How to Shave Your Armpits

hey it's faith and today I'm going to be

showing you how I get a close and

comfortable shave on my armpits I know

it's not the most glamorous subject but

it is a really sensitive area I know

from experience I used to get really

embarrassing redness and bumps here and

that does not look good with your

favorite sleeveless top luckily I

discovered what I was doing wrong and

found a better way to shave so I'm gonna

show that with you right now but first

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and the man in your life okay so we all

know that shaving your armpits is

important you may think this is a quick

and easy job because the area is so

small but the skin in this area isn't

the most razor friendly and

unfortunately it grows back surprisingly

quick so follow these tips for smooth

results the first thing you want to do

is exfoliate this helps break up

bacteria and remove stud skin cells

which creates an ideal surface for you

to get the best possible shape

like I said earlier our underarms are

delicate and sensitive so do yourself a

favor and pick up a good shaving cream

I like Primrose French lavender it's

super slick and it gets even slicker as

you add water razors come in many forms

and sizes

choose the one you're most comfortable

with this is all about personal

preference here I use a cartridge razor

because it's comfortable convenient and

replacement razors are easy to find

almost anywhere like any razor you need

to use a sharp blade if a blade has been

used too many times or has not been

cleaned properly it becomes a dull if

you use a dull blade you need to add

more pressure just to cut the hair which

can lead to irritation so make sure to

change your blade every three to four

shaves and be sure to rinse it off after

ever use and store in a dry place hair

on your legs

generally grows downward which makes it

easier to shave in the direction of the

hair growth underarm hair is a different

story this hair can grow in many

different directions

pull the skin taut to create a flat



now shoot downwards then shave across

and last shave upwards this may seem

somewhat haphazard but it's a good way

to get a close comfortable shave in the

armpit area I hope you enjoyed this

video and I hope it helps you enjoy

shaving again thanks for watching and

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grooming tips have a great day