When to Get a Beard Trim | YEARD WEEK 13

what's going on guys check melago here

for beardbrand it's the week 13 update

of the growing of my year and today

we're gonna talk all about how often you

should be getting your beards trimmed I


get the question a lot that people

wonder how often they should really be

trimming their beards or going to a

barber shop or salon to actually have it

be trimmed by a professional I typically

recommend that you go to a professional

for your first few trims before you

really get comfortable trimming your own


unless you've been doing it for years I

really wouldn't recommend doing it

yourself you could end up really taking

off a big chunk of your beard and then

you know you might have to start over

and that'd be terrible I think that

there are three stages you want to keep

in mind when you go to get your beard

trimmed the first one is one that I

actually did not do for this series only

because my beard comes in pretty fast

and I really don't want to get it

trimmed right away but that's the one

month mark I think after you've put in

the 30 days with absolutely no trimming

and no shaping at all you can really go

into a barber or salon and have them

define the cheek lines for you and

define the neck lines and maybe just cut

a little bit of a tiny bit of a shape

into your beard

I wouldn't say going for a huge length

trim of course your beards not gonna be

huge after 30 days so you really just

want to cut off some dead ends and sort

of start to build that shape in that

first month with that first trim this

one is essential to do with a

professional though if you're going to

go for that trim because a lot of times

well guys will do is they'll be a little

bit scared when they hit that 30 day

mark they've either never seen their

beard this big before or they thought

they would have a bigger beard or it's

bigger than they thought they would have

and a lot of times they'll grab the

trimmer and they'll just take it way too

far down so for this first one you

really want to talk to your barber or

your stylist if however you want to go

for just to find in the cheek line and

the neck line like I did for my series

that's totally fine too and hey I really

would consider that a trim in and of

itself so that first month is the

definition in shape the second milestone

that you want to go for is kind of where

I am right now that's the three month

mark once you hit three months that's

where you're going to really start to

see the quintessential what's called the

short beard or as Jeff on the channel

calls it the athletic beard

that's kind of where it's tight it's

nice round you really haven't put too

much of a shape in there but you're

starting to see split ends and you're

starting to see a little bit of this

craziness that's going on maybe in your

neck area maybe up here with your cheeks

if you don't shave as often as I do but

either way you're probably going to want

to go in for the maintenance trim at the

three-month mark that one you could

technically do on your own but again I'm

always going to recommend that you go to

professional if you don't have much

experience with trim your own beard we

have some great videos on the channel of

how you can trim your beard at home

however if you're going for the year

challenge like me I do believe that a

professional is the best person that you

want in your life for your beard when

you're going for the year one thing you

want to absolutely keep in mind though

when you're bringing your beard to the

barbershop or to the salon he's make

sure that they know if you're going for

the year that you don't want any length

trimmed off I was actually growing my

mustache out for some time and I wasn't

clear enough with my barber that I

didn't want the moustache trim for any

length I just wanted it cleaned up a

little bit but he ended up taking it a

little bit too high and that's on me so

communication with your barber or your

stylist is absolutely key the third

milestone that you're gonna want to take

a look at for the growing of your beard

for a full year if you are doing that is

the six-month mark that's where it's

gonna be a little bit longer it's gonna

come off your face completely if you're

not getting a trim very often it's gonna

get pretty wild even with the use of

products it's gonna kind of get out of

control by that six-month mark and this

is the one that I would say if you're

only gonna get one trim when you're

going for the year this will be the only

one that I would say you absolutely

should consider going for again

communicate with your barber or your

stylist that you do not want the length

trimmed off if you're going for the

years some people say what the rules of

the year is you can't even get it

trimmed at all I don't follow that line

of logic because if you were to go

completely without trimming at all

there's a good chance that your beard

will just grow out and there really

won't be any shape to it and that really

kind of goes against what I'm trying to

promote with this series I want to show

you that you can take care of a beard

while going out for entire year there

are steps that you need to take on a

weekly basis and on a more long-term

basis with the trims that you

for every few months I'm at three months

now that's pretty crazy

I think I'm actually a week behind I'm

starting to lose track a days I think

it's about time that I I bring my beard

to a barber shop so I'm gonna keep my

eye out in the Austin area for some

barbers that will help me tame this wild

man beard and hopefully I'll get it on

camera if I can maybe I can get a little

bit of a narration from the barber we

can talk about what's going on I can

show you how to communicate with your

barber or your stylist so keep your eye

on the channel for that I'm gonna try my

hardest to get into a barber shop that

will let me film that and we'll go from

there guys all right so let's get into

the close up of my year and you guys can

see the progress of this thing 13 weeks



thank you so much for watching as always

guys I really appreciate the views the

comments everything that you guys are

doing it's making this a really fun

experience so until next time keep on

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