Going bald? When should you shave your head?

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today's video we are going to be

deciding when is the best time to shave

your head if you're going bald when

should you shave it now there's been a

lot of guys hitting me up on Instagram

giving me some pictures of their balding

heads and they're saying look hey when

should I shave my head should I shave my

head I'm going bottle what should I do

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straight into the answer when is it time

to shave your head if you are going Bob

the answer is simple if you're going

bald okay you've got a receding hairline

you've got those widow's Peaks okay

you're showing all the signs that you're

going bald but you're not worried about

it you don't care you're just rocking

that bold look any way you want it okay

you're rocking that horseshoe on the

side there maybe you're thin on top but

hey you're still styling it you're still

going with it everybody knows you're

bold okay and you just walking around

you're like hey yeah I'm bold what of it

I love it then you don't need to shave

your head okay you're cool you rock that

bold look anywhere you want it if it's

not causing you any problems then you

are a-ok you don't need

shave your head now the problems come

when you're going bald and you're trying

to hide it okay if this is you okay just

have a think is this you are you going

bold okay and you're feeling

self-conscious about it okay you're

taking a lot of time in the morning to

get all of those hairs in perfect place

okay you're putting this one over here

to cover up that ball patch you're using

a whole can of hair spray so that if you

go out in the wind your hair stays in

perfect place and no one can see that

you're going bald

maybe you're wearing hats all the time

maybe you're using all your money on

Rogaine or those those I don't even know

what they are those like shakers and

they put all the sprinkles on the top of

your head to make your hair look thicker

okay you're on YouTube and you're

watching hair transplant videos okay

you're watching guys who've been through

transports and you're thinking god yeah

I really think I'm gonna have a hair

transplant if this is you guys if you're

outside worrying about it all the time

if it's taking up all of your mental

energy okay if you're constantly

worrying about it constantly feeling

anxious about your hair falling out then

it's time to shave that head okay

it's time to get it all off and let me

tell you it's that physical action okay

it's that physical action of taking all

that hair off is your first step towards

not giving a damn about going bald

trust me once you take that physical

action of taking that hair off yeah it

literally is such a huge weight off your

shoulders okay you don't have to worry

about that hair falling out anymore

because it's pretty simple you don't

have any hair to worry about falling out

okay and trust me okay trust me trust me

trust me it feels fantastic once you get

rid of that hair you're not worried

about it and it feels great now getting

to the point where you feel confident

enough to shave that head to take it all


it's tough okay I know it is tough to do

it's tough to get to that place it's

tough to be brave and finally take that

getting the hair off but if you are like

that person I described worrying about

it trust me it's the right thing to do

and you're gonna feel so much better

once you've done it and once you go for

it and you take the hair off and you

meet all those people for the first time

who've never seen you with a bald head

and you're like yeah my hair was falling

out and I was sick of you know trying to

hide it and so I've just taken off and

now I'm just gonna rock this people be

like that nice one nice one dude yeah I

love it trust me so I really hope this

video helped you out remember if you're

worried about it at all

if it's taking a strain on your day guys

just get it off but if you love the bold

look if you love the hair just the way

it is you're not worried about going


hey you don't need to shave it off it's

entirely up to you so I really hope this

video helped a few guys out there who

are dealing with this issue okay it

affects a lot of guys out there and it's

not an easy thing to go through losing

your hair if you want to see more videos

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much for watching and I will see you in

the next video goodbye my bold friends