How to Care for Elderly Cats

I'm dr. J's King and this is Austin

Zimmerman and we're here with the

Washington family veterinary clinic and

today we're going to talk a little bit

about how to care for an elderly cat to

start start off the probably the most

important thing is to is with nutrition

as cats get older they do change their

how much they need how much they'll eat

and so there's different diets that are

that are specifically made for elderly

cat for senior cats that you can do

sometimes cat elderly cats will need

canned food sometimes cats will just

need the dry food but so there's

different diets that that's where I

generally start is nutrition wise on

where do we start on what do we need to

feed our cat and what's best for our cat

the second thing probably that one of

the most important parts is is senior

vet regularly as animals get older they

should be seen about every six months

sometimes almost every six months to a


they should have routine blood work done

they should have deworming done they

should keep up to date on their vaccines

and those are there's there's little

health checks just a routine health

screen that veterinarians can pick up on

simple diseases that maybe the layperson

cannot pick up on but one other thing

you should look for as an owner and

elderly cats are to check their their

teeth we really have a really big

problem with dental disease and small

animals and lifting up the gums and

actually looking at your cat's teeth

looking at the gum color do you see

plaque do you see any irritation on the

gums indicating gingivitis so something

good to check in your cat's mouth to see

if you have dental disease in case we

may have abscessed teeth or teeth that

need to be pulled or anything like that

so one of the other good things to look

for in an elderly cat so a few things

you may want to as cats become older as

they become past the age of seven

bloodwork yearly is a good is a good

idea to check their organ function

and making sure that they're up to date

on their vaccines in their deworming

most most importantly keeping your cat's

physical health by nutrition and keeping

making sure that you're seeing the vet

regularly are probably the most

important things to taking care of a cat

the other thing elderly cats that you

should watch for are just different

behavior changes as in drinking more

water or maybe losing a rapid amount of

weight or different things like that

that you may want to look for to see

that your cat may actually be having

something go on there may be some

internal problem that may be arising

that maybe you're not picking up on so

those are a few things that we look have

you look for in case there was a problem

with an elderly cat