Can one start semi solids to baby with Ragi porridge? - Dr. Shaheena Athif

I am dr. Shaheena our chief consultant

paediatrician working in dr. our Bonnie

Memorial Hospital in Singh Sandra near

Electronic City weaning usually starts

by six months and in South India the

most common serial or the staple food

which is he started for the babies is

the Ruggie now Ravi or the finger millet

what we say it is very beneficial for

the baby as the way it contains good

amount of calcium good amount of iron

which is usually required and the

growing stage of the baby also it

contains a lot of fibers which helps in

the clearing out the gastrointestinal

the above all moments it helps in the

bowel a proper bowel movements in the

child and also it is not does not

contain any gluten

now some children very less likely in

the Indian population but more in the

Western population most of the kids are

gluten allergic this Wragge is usually

safe because it does not rigor any

allergic reactions in the body

however some babies may have

constipation this is mainly due to the

decreased water intake as the baby may

not be taking good amount of water along

with the solid food now there is a myth

which says that Wragge is very cold for

the body and we need should avoid it

during the child when the child has any

respiratory infections like running nose

cold cuff this is not true to full

extent that as the child any of the food

in that matter does not cause any

increases any of the phlegm or mucus

secretions in the body but however if

the chest congestion is more we always

say to reduce the solid amount in babies

and to increase the liquid content so

during this time you can make the ruggy

you know in a very liquidy form and give

or increase the amount of plain water