10 Simple Sensory Activities for Babies | DIY Baby Entertainment

hello and welcome to my channel this

week I thought I'd make a video all

about entertaining a baby without using

any toys so as they can older they're

becoming more interest in the things

that we're using day-to-day and less in

the toys that are purpose-built for a

baby so I thought I'd show you some of

the DIY projects that I've made using

things from around the house and also

some of the things that I give him from

around the house that display for babies

to use that entertain him so I hope you

enjoyed this video and if you do please

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subscribe for more videos so first up is

no mess painting this one is great for

tummy time and it also supports fine

motor skills that your baby will be

using their hands and fingers to move

the paint around so you just need a

piece of paper cut it to size to fit

your ziploc bag and then write your

child's name on it and their age if

you're going to keep it and then all you

need to do is put the paper in the bag

and get some paints and either squeeze

them in if they're squeezy paints or

like I'm doing here use a spoon or

paintbrush just put blobs of paint into

your ziplock bag any coloreds will do

and then pop it on the floor with your

baby and they can squish with their

hands or feet so next up is a metallic

sheet and Oscar's favorite I got mine

from Daiso but you can also get foil

blankets of Amazon really cheap you just

need a metallic fabric or sheet that

doesn't rip or tear and isn't sharp

anyway and this really supports that

order to learning and their

understanding of cause and effect as

they hear noise and see where it comes

from and Oscar absolutely loves rock

this next one is great for supporting

problem solving skills basically your

child will have two things in their

hands and you're gonna offer them a

third thing it doesn't have to be a toy

it could be anything and it's great to

see their brains working as to whether

they're going to take what you offer

them and which hand to let go of and

it's really fun and interesting as a mum

to watch this one


filling pipe cleaners is a really great

activity for developing your child's

pincer grip so you just add some pipe

cleaners to a basket or a colander and

then allow them to use their hands to

pull them out autoplay is a great one

for developing a whole range of sensory

skills you could do it in the bath or in

a bucket outside and depending on what

you put in and bubbles

let your baby investigate the objects

and splash around and generally have a

great time

DIY drums is a great one for supporting

auditory learning and could be made with

anything from around the house I've used

an old formula tin and containers with

pasta in but you can use pots and pans

and spoons and whatever you really like

it's new bikes is so much fun and only

require a little bit of effort you just

need a ziploc bag definitely reinforce

the edges with some tape just to be safe

and then add in sequins and glitter and

anything that you like just nothing too

sharp that's going to pierce the plastic

once you've added in all your bits and

pieces that you want they're gonna make

it interesting for your baby to watch

then just add in some colored water just

color it with food dye and then make

sure that you see it really well getting

out all the air that you can and again

reinforce the seal with more tape when

you finish with that pop it on the flow

of your baby you can always tape it to

the floor as well so it doesn't move and

then this really supports their visual

tracking and actually improves their

attention span number eight is the

ribbon basket and this is another one

that's great for fine motor skills and

developing the pincer grip we just need

a load of ribbons through a basket and

allow your child to pull them out and

it's really fun to see them

understanding if they pull that they

eventually can pull one out completely


peekaboo is a classic you can be done

anywhere around the house or when you're

out and about it is great for developing

object permanence which is a No Child

understanding that although an object

can't be seen that it can still exist

you can do this with hiding toys as well

as hiding yourself or your hobby and

finally number 10 is sensory bottles

this is a lovely activity for developing

your baby's visual tracking and also

getting their awe and wonder reaction

from them there's lots of fancy ways to

make these online but water and glitter

is all you need you can add sequins and

pipe cleaners like I have and shake it

about and your baby will be absolutely




thank you for watching this week's video

I hope you've got some ideas I'd really

love to hear anything that you're doing

with your babies that involve no toys so

please write them in the comments below

so that we can try some of those out as


and we'll see you next week bye