that you can do it

because once you believe that you can do

it that is like a massive hurdle out the

way and I know that there are a lot of

artists that do struggle with maybe

confidence and like worrying and that

sort of thing but yeah basically if you

really believe in yourselves and you

really think that you can do it then

you've got to go for it no matter what

anyone else says there will be people


have their reservations about it and

maybe don't completely understand how it

works but if you realistically think

that you can do this then a hundred

percent you have to go for it otherwise

you'll just regret it another really

important factor of selling artwork is

the time that you put into it selling

and making a business from your art is a

very time consuming thing if you went

down the route that I went down which

was selling art online then you've got

the actual paintings do then you need to

take photographs share it on social

media and edit the photographs but load

all the information like on the website

like Etsy or maybe I've got your own

website then there's the accountant and

the more business side of things emails

and really this like this whole thing

comes all at once you can't pick and

choose which bits you want to do because

like maybe you don't want to do emails

or accounting or you know those things

are all necessary to create in a

business outfit so if you don't have

like maybe the time to do that or you're

not so sure on doing those parts of it

then you definitely need to think about

that before you take the plunge into it

another big question about selling

artwork is how you want to sell it maybe

you want to go down the online route

like I did with Etsy and websites or

maybe you'd like to go down the more

traditional route of a gallery

definitely both have pros and cons

personally I felt it was better for me

to do it online if it opens up to a

worldwide market and whereas if I maybe

lived in the centre of London

I would think okay I've got a lot of

galleries local to me let's pop in and

see what they think

and so it really depends on where you're

located your circumstances and do you

have a good internet connection because

that is a really important point if you

want to sell online it's just good to

think about these different things

and think about what direction you want

to go in if you do on the cell online I

have actually created a video called

five tips to help sell artwork online so

feel free to go check that out for some

tips I know a lot of people talk about

style and having a style and yes I

definitely think that helps when you're

selling artwork because people can

really identify you with that style and

but when you first start out I'm not

sure it's as necessary as people think

because as you grow as an artist that's

when your style sort of happens very

naturally and it's hard well it's

impossible really to force that style

because then it won't be true to what

you will actually become on your own I

think it's fine to start selling your

work where yes you'll starting down the

route of knowing what you want to make

but it doesn't have to be like a fully


like art business before you start if

that makes sense

definitely if there's a subject you like

or a style you like make twenty thirty


see if you can really bulk out that body

of work with painters that you feel

really passionate about so rather than

churning out just paint enough to paint

in and make sure you feel passionate

about what you're making because that

will really shine through and if you're

passionate about it then other people

will be as well

there are a ton of useful tools online

so if you're starting out and want to

sell your artwork then these are some

great places to go

Etsy handbook is the first one it's got

some amazing tips even if you don't

actually want to sell on it see it's got

some fantastic tips on there for me we

had to photograph products SEO so make

sure to go check that out if you're

interested in certain topics about how

to sell art another great place is

Skillshare i know speaking about them on

this channel before and I feel really

passionate about what they're doing not

only is there so many different videos

on like the creative side of things like

photography and painting watercolor

painting all that sort of creative stuff

they also have the other side more of

the business side so there's a lot of

like freelancing videos and how to sell

online and all sorts of things that are

more the business side like SEO how to

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Skillshare so I'll pop the link in the

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