"Shepherd on the Search" read by HCCS Student Lighthouse Team

starting this Advent season the

lighthouse team members will be hiding

this Shepherd in your classrooms for you

to find your job is to find it and give

it to your teacher for another BIOS team

member to hide it good luck every year

at Christmastime carolers love to sing

of certain lowly shepherds how they came

to find a king the Shepherd saw the

angels while they watched the sheep one

night they shook with fear and trembling

when they saw the brilliant like an

angel told them not to fear good news

was on the way he said Messiah had been

born not far from them that day the town

of Bethlehem was where the baby would be

found lying in a manger

with the animals around they loved to

find the child telling kids like me to

stay but when you've heard from angels

you just have to find a way I couldn't

stay behind and miss this miracle so

great I had to see Messiah so I didn't

hesitate I started on my journey not

quite sure which way to go I couldn't

follow close because the Shepherd's

might say no the knight looked very

different when I when the Shepherd went

around I jumped with fear and shrieked

when I heard a scary sound whenever I

was tempted to give up and go to bed I

thought about the special things that

mighty angel said I climbed up many

hills and went through Valley

far below I crossed a long and and

winding stream where moonlight made it

glow I passed some houses made of stone

with camels standing by and in the grass

I saw a snake and heard a dragonfly then

just as I was hoping that my journey

would be through the lights of Bethlehem

appeared I knew just what to do I'm

right to the manger where the sleeping

baby lay and I bowed and a humble

worship to the king of kings that day it

might sound like the story now is coming

to an end but actually that's Night

Watch that's not quite true

for it begins again you see at Christmas

time when you are hard at work in school

I'll come by and visit so cool look high

and low in halls and rooms and hopefully

you'll find me soon I'll help your heart

remember how we should seek to find the

king who came to save us who is merciful

and kind you might find that I'm way up

high or way down on the floor or in the

office music room or hanging on the door

I might be on a shelf or peeking from a

jar I'll hide in unexpected places close

to where you are then as the journey

goes each day we'll have some school

time fun remembering to love the king

God's one and only Son on Christmas

morning once again I'll be where I

should be right there beside the manger

with the king who came for me

together let's off spend some time to

worship and endure the greatest gift our

Savior whom each heart is longing for

and then my little journey will be over

for the year until it's time to search


I'll be right back here scheppers were

in the fields nearby watching their

sheep an angel of the Lord stood before

them I am bringing you some good news

today your savior was born and


he is Christ the Lord