Can you start a sentence with ‘but’ or ‘and’?

hi I'm John Dixon a trainer in

scientific writing and his a bytes that

I hope may help you with your writing so

can you start a sentence with but or and

but and and are examples of seven

coordinating conjunctions the seven are

for and nor but or yet so and you can

remember them using the acronym fanboys

they're commonly used in the middle of a

sentence to join together independent

clauses for example X is as effective as

Y but not as effective as Zed the

problem is that there's widespread

belief that starting a sentence with a

coordinating conjunction is poor grammar

for a style well you can start a

sentence with the coordinating

conjunction this is supported by

authoritative and well-known style

guides such as Fowler's modern English

usage the Chicago Manual of style and

the pink reasons but writers manual and

Shakespeare had no problem with this

either but soft what light from yonder

window breaks it is the east and Juliet

is the Sun nevertheless star guides also

agree you should only occasionally do

this well I hope that's helpful for more

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