Starting A Sentence With "So"


one of the more recent courts of the

English language is the use of the word

so when beginning a sentence there are a

few reasons to object to this one reason

a practical reason is that it's usually

unnecessary the sentence itself would be

exactly the same without it so this has

been kind of a campaign over the last

few years so let's be clear about health

care so in college I was a government

major so um there's a song that I wrote

so maybe you could sort yourself vote in

each of these examples you could remove

the so and the sentence the meaning and

the message is unchanged

so it's filler so and that leads into

the second reason a rhetorical reason

phrased in the form of a rhetorical


why use filler words get to the point

just say it starting off with a so makes

you sound unsure uncomfortable and

uninterested that speaks to the third

reason a superficial reason to object to

this it's annoying if you want to make a

good impression starting a sentence with

so is so not the right way to do that

right right right

or I unless is it is it ever right to

start a sentence with so so the answer

to that question is actually sometimes

the word so is a conjunction other

coordinating conjunctions include or for

nor but yet and and rounding out the

acronym fanboys and allegedly there's a

rule that says that you should not begin

a sentence with a conjunction now if

this is something that you were taught

in school it isn't because it's actually

true it's because your teacher wanted to

keep you and all of the other kids from

overusing these conjunctions which kind

of makes sense you could just imagine

someone younger than 12 beginning ever

sentence with and if they were not

discouraged that's why they are but it

turns out that there is no such rule

against ever starting a sentence with a

coordinating conjunction or at least

there shouldn't be and that's why the

first three sentences in this paragraph

do according to merriam-webster it's

slightly ridiculous to insist that these

words should not be used to begin a

sentence when a thousand years of

English writing has shown this to be a

fine way to start off so if the problem

with starting a sentence with so is not

that it's technically against the rules

well then what is the problem we could

find a clue if we went back to these

examples what do all of these sentences

have in common they don't continue a

thought and they don't conclude a

thought either they can see the thought

they begin it that seems to be the issue

because there's nothing particularly

annoying about saying something like I

didn't violate YouTube's Terms of

Service regarding advertiser suitability

so why was my video demonetised

in this case the word so continues or

concludes a thought it does not conceive

or introduce the thought if it did that

would be unnecessary and annoying and

maybe even a little condescending and

that is what we ought to avoid doing

beginning our thought or observation or

line of reasoning with the word so is a

lazy and lousy way of speaking so with

all of that having been said what's your

opinion does it irritate you when

somebody starts a sentence with so why

or why not and I yeah that's that's

pretty much it for this video